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The trees have eyes!!!


Abou Farman - 19-05-2017

Nevermind Wes Craven: the hills are not the place where you are most vulnerable. Find out more from Abou Farman and learn some very useful tips from those who passionately embraced the challenge in the Peruvian Amazon. DMovies will be holding three screenings of Icaros: A Vision in London between July 5th and 7th. [Read More...]
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Season at the BFI @ BFI South Bank
Mar 28 – May 31 all-day

“Seeing a Fassbinder retrospective is better than drugs, liquor and sex put together. If he was alive today, I’d fall to my knees in front of him. Dead? Well, we have to pray to somebody, don’t we?”
John Waters

A fearless artist who knew no taboos, Fassbinder combined scathing social criticism with profound psychological insight. After failing to get into film school he turned instead to the theatre, rapidly winning renown as a radical, innovative writer-director. With ferocious energy, though minimal resources, he started to make films, building a loyal team of actors and technicians drawn from the theatre (his first 10 features were made in less than two years). An insatiable film addict from early childhood, Fassbinder drew inspiration from the French New Wave and, later, from the Hollywood melodramas of Douglas Sirk and others. But what emerged from his dazzling fusion of style and content was a powerful, personal vision of people imprisoned by social constraints and their own contradictory desires. Provocative, poignant, darkly witty: these are films that could change your life.

Part two of this survey shows post-war Germany’s most provocative filmmaker at the height of his powers. Fassbinder always dreamed of creating his own brand of ‘German Hollywood film’, and with The Marriage of Maria Braun (1978), he finally managed to combine huge popular appeal with a complex, uncompromising vision of reality. This was the first of three superbly crafted chronicles of the 1950s (the others were Lola and Veronika Voss) – antidotes to the prevailing historical amnesia. By exploring the past, Fassbinder aimed to shed light on Germany’s troubled present; in other works, he engaged directly with the political turmoil and terrorism of the 1970s. ‘The secret of our success is that we’re making honest films,’ he once said, but his fierce integrity made him a target of vicious abuse. Neither a polemicist nor an ideologue (he dubbed himself a ‘romantic anarchist’), Fassbinder remains an extraordinary artist whose passion for truth-telling is now more important than ever.

Click here for more information about the two month season.

East End Film Festival
Jun 2 – Jul 2 all-day
East End Film Festival

Founded in 2000, the East End Film Festival is one of the UK’s largest film festivals. An annual multi-platform festival held in London, the EEFF presents a rich and diverse programme of international premieres, industry masterclasses, free pop-up screenings and immersive live events. The EEFF’s mission is to discover, support, and exhibit pioneering work by global and local independent filmmakers, and to introduce viewers to innovative and challenging cinematic experiences.

Attracting an annual audience of more than 30,000, the EEFF has established itself as a major international film festival situated at the heart of London’s most dynamic quarter. Committed to the work of first and second time directors, the annual EEFF showcases more than fifty feature film screenings, several short film programmes, and a variety of cross-arts events and industry activities across the festival. The EEFF’s established awards system includes: Best Feature(reserved for first and second time directors); Best Documentary; Best UK Short Film; Best Soundtrack, Accession Award (reserved for a particular industry discipline), the EEFF Short Film Audience Award and new for 2017, our £10,000 Transit Award.

Previous festival jurors have included Joe Wright, Sarah Gavron, Amma Assante, Ron Perlman, RZA, Peter Bradshaw, Irvine Welsh, Armando Bo (Screenwriter, Birdman), Peter Straughn (Screenwriter, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy). Previous festival guests have included Hugh Grant, Andrea Riseborough, Clive Owen, Ben Wheatley, Ron Perlman, Asif Kapadia and Ken Russell.

The EEFF boasts large audiences, ever-increasing industry support, high levels of international press coverage, and a large and incredibly diverse range of partnerships with organisations such as AmnestyInternational UK, Sheffield Doc/Fest, the BFI and Film London. The festival received unprecedented levels of attention in 2015, showcasing films to diverse, engaged audiences in record numbers.

Click here for more information about the event.

Sheffield Doc/Fest @ Sheffield - various venues
Jun 9 – Jun 14 all-day
Sheffield Doc/Fest @ Sheffield - various venues

The Sheffield Doc/Fest is an international documentary festival and marketplace held annually in Sheffield.

Since beginning in 1994, Doc/Fest has become the UK’s biggest documentary festival and the third largest in the world. The BBC have called it “one of the leading showcases of documentary films”.[4]

The festival includes film screenings, sessions, a marketplace for the funding and distribution of films, interactive and virtual reality exhibitions, and its own awards.

The festival has been voted one of the Top Five Coolest Documentary Film Festivals in the World, and remains an essential showcase for documentary filmmakers around the world.

Click here for more information about the event, and stay tuned as DMovies will be following the event live and digging up the dirt exclusively for you.

The Summit (La Cordillera)

Santiago Mitre

Victor Fraga - 26-05-2017

This Argentinean fiction about a summit for Latin American presidents blends geopolitics with a very personal breakdown - live from Cannes [Read More...]

A Gentle Creature (Krotkaya)

Sergei Loznitsa

Victor Fraga - 25-05-2017

Russia has no time for kindness and solidarity, in this hellish portrayal of a woman in search of her incarcerated husband - live from Cannes [Read More...]

The Other Side of Hope (Toivon Tuolla Puolen)

Aki Kaurismäki

Victor Fraga - 14-02-2017

Think Scandinavian humour is no laughing matter? Think again. Finnish comedy uses very unusual gags in order to raise questions about the refugee crisis - to very convincing results [Read More...]

The Red Turtle

Michael Dudok De Wit

Jeremy Clarke - 16-05-2017

Japan’s Studio Ghibli backs a European-made animated tale without dialogue about a man marooned on a desert island and... a red reptile - in cinemas May 26th [Read More...]

Amant Double (L’Amant Double)

François Ozon

Victor Fraga - 25-05-2017

François Ozon latest movie is a breathtaking sexual and psychological thriller in no way inferior to Swimming Pool, with an unbelievable twist at the end - live from Cannes [Read More...]

Demons in Paradise

Jude Ratnam

Victor Fraga - 25-05-2017

The Brits are the devil: how the legacy of shortsighted British imperialism led an extremely violent and continuous civil war in Sri Lanka - doc live from Cannes [Read More...]


Jacques Doillon

Victor Fraga - 24-05-2017

Biopic of the French sculptor Auguster Rodin lacks movement, energy and vigour - unlike the vibrant pieces by the artist - live from Cannes [Read More...]

Happy End

Michael Haneke

Victor Fraga - 23-05-2017

Michael Haneke's eagerly anticipated Happy End deconstructs a French bourgeois family living in Calais, in all of their profound hopelessness and despondency; the director uses old and somewhat trite devices - live from Cannes [Read More...]

Those bloody vegans!!!

DMovies' reader pours her heart out as she talks about 'Meet Your Meat' the film that changed her life forever, in emotional statement

Talking to fascists in Brazil

Jean Wyllys, Brian Robinson and Lucia Nagib talk about 'Rat Fever', sexual freedoms and reactionary politics in Brazil, in DMovies first debate, at the Brazilian Embassy in London

Featured Profile

Francesco Bacci

Francesco Bacci (Journalist and translator)
An Italian writer dreaming away his life in cinema in the British capital [Read More...]

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