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Sidney Berthier


Young and trailblazing French-Australian helmer now based in London

Sidney Berthier was born in Paris, France on August 27, 1995. He earned the baccalaureate at the young age of 15, three years ahead of the common age for high school students.

Passionate about cinema since the age of nine, he was then accepted into the University of Warwick at the age of 16, to study Film and Television within the department founded by renowned academic V.F. Perkins. Keen to pursue his interests, he then successfully applied to the University of Cambridge at the age of 19, making him the youngest Masters student ever to undertake a course in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages.

He wrote his thesis on Laura Marks’ concept of “haptic” visuality defined in her seminal work The Skin of the Film (Duke University Press, 2000), discussing how the Daniel Craig films re-conceptualise 007’s mobile cultural significance despite nostalgia for the 1960s and 1970s.

During his time at Cambridge, he participated in various plays at the Cambridge Amateur Dramatics theatre, most notably for the Corpus Playroom which has fostered talents such as Hugh Bonneville, Sam Mendes and Stephen Fry. This encouraged him to star in, write and direct his own mini-series, Loud Hearts, released in 2018.

Sidney now works in London as an editor, cinematographer and musician.

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