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Fedor Tot

Movie critic and magazine editor

Yugonostalgic writer and artist based in Cardiff dislikes nationalism and loves to hate Jean-Luc Godard

Fedor Tot is a movie critic, editor, musician, occasional stand-up comedian, and yet another dirty immigrant. Based in Cardiff but raised in Newport, Wales, he was born in Novi Sad in what was then still just about Yugoslavia, but sadly became just Serbia. Not that Serbia is bad, mind you. It’s lovely. And so is Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia etc. He just thinks it was nicer when it was Yugoslavia. Just as Europe is nicer when it’s just Europe.

At daytime, he edits Buzz Magazine, a Cardiff-based mag about culture and what’s on in South Wales, and is generally amazed by the fact that every month he gets to produce an honest-to-God piece of print in this day and age.

At nighttime, he watches films, drinks, and shouts at nationalists. His main passions are films from the former Yugoslavia. But movies from outside are fine, too.A history graduate at the University of East Anglia, where he dug deep into film and Yugoslavian history. He strongly believes that cinema (and the arts, more broadly speaking) have the ability to exist at the nexus of history and social movements.

He wrote about Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian cinema in the 2000s for his dissertation, and will talk your ear off if you mention Yugoslav or ex-Yugoslav cinema in his vicinity. He will also insult Jean-Luc Godard at completely random moments.

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