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Fiona Whitelaw

Writer and actress

A voice for those whose stories are seldom told

Fiona’s driving force as a writer is to tell stories that have not been heard with the voices of those not usually listened to. Her work for screen and stage spans a variety of genres. Her latest feature film Acceptable Damage, about an autistic girl who encounters bullying, is on the festival circuit (watch the film trailer below).

She has two films in development and her stage work is published by Samuel French. She describes herself as “a committed cinephile who loves to be surprised, shocked and provoked by what she sees on screen.”

Fiona has scripted devised work for a number of companies, written theatre in education plays, forum theatre for the elderly community in care homes and sheltered housing and other site specific projects. She is also an actress with nearly 30 films under her belt. She is currently available for commission.

Other posts by Fiona Whitelaw
Ring (Ringu)
A 20th anniversary restoration of Hideo Nakata's groundbreaking slow burn psychological horror is in cinemas and also on Blu-ray on Friday, March 1st [Read More...]

Two for Joy
Ugly problems surface when dysfunctional family goes on holidays in dejected seaside town, in British dirty gem starring Samantha Morton and Billie Piper - available for digital download on Monday, February 25th [Read More...]

Coffee with Cinnamon (Café com Canela)
Powerfully evocative portrait of grief, love and loss amongst a group of close friends and neighbours is a dirty gem of Brazilian cinema! [Read More...]

Do Something, Jake
An unemployed introvert, unable to read or write, draws on brilliant ingenuity when the woman he secretly loves is threatened  - indie proudly boasting its "no budget" credentials premieres in London [Read More...]

Promise at Dawn (La Promesse de l’Aube)
Screen adaptation of 1960 autobiographical novel by Romain Gary follows the Lithuanian-born French-writer as he flees Nazism and engages in the French Air Force, with a dazzling Charlotte Gainsbourg as his mother - from the Jewish Film Festival [Read More...]

Mike Leigh's historical epic is a superb register of a grassroots movement and massacre hardly heard of outside Britain, in a country that never saw a large revolution - available on VoD [Read More...]

Been So Long
Love story set in London has all vital ingredients of your average romcom, yet it's highly inventive and its musical structure, and it's also a loving tribute to the British capital itself - on Netflix [Read More...]

Tamil-Canadian film about relationship between older man and younger trans woman uses food as a trope and a token of affection; it will ring bells with those who watched A Fantastic Woman - from the Cambridge Film Festival [Read More...]

Miss Dali
Relationship between Spanish Surrealist painter and his sister Anna Maria is the topic of new drama; the performances are very compelling, but the narrative has a few flaws - from the Cambridge Film Festival [Read More...]

Fair Play
In the name of the fatherland? In the late years of the Iron Curtain, a woman has to give up her personal life and even her own body in favour of athletics and the Communist regime - watch it right here and right now! [Read More...]

'Buddy movie' set in California is akin to the Greek myth of Theseus, where the hero must overcome obstacles and challenges in order to make it out of the Labyrinth - on DVD + BD on Monday, February 4th. [Read More...]

Female Human Animal
Novelist Chloe Aridjis is a wild and indomitable beast who will not surrender to these lame creatures called men, in dazzling doc blending a variety of media - now available on VoD [Read More...]

The Seagull
Star-studded Hollywood take on Chekhov's classical play relies on sterling performances, but it simply lacks the "dirty factor" - in cinemas Friday, September 7th [Read More...]

The Last Witness
Young journalist uncovers dirty war secret involving the slaughter of 22,000 Polish officers, in UK-Poland co-production perhaps best suited for primetime television - in cinemas Friday, August 17th [Read More...]

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