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Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins (Film and history writer)
London writer with a keen interest in New Hollywood auteurs

Jack Hawkins is a film and history writer based in South London. He’s interested in films from every genre and every era, but his favourite work comes from the auteurs of New Hollywood.

You will find him writing about some of cinema’s darker, dirtier work. Films that are grounded in harsh realism with a visceral, transgressive edge.

Other posts by Jack Hawkins
Le Mans ’66
Designer and driver with very different personalities grapple with corporate interests as they attempt to create a revolutionary race car for Ford, in this fast-paced, real-life story starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon - in cinemas Friday, November 15th [Read More...]

Nigerian director Chinonye Chukwu considers the emotional impact of capital punishment, and the outcome is mostly lifeless - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Rambo: Last Blood
Sylvester Stallone sleepwalks into a litany of violence in this gnarly swansong to his defining character - in cinemas everywhere now! [Read More...]

Coup 53
Veteran filmmaker Taghi Amirani investigates British involvement in the 1953 Iranian coup d'etat - coming to the BFI London Film Festival October 5th and 6th. [Read More...]

American Woman
Life must go on on for a young woman after her teen daughter goes missing, in this dirty kitchen sink drama starring Sienna Miller - in cinemas Friday, October 11th. [Read More...]

Hotel Mumbai
The 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks are recreated to convincing results, in thriller blending real stories with fiction - in cinemas Friday, September 27th [Read More...]

Apocalypse Now (Final Cut)
As Coppola's war classic gets a crisp 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray 40th anniversary edition, Jack Hawkins looks back at what makes the film so memorable [Read More...]

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
New fantasy horror produced by Guillermo del Toro is neither scary nor original, however it does excel in technical proficiency - in cinemas Friday, August 23rd [Read More...]

Killer Kate!
This American microbudget slasher is a real killer, but not quite in the way one would hope: it's simply painful to watch - in cinemas Sunday, August 18th [Read More...]

Midnight Cowboy
Five decades after its original release, the New Hollywood trailblazer with kitchen sink flavours remains as powerful and evocative as ever - BFI re-edition is in cinemas Friday, September 13th [Read More...]

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
The Fast & Furious saga continues to bloat and extend with the franchise’s ninth instalment and first spin-off - in cinemas Thursday, August 1st [Read More...]

Is violence the only way out?
Jack Hawkins lists five dirty films where the characters resort to shocking violence as an unexpected cathartic device, as they snap under various types of pressure [Read More...]

10 films that depict the post-Holocaust experience
Jack Hawkins lists 10 dirty movies that are preoccupied with the aftermath of the systematic extermination of Jews during WW2 in Europe [Read More...]

When violence gets dirty…
Jack Hawkins picks his top 10 violent films of all times, and explains the dirty connotations behind the sheer brutality, ceaseless bloodshed and extreme destructiveness! [Read More...]

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