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Arun A. K.


Corporate Communications professional in Mumbai by the day tries to sneak in time at the workplace to write about movies.

Good food and a good movie are enough to make Arun’s day. He writes short stories once in a blue moon but enjoys writing about movies that excite him on a regular basis. There is no particular genre that he likes the most and has recently developed a fancy for experimental cinema. European art-house cinema and Indian regional films form the bulk of his viewing library but Arun doesn’t mind the occasional indulgence in mainstream/popular cinema to de-stress himself.
You can contact him on Twitter @arunusual or via email.

Other posts by Arun A. K.
Call Me Marianna
Wheelchair-bound woman has to sue her own family in order to undergo gender reassignment, in this sympathetic Polish doc about struggle and acceptance - watch it online for free during the month of December only with ArteKIno [Read More...]

The gig economy looks twisted and threatening, in this charming and effective American sci-fi - on VoD on Monday, July 5th [Read More...]

The Reason I Jump
British documentarist investigates the lives of young people with autism, and their mysterious and complex communication systems - out on Friday, June 18th [Read More...]

Songs my Brothers Taught Me
While not in the same league as Nomadland, Chloe Zhao's debut holds its own merit and reflects the director's distinctive sensibility - on Mubi on Friday, April 9th [Read More...]

Eye of the Storm
Documentary investigates the life and the work of late Scottish painter James Morrison, and it's as aesthetically accomplished as its subject - in virtual cinemas on Friday, March 5th [Read More...]

The Last Forest (A Última Floresta)
The ancient Yanomami people live in harmony and balance with the environment, but their very existence is once again under threat thanks to Bolsonaro's murderous regime - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Dead Pigs
A critique of China's cultural aping of the American way of life, Cathy Yan's debut feature satirises commercialism and the Westernised idea of a successful life - on Mubi on Friday, February 12th [Read More...]

The Capote Tapes
Documentary sheds on the life of the flamboyant and openly gay American writer, with a focus on his unfinished novel Answered Prayers - on VoD on Friday, January 29th [Read More...]

Persian Lessons
A Jew pretends to be Persian in order to avoid death in a concentration camp, only to be forced to teach the language over which he has no command - on Amazon Prime on Sunday, April 18th (and also on other platforms) [Read More...]

Her Socialist Smile
Documentarist investigates the ideology of notorious deafblind activist, which the American establishment tried to sweep under the carpet for years - watch it now for free [Read More...]

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