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Is 65 the new Jurassic Park?


Marina Hillquist - 28-03-2023

Marina Hillquist argues that the American sci-fi action thriller by the creators of A Quiet Place had the potential to unseat the monopoly of the Jurassic Park franchise, but it struggled to escape some familiar trappings [Read More...]

Reclaiming Vincente Minnelli’s overlooked gem


Isy Santini - 25-03-2023

Not quite what it seems: Isy Santini takes a dirty look at Vincente Minnelli's Brigadoon and argues that the film - which most thought to be a musical - was in reality a horror piece! [Read More...]

Bruce LaBruce inside Pasolini: transgressive filmmaker is in London this April


DMovies' team - 06-03-2023

Canadian provocateur travels to London this April for a string of events at the BFI, the Rich Mix, and a sexually explicit film/exhibition inspired by Pasolini's Theorem at arts organisation a/political - in partnership with DMovies and Doesn't Exist [Read More...]

The dirtiest film of all time: Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s Hello Cinema


Victor Fraga - 06-03-2023

DMovies' editor Victor Fraga selects his dirtiest film of all time: this explosive cocktail of cinematic truth and lies made in Iran during the centenary of cinema inspired him to study film and to become a filmmaker [Read More...]

The top 10 dirtiest sequels ever made!


Eoghan Lyng - 01-03-2023

Eoghan Lyng selects the most thought-provoking, twisted and dirtylicious film sequels ever made; the list is dedicated to championing the younger, mightier siblings that Hollywood has often overlooked [Read More...]

The top 10 misogynistic films of all time!


Isy Santini - 28-02-2023

From loving rape victims to "ugly" women with rotten teeth and monstrous villainesses with stiletto-shaped feet: Isy Santini picks 10 films from throughout the history of cinema that are beyond insulting to women! [Read More...]

Our lowdown on the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival


Victor Fraga - 27-02-2023

DMovies' editor Victor Fraga attended his 11th Berlinale, reviewed 20 films exclusively for you, and now comments on the big award winners [Read More...]

Our top 5 dirty stunts ever


Marina Hillquist - 27-02-2023

Our reader Marina Hillquist chooses five film scenes that instills viewers with awe and inspiration, in a list that will make your heart beat a lot faster! [Read More...]

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