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Venice’s “bumper year” draws to an impressive end


John Bleasdale - 14-09-2021

John Bleasdale reports on the top-drawer selection of the 78th Biennale, as the Festival bestows its top prizes on women (similarly to Cannes, Berlin and the Oscars) [Read More...]

Sandra’s top 3 movies for a romantic night in (and in good company)


Sandra Alckmin - 31-08-2021

Our 19-year-old reader and film lover Sandra Alckmin picks her favourite romances, the perfect ones to share with your hubby [Read More...]

Walking with Peter Greenaway — exclusive work-in-progress report


Redmond Bacon - 18-08-2021

We bring you one of the first-look reports from Peter Greenaway's latest film WALKING TO PARIS, screened secretly at Locarno, with the official premiere still to be confirmed [Read More...]

5 dirty movies that can teach college students a lesson or two


Mariano Garcia - 17-08-2021

As college students, you’re going through a lot of stress. These are the top 5 dirty movies that will help you to unwind while also educating yourself [Read More...]

Locarno Film Festival 2021: a terrific Ticinese time


Redmond Bacon - 15-08-2021

This year's incarnation of the Ticinese festival served up a fascinating selection of both auteur and genre works. This critic had a great time. [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Abel Ferrara


Redmond Bacon - 12-08-2021

Just as he launches his pandemic thriller ZEROS AND ONES, the king of New York brings down the eternal city - read our exclusive interview conducted at the Locarno Film Festival [Read More...]

Tarantino captures the essence of music in film


Mariano Garcia - 05-08-2021

Mariano Garcia picks five movies by Quentin Tarantino that would have been flat and tedious without the impressive music score [Read More...]

Locarno 2021 preview: a return to the magic of in-person discovery


Redmond Bacon - 03-08-2021

After a year break, the return of an in-person Locarno has this critic feeling both excited and a tad trepidatious. Read our preview now! [Read More...]

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