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Ben Flanagan

Ben Flanagan

Ben Flanagan (Critic and podcaster)
This Bristol writer has a taste for dirt in mainstream cinema, lovers-on-the-run movies and poetic realism!

Ben’s a Bristol-based critic and podcaster who’s trying to watch and read everything, possibly at the expense of human interaction, definitely at the expense of his own sanity.

Having graduated from Bath Spa University in 2014 with a BA in Drama and English, he has a particular fondness for analysis of performance and its interaction with the text. This has led him to an obsession with some of the dirtiest filmmakers to work in the Hollywood system: Douglas Sirk, Paul Verhoeven and Steven Soderbergh.

He’s currently finishing up an MA in Film & Television at The University of Bristol, writing a dissertation on lovers-on-the-run genre that’s taking him everywhere from the silent era through poetic realism, New Hollywood all the way to contemporary cinema. It’s a road trip through cinema, and he’s worried he might have lost control of the wheel.

When he’s not drowning in research, he’s usually arguing with anyone in earshot about why your favourite TV show is overrated, why post-Horror’s not a thing, why cinema is very much alive and well, digital looks great, and iPhone movies are the future.

You can find Ben on Twitter @peche_lives, or follow his not nearly prolific enough blog His new podcast, Judge Movie, drops this summer, and it promises to be a dirty treat @JudgeMoviePod.

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