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Lover for a Day (L’Amant d’un Jour)

Philippe Garrel

Alasdair Bayman - 18-01-2018

L'amour goes black and white: Philippe Garrel's latest drama is a monochrome piece of artistry about two women of the same age and the nature of love - now on MUBI [Read More...]
Premiers Plans – Angers Film Festival @ Online
Jan 14 – Jan 31 all-day
Premiers Plans - Angers Film Festival @ Online

The finest selection of brand new French and European short films and available to view online for free until January 31st. But hurry up: there are only 200 tickets per film.

Highlights include Release the Dogs and Come By Chance.

This is an initiative by Festival Scope.

Just click here for more information about the online Festival.

8th MyFrenchFilmFestival @ Online
Jan 19 – Feb 19 all-day
8th MyFrenchFilmFestival @ Online

This year the Festivals offers you 30 new, unreleased films organised into six thematic sections: Wacky and offbeat stories in WTF…rench!?, life-changing journeys in Hit the Road!, the sometimes painful, or comical, transition from childhood to adulthood in Teen Stories, the (at times homicidal) obsessions of disturbing characters in French and Furious, love stories of the kind you only find in France in Love “à la Française”, and, finally, a selection of innovative works in New Horizons.

Our recommendations include Ava (Lea Mysius, 2017) and 1:54 (Yan England, 2017).

Click here for more information about the event.

47th Rotterdam International Film Festival
Jan 24 – Feb 4 all-day
47th Rotterdam International Film Festival

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) offers a high quality line-up of carefully selected fiction and documentary feature films, short films and media art. The festival’s focus is on recent work by talented new filmmakers. However, within the four sections the Festival presents, there is also room for retrospectives and themed programmes. IFFR actively supports new and adventurous filmmaking talent through its co-production market CineMart, its Hubert Bals Fund, Rotterdam Lab and other industry activities.

Click here for more information about the Festival.

68th Berlin International Film Festival
Feb 15 – Feb 25 all-day
68th Berlin International Film Festival

The Berlinale is the largest and one of the oldest film festivals in the world. Two journalists from DMovies, Victor Fraga and Tiago Di Mauro, will attend the event this year and unearth the dirt from under the red carpet firsthand and exclusively for you!

Click here for more information about the event.

The Post

Steven Spielberg

Jeremy Clarke - 17-01-2018

The White House versus the press. Set in the 1970s, Steven Spielberg’s journalistic epic tells the story of The Washington Post and the Pentagon Papers – in cinemas from Friday [Read More...]

The Final Year

Greg Baker

Victor Fraga - 17-01-2018

Fired up, ready to go? Documentary about Obama's last year in office provides a fascinating peek into the lives of the then president and his associates, and reflects whether the message of "hope" can survive the current tenure; sadly the film also lacks a little balance - in cinemas [Read More...]

Have a Nice Day (Hao Ji Le)

Liu Jian

Victor Fraga - 17-02-2017

When the capitalistic dreams of the Chinese turn into a bloody nightmare - this filthy animation is a delightful surprise now in US cinemas [Read More...]


Yan England

Victor Fraga - 20-03-2017

What are the inevitable consequences of bullying? French Canadian LGBT drama exposes the disturbing face of high school life if you're gay, with a very surprising twist at the end - in the MyFrenchFilmFestival (online) [Read More...]

Suggs: My Life Story


Alasdair Bayman - 16-01-2018

We all go a little MAD sometimes! The frontman of the colorful Camden Town act Madness isn't just a joy to listen to; his life story is also a real pleasure to watch - in cinemas [Read More...]

Cinema is Brexit’s BFF


Victor Fraga - 15-01-2018

Ever wondered why people support Brexit? Three mainstream films from the past 12 months provide a clue: British cinema is infested with nationalism and anti-German/European resentment [Read More...]


Kathryn Bigelow

Victor Fraga - 20-08-2017

Wear the shoes of the "negro": white female filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow delivers an enrapturing and harrowing portrayal of police impunity and racism in the US during the riots of the 1960s - now on BFI Player and all major VoD platforms [Read More...]

The Road Movie

Dmitrii Kalashnikov

Victor Fraga - 14-09-2017

This jaw-dropping documentary entirely filmed from dashcams on Russian cars provides a shocking, bleak and despondent portrait of the largest country in the world - in cinemas (US only) [Read More...]

In defence of Catherine Deneuve and wordless seduction


Victor Fraga - 10-01-2018

Our editor remembers "the most erotic scene in the history of cinema" in Ingmar Bergman's PERSONA, and argues that seduction often precludes verbal communication, and that some of the #MeToo arguments can be used for questionable purposes [Read More...]

Eric Clapton: Life In 12 Bars

Lili Fini Zanuck

Jeremy Clarke - 10-01-2018

Sex, drugs and the blues: The life of famed guitarist Eric Clapton has been plagued by a catalogue of personal tragedy, obsession, addiction and rejection. Yet he was saved by his music - in cinemas from Friday [Read More...]

Those bloody vegans!!!

DMovies' reader pours her heart out as she talks about Meet Your Meat the film that changed her life forever, in emotional statement.

Women don’t cower in silence!

Thais reveals the very dirty movie that made her become the strong woman and the empowered professional that she is now!

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