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Seven books that became dirty movies


Mariano Garcia - 30-11-2022

Our reader Mariano Garcia blends cinema with the fabulous world of literature, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to grab popcorn and read a boom at the same time [Read More...]

PÖFF’s Critics’ Picks Competition: The Aftermath


Jeremy Clarke - 29-11-2022

Jeremy Clarke assesses his first visit to the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, and his views of the brand new Critics' Picks competitive strand [Read More...]

Our verdict of the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival: the finest selection in five years


Victor Fraga - 28-11-2022

During the past two weeks, seven journalists from DMovies covered the most exciting and diverse film festival of Northern Europe; here are our main highlights! [Read More...]

PÖFF’s First Feature Competition: Reflections upon leaving Tallinn


Liván García-Duquesne - 28-11-2022

Liván García-Duquesne describes his unforgettable experience at Northern Europe's most exciting and diverse film festival; he watched all the 18 films in the First Feature Competition! [Read More...]

The three dirtiest horror movies: reader’s picks


Mariano Garcia - 14-11-2022

Our loyal reader Mariano Garcia picks his very favourite horror movies ever made; they are downright filthy but also meaningful at the same time [Read More...]

Conversations with John Waters: the heart of the matter


Victor Fraga - 08-11-2022

DMovies' editor Victor Fraga interviewed the iconic John Waters for a special tribute, in partnership with Doesn't Exist magazine. They talked about his extensive career, writing your own materials, insulting animals, coprophagia, Ken Loach, Pier Paolo Pasolini and much more! [Read More...]

Critics’ Picks: a brand-new film selection hits Tallinn


Jeremy Clarke - 03-11-2022

Jeremy Clarke anticipates his first visit to 26th PÖFF Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and its brand-new Critics' Picks strand [Read More...]

The 10 dirty movies that John Waters never made


John Bleasdale - 01-11-2022

John Bleasdale has done something wholly blasphemous: he has imagined 10 films that the magnificently dirty genius John Waters never made; the list is bursting with colour, subversion, and plain filth - in partnership with Doesn't Exist Magazine [Read More...]

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