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The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers

Jeremy Clarke - 25-01-2020

When a new assistant joins a seasoned keeper in an isolated lighthouse, the experience challenges his sanity  - on VoD on Monday, May 25th [Read More...]

Life, Animated

Roger Ross Williams

Maysa Monção - 05-06-2016

What if cinema was the only means of communication between a young boy and the rest of his family? Sobering doc sheds light on the saga of an autistic child who loves Disney - now on Netflix [Read More...]

Parasite (Gi-sa-end-chung)

Bong Joon-ho

Victor Fraga - 22-05-2019

A family of charlatans takes up prestigious jobs with a mega-rich family, in Korean comedy-thriller about social climbers and failed capitalistic dreams - BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNER is on VoD on Monday, June 1st [Read More...]

The man behind the great women


Paul Risker - 21-05-2020

We interview the documentarist Mark Cousins, as he releases his 14-hour cinematic journey through the history of female directors [Read More...]

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema

Mark Cousins

Paul Risker - 21-05-2020

Female directors search for meaning in the highly subjective world of the seventh art, in Mark Cousins's 14-hour masterclass in filmmaking - on VoD on Monday, May 25th [Read More...]

Three Identical Strangers

Tim Wardle

Eoghan Lyng - 01-11-2018

Three triplets, separated at birth from one another are rekindled to find each other, just as they find out more about one another and about themselves - now available on Netflix [Read More...]

Screened Out

Jon Hyatt

Jack Hawkins - 22-05-2020

Provocative documentary addressing our dependency on mobile phones (the director being a self-confessed addict) is both sobering and skilfully made - on VoD on Monday, June 1st [Read More...]

The Uncertain Kingdom


Eoghan Lyng - 25-05-2020

Viewers are invited to watch a Britain unnervingly unfamiliar, in this ground-breaking anthology of twenty short films from twenty directors - on VoD on Monday, June 1st [Read More...]


Naomi Kawase

Daniel Luis Ennab - 18-05-2020

Slow-paced and lyrical movie weaves together modern romance, spirituality and the ancient history of Japan - streaming now with DMovies [Read More...]

A Dog’s Life

Charlie Chaplin

Daniel Luis Ennab - 12-05-2020

More than a century later, Charlie Chaplin's first masterpiece remains both a marvel of ingenuity and a tribute to innocence - watch it now with DMovies [Read More...]

We Summon the Darkness

Marc Meyers

Paul Risker - 14-05-2020

Three American friends on their way to a remote country house encounter a group of sadistic killers, in this popcorn slasher tearing apart right-wing conservatives - on VoD and DVD [Read More...]

Those bloody vegans!!!

DMovies' reader pours her heart out as she talks about Meet Your Meat the film that changed her life forever, in emotional statement.

Women don’t cower in silence!

Thais reveals the very dirty movie that made her become the strong woman and the empowered professional that she is now!

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Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins (Film and history writer)
London writer with a keen interest in New Hollywood auteurs [Read More...]

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