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DMovies' team - 14-09-2020

For the first time ever, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival have expanded its programme to include a vast array of online activities exclusively for industry professionals - accreditation opens on Monday, September 21st [Read More...]

When hate begets hope


Paul Risker - 11-09-2020

Czech director Václav Marhoul talks about finding hope in the disturbing cruelty and violence of The Painted Bird, his adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial novel – in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Help Oscar to create life!


Oscar Harding - 08-09-2020

The director of the upcoming documentary 'A Life on the Farm', about a Somerset farmer’s insane home movies, talks about his project in a letter to our readers - now it's your turn to help out! [Read More...]

Films are chapters of my life


Paul Risker - 04-09-2020

Luc Roeg, son of the late director Nicolas Roeg talks about his one time onscreen role in his father’s cult classic Walkabout, emotion as a filmmaker’s holy grail, and film as the chapter in one’s life - in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Neither good nor evil!


Eoghan Lyng - 24-08-2020

Eoghan Lyng talks to Cathal Nally about his debut feature BE GOOD OR BE GONE, about two prisoners on temporary release in a very "durty" Irish capital [Read More...]

The narcissist, the bug and the resistance


Steve Naish - 05-08-2020

Stephen Lee Naish analyses the 2018 post-apocalyptic drama in the light of coronavirus and an increasingly erratic Potus, and he hopes that we won't have the same fate as the movie characters [Read More...]

It’s not the end of the world!


Paul Risker - 23-07-2020

Australian helmer Josephine Mackerras, director of ALICE, talks about the accusations of not being able to let go of her feature debut and reaching a point of frustration with her ending, and much more - in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Cold head, warm heart!!!


Paul Risker - 02-07-2020

Hlynur Palmason, the director of A WHITE, WHITE DAY, talks about trying to keeping his head cold and heart warm, and following intuition rather than exposition, and much more in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

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Babylon has risen!
American writer David Stewart draws pertinent parallels between the dirty British classic Babylon and the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly the emblematic moment when a BLM activist carried a wounded white supremacist to safety [Read More...]

There will be bloods!
As Spike Lee releases his latest movie Da 5 Bloods, about four black veterans returning to Vietnam in search of the remains of a friend, David Stewart investigates the troublesome relation between African Americans and Hollywood [Read More...]

Three movies that changed the history of cinema
Daniel Luis Ennab examines the Apu trilogy, which catapulted Indian cinema onto the international film circuit six decades ago, just as we launch Aparajito on VoD [Read More...]

The hands and sounds of horror!
We spoke to Tilman Singer and Simon Waskow, the helmer and the music composer of Luz, one of the most terrifying flicks you will see this year [Read More...]

Just kill all hippies!!!
As Dennis Hopper's Out of the Blue turns 40, Steven Naish investigates what is it that makes the dirty movie indelible and delectable [Read More...]

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