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Locarno 2021 preview: a return to the magic of in-person discovery


Redmond Bacon - 03-08-2021

After a year break, the return of an in-person Locarno has this critic feeling both excited and a tad trepidatious. Read our preview now! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Edgar Wright


Ian Schultz - 31-07-2021

The British director of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and BABY DRIVER talks about his first ever documentary THE SPARKS BROTHERS, about the extensive legacy of the American music duo Sparks - in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Forget Fast & Furious: four dirty movies featuring car action


Rod Wells - 26-07-2021

Our reader Rod Wells picks favourite car action movies, while arguing that the film subgenre is an integral part of a much broader subculture [Read More...]

Lavinia Simina answers our dirty questions


Victor Fraga - 08-07-2021

The British production Acceptable Damage just won the Best Action prize at the National Film Awards. We spoke to the British-Romanian film director about the significance of the accolade, her career and what the future brings! [Read More...]

Confront YOUR incoherence!!!


Justin Khoo - 29-06-2021

"Britain's most violent prisoner" is strangely seductive because he enables us to rid ourselves from the confines of ethics, thereby embracing the absurd and the incoherent - Justin Khoo analyses the biopic of Charles Bronson [Read More...]

Goodfellas is a real game-changer


Mariano Garcia - 29-06-2021

Mariano Garcia argues that Martin Scorsese's classic not just reshaped the gangster movie, but it also changed our relationship with the world of gambling! [Read More...]

Wrestling with disability… and slamming it!


Eoghan Lyng - 28-06-2021

Eoghan Lyng talks to RJ Mitte, the American star of Breaking Bad and the new wrestling thriller TRIUMPH; he does not perceive cerebral palsy as a handicap - in exclusive interview [Read More...]

One Robert, many facets


Marcella Dunstan - 28-06-2021

A timeless Robert De Niro to impress in 2022 with Wash me in the River, a movie with many of his recognisable trademarks and also some spicy new ingredients [Read More...]

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