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Shannon Murphy

James Luxford - 06-08-2020

Parents disapprove of a seriously-ill teen's dalliance, in this palpably human American drama dotted with familiar faces - in cinemas Friday, August 14th [Read More...]

Echo (Bergmál)

Rúnar Rúnnarsson

Redmond Bacon - 11-08-2019

This surprisingly sentimental entry from Rúnar Rúnnarsson is an epic ode to his Icelandic homeland in equal parts funny and sad - now on Mubi [Read More...]

Non-Fiction (Doubles Vies)

Olivier Assayas

Patricia Cook - 29-08-2019

French comedy starring Juliette Binoche and Guillaume Canet investigates the complexity of old friendships and love, in good conversational style - now available on VoD and also Mubi [Read More...]

Apparition (Aparisyon)

Isabel Sandoval

Redmond Bacon - 10-08-2020

A self-contained nunnery finds itself intersecting with the forces of history in the mostly academic Apparition - running as part of Locarno Film Festival [Read More...]


Effendee Mazlan, Fariza Azlina Isahak

Redmond Bacon - 10-08-2020

Gangland, baby-trafficking drama from Malaysia returns to Switzerland - live from the Locarno Film Festival [Read More...]

An American Pickle

Brandon Trost

James Luxford - 06-08-2020

In an industry where even dead actors are getting new gigs, Seth Rogen playing two concurrent roles is nothing new, but the way he plays them is the true attraction - in cinemas on Friday, August 7th [Read More...]

Perfect 10

Eva Riley

James Luxford - 06-08-2020

This gritty, powerful take of a fractured family has echoes of Andrea Arnold's FISH TANK, and is guaranteed to enrapture audiences in Britain and beyond - out on Friday, August 7th [Read More...]


Mounia Meddour
2019, Mounia Meddour

Paul Risker - 06-08-2020

Mounia Meddour’s semi-autobiographical Algerian Civil War drama Papicha is an unnerving account of history in the shadow of Donald Trump – streaming from Friday, August 7th. [Read More...]

The Mark Jenkin Collection

Mark Jenkin

David Stewart - 03-08-2020

The four short films that preceded BAIT are equally profound, inventive and imbued with Britishness as the dirty classic that astounded critics and audiences alike last year - on VoD no Monday, August 3rd [Read More...]

Around the Sun

Oliver Krimpas

Jack Hawkins - 03-08-2020

A film location scout touring a repossessed and crumbling French chateau engages with a coquettish stranger, in this peculiar British movie - on VoD on Tuesday, August 4th [Read More...]

The Young Ahmed (Le Jeune Ahmed)

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

Victor Fraga - 21-05-2019

Young Muslim is lured into radicalisation, waging a solitary jihad against with his own bare hands - the latest film by the Dardenne brothers is on Curzon Home Cinema on Friday, August 7th [Read More...]

Those bloody vegans!!!

DMovies' reader pours her heart out as she talks about Meet Your Meat the film that changed her life forever, in emotional statement.

Women don’t cower in silence!

Thais reveals the very dirty movie that made her become the strong woman and the empowered professional that she is now!

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James Luxford (Critic and broadcaster)
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