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One film, many taboos broken


Agnieszka Piotrowska - 06-05-2021

This year's big Oscar-winner subverts capitalism, Western aspirations and the colonial practices of documentary filmmaking, while also providing viewers with tiny doses of pleasure and hope - argues professor Agnieszka Piotrowska [Read More...]

Top 10 “lost” Nine Inch Nails film soundtracks


Adam Steiner - 26-04-2021

Adam Steiner imagines 10 Nine Inch Nails movie soundtracks that never were; had they come to fruition, the world would be a much dirtier place! [Read More...]

Please stop “painting” non-whites!


Victor Fraga - 26-04-2021

DMovies' editor Victor Fraga has huge reservations about the "woman of colour" accolade bestowed upon Chloe Zhao, and argues that it's detrimental to diversity in film [Read More...]

Young, promising and “nasty”


Agnieszka Piotrowska - 23-04-2021

Professor Agnieszka Piotrowska explains why PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN indeed starts as promising feminist movie before it falls into the trappings it set out to avoid: the patriarchal system and the "nasty woman" trope [Read More...]

Real-life horror begets film horror


Paul Risker - 22-04-2021

Indie British filmmaker Corinna Faith explains why her debut feature, the horror flick THE POWER, is a response to stories of institutional abuse - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

When movies play dirty!


Mylene Furtado - 20-04-2021

Our writer Mylene Furtado reveals the top 5 common historical misconceptions that movies have stealthily instilled in the minds of their audiences! [Read More...]

When cinema lands in your hands…


Mylene Furtado - 20-04-2021

In the modern age, a blockbuster film is about so much more than a couple of hours' entertainment; Mylene Furtado looks at the top 5 movies turned into games [Read More...]

What if the director is a murderer?


Paul Risker - 15-04-2021

Indie American filmmaker Gillian Wallace Horvat talks about her feature debut: I BLAME SOCIETY, a dirty horror story in which she plays herself committing murder, and questions the ideology of filmmaking - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

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