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Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Redmond Bacon - 23-11-2021

One of the 21st century's greatest directors returns with, unsurprisingly, another masterful work of slow cinema - now on various VoD platforms [Read More...]


Maia Kenworthy and Elena Sanchez Bellot

John McDonald - 14-03-2022

Extinction Rebellion take matters into their own hands when it comes to climate change, charging at the agonisingly difficult problem head-on - on Netflix on Wednesday, June 29th. [Read More...]

The Velvet Queen


John McDonald - 28-04-2022

Embark on a cinematic journey across a harsh wilderness; the mission is to find the elusive snow leopard in the Tibetan Highlands; the outcome, however, couldn't be more different - now on various VoD platforms [Read More...]

The House That Jack Built

Lars von Trier

Victor Fraga - 15-05-2018

The controversial Danish director delivers his most violent and sadistic film to date, about a prolific serial killer and his perceived sense of superiority - on Mubi on Sunday, June 24th; also available on other platforms [Read More...]

No Time to Die

Cary Joji Fukunaga

Eoghan Lyng - 02-10-2021

Retired from Her Majesty's Secret Service, James Bond is called back into duty when he uncovers a plot that could wipe out mankind - now on most VoD platforms [Read More...]

Between Two Worlds (Ouistreham)

Emmanuel Carrère

Victor Fraga - 24-09-2021

A famous writer seeking inspiration starts a new life as a cleaner in Normandy - auspicious little drama starring Juliette Binoche is on an major VoD platforms on Friday, June 24th [Read More...]

Traffic and tragedy: 21st Transylvania International Film Festival round-up


Redmond Bacon - 21-06-2022

Our critic's time in Cluj-Napoca offered a serendipitous combination of location and venue, offering a balm in difficult times [Read More...]

The Duke

Roger Mitchell

Victor Fraga - 04-09-2020

The real-life story of the picaresque British hero who stole a painting from the National Gallery for charitable purposes is doused in saccharine and yet enjoyable to watch - on BFI Player on June 18th; also available on other platforms [Read More...]

The Worst Person in the World (Verdens Verste Menneske)

Joachim Trier

Truls Rostrup - 03-01-2022

The conclusion to the loose Oslo trilogy is “a romantic comedy for people who do not like romantic comedies”, according to the filmmaker himself - now on various VoD platforms [Read More...]

The Last Duel

Ridley Scott

Amhara Chamberlayne - 03-11-2021

Ridley Scott's new medieval drama about duelling French nobles is a discursive, meditative affair unlikely to blow you away - now available on most VoD platforms [Read More...]

True Things

Harry Wootliff

- 09-03-2022

Young female becomes intoxicated by a male who treats people more or less the same way he handles cars, in this complex British psychological drama - on Mubi on Thursday, June 23rd [Read More...]

Those bloody vegans!!!

DMovies' reader pours her heart out as she talks about Meet Your Meat the film that changed her life forever, in emotional statement.

Women don’t cower in silence!

Thais reveals the very dirty movie that made her become the strong woman and the empowered professional that she is now!

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Liverpool-based writer and activist for going to the cinema on your own. [Read More...]

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