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Hearts Beat Loud

Director - Brett Haley - 2018

"Greasy movie"
American indie about father and daughter who bond through music has its heart in the right place, but it's also a little drab and syrupy - in cinemas Friday, August 3rd

Pleasant and breezy. Lighthearted and innocuous. But also a little colourless. Hearts Beat Loud is the latest American indie to hit UK cinemas. It’s refreshing and cool enough to keep you in the cinema for 95 minutes, away from the oppressive heatwave castigating the country outside. But it will pass through you immediately. Just like a Summer breeze.

Frank Fisher (Nick Offerman) is an avuncular, middle-aged and heavily-bearded widower who runs a struggling record shop in Brooklyn. His wife passed away to a tragic bicycle accident, and he was left to bring up their adolescent daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons). The beautiful teen has been accepted into medical school. Frank attempts to strike a music partnership with Sam before she departs for her freshman year. Daddy wants to connect to his daughter through music. She finds that very uncool. Daddy sulks. Despite their differences, Frank and Sam record a song and it somehow ends up on Spotify. Sam’s hesitation to endorse the work is reflected in the very name that Frank chooses for the band: We’re Not a Band.

Daddy is the audience surrogate. He needs get his daughter to believe in the band, just like the filmmaker Brett Haley needs viewers to connect with his film. Frank is a dreamer. Sam is far more pragmatic, and she frowns upon her father’s capricious whims. She does not believe that she can make a liv