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The Suicide Squad

James Gunn

Eoghan Lyng - 30-07-2021

This poor rehash of the eponymous 2016 movie is one of the most misguided superhero films of the past 10 years, dogged by cliches and resentment - in cinemas Friday, July 30th [Read More...]

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

Kristina Lindström, Kristian Petri

Michael McClure - 26-07-2021

The life of the young star of the Luchino Visconti's Death in Venice was not as enviable and beautiful as his character, reveals this heartbreaking documentary - in cinemas Friday, July 30th [Read More...]

Bye Bye Morons (Adieu les Cons)

Albert Dupontel

Ian Schultz - 21-07-2021

Delightful and quirky French movie about mother on a quest to find her son topped the Césars earlier this year and has abundant references to Terry Gilliam - in cinemas on Friday, July 23rd; also available on Curzon Home Cinema [Read More...]

Deerskin (Le Daim)

Quentin Dupieux

Ian Schultz - 13-07-2021

One man's obsession with his designer jacket turns him into a serial killer, in this dirtylicious black comedy starring a smiling Jean Dujardin - in cinemas Friday, July 16th [Read More...]

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Shipei Wen

Justin Khoo - 12-07-2021

Exquisite Chinese tale of desperation starts off as an impossible urban romance before morphing into a thriller - Shipei Wen's debut premieres at Cannes [Read More...]

Martin Eden

Pietro Marcello

Ian Schultz - 12-07-2021

Lose your soul with Luca Marinelli, in this impressive Italian drama about one man's futile quest for happiness - in cinemas across the nation on Friday, July 9th [Read More...]

The Employer and the Employee (El Empleado y el Patrón)

Manuel Nieto

Manuel Nieto - 09-07-2021

Slow-burn social drama exhibits the lack of social mobility and subtle oppression mechanisms operating in rural Uruguay - from Cannes [Read More...]


Ken Fero

Julia Spatuzzi Felmanas - 08-07-2021

Get out of your comfort zone! Very powerful documentary about deaths under police custody in the UK challenges viewers with very real and raw violence - now on BFI Player [Read More...]


Zoe Wittock

Victor Fraga - 07-07-2021

A young woman becomes infatuated with a park ride, in this very strange yet plausible tale of forbidden love - Belgian film is in cinemas on Friday, July 9th [Read More...]


Christopher Landon

Dan Meier - 05-07-2021

Fans of Christopher Landon’s Happy Death Day movies might enjoy his new horror/comedy Freaky; everyone else will find it more than a little creaky - in cinemas now [Read More...]


Noah Hutton

Arun A. K. - 05-07-2021

The gig economy looks twisted and threatening, in this charming and effective American sci-fi - on VoD on Monday, July 5th [Read More...]

Harry Birrell Presents Films of Love & War

Matt Pinder

Paul Risker - 01-07-2021

One man’s archive of 400 films is a remarkable experience of the 20th Century, and also a vision of love, friendship and loss - out on Monday, June 28th [Read More...]

WITCH: We Intend to Cause Havoc

Gio Arlotta

Eoghan Lyng - 30-06-2021

Fancy a taste of African rock? This documentary looks at one of the very best bands from Zambia - in selected cinemas and VoD on Friday, July 2nd [Read More...]


Brett Leonard

Eoghan Lyng - 28-06-2021

A high-school student with cerebral palsy is determined to join the wrestling team, but can his body withstand the fight? American drama is on various VoD platforms on Monday, June 28th [Read More...]

Sing, Freetown

Clive Patterson

Victor Fraga - 23-06-2021

A journalist and a theatre director join forces in order to rebuild a Sierra Leone's fractured identity and neglected culture - in cinemas on Friday, June 25th [Read More...]

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To

Jonathan Cuartas

Paul Risker - 23-06-2021

Impressive debut horror feature uses the vampire as a metaphor for "cannibalistic" capitalism -  from the Tribeca Film Festival.  [Read More...]


Marc Raso

Steve Naish - 21-06-2021

Perfunctory disaster movie about desperate people slipping into sleep-deprived insanity is a little soporific - now available on Netflix [Read More...]


Coen Brothers

Dan Meier - 21-06-2021

The sombre and twisted comedy-crime classic has now just received a 25-anniversary commemorative reissue, and it feels as pristine as fresh blood on white snow - in selected cinemas and also on VoD [Read More...]

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