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Daughter of Rage (La Hija de todas las Rabias)

Director - Laura Baumeister de Montis - 2022

"Greasy movie"
Mother and daughter navigate life residing on a Nicaraguan landfill, in this at once captivating and chilling piece of cinema - from the San Sebastian Film Festival

With the frequent use of wide-angled shots and dim-lit location shots, the cinematography within this film deftly captures the desolate, isolated feelings that 11-year-old Maria’s (Ara Alejandra Medal) character represents. Struggling between wanting to enjoy her childhood whilst knowing that she has to work in order to help her Mother Lilibeth (Virginia Raquel Sevilla Garcia), Maria seems easily overwhelmed. Living in an inhospitable condition, Maria knows that it is her duty to work so that she can help her Mother provide for the two of them.

The intimate story of survival captures a mother who teaches her daughter how to remain brave, whilst putting herself into unpleasant situations in order to keep food on the table and shelter over their heads. The hard-hitting, spine-chilling scenes are uncomfortable, but not too far from reality. The film is a beautifully-shot, heart-wrenching story with a narrative that contrasts the shots significantly – beautiful cinematography accompanied by a heartbreaking tale.

Overall the film is extremely hard-hitting and heavy to watch but the narrative conveys a strong, important message. The performances of the cast, particularly Medal and Garcia are captivating and thrilling to watch. There is a raw, intense chemistry between the characters on-screen and this adds to the realism of the film. Gripping from the very beginning, the narrative pulls you in, and the characters make you emphasise and invest in the message that phenomenal filmmaker Laura Baumeister de Montis is trying to portray.

Daughter of Rage premiered at the 70th edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival/ Donostia Zinemaldia.

"Greasy movie"

By Laney Gibbons - 30-09-2022

By Laney Gibbons - 30-09-2022

Laney is London-based Film Studies graduate who is an advocate for diversity and representation within film. Having studied various different elements and genres of film, as well as films from differe...

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