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Ray Yeung

Pedro Miguel - 25-08-2016

Beyond "no fems" and "no Asians": this tasteful Chinese-American romance breaks away with gay bigoted stereotypes and culture, revealing an awkward and yet candid relationship [Read More...]
Hackney Attic Film Festival @ Hackney Picturehouse
Aug 15 @ 1:03 pm – Aug 31 @ 2:03 pm
Hackney Attic Film Festival @ Hackney Picturehouse | London | England | United Kingdom

Hackney Attic is proud to announce the line-up for its very first, very own film festival, which runs from 15 to 31 August. Containing work from both local and international filmmakers, the season will include short film programmes themed around relationships, animation and comedy, art, entertainment, horror, documentary and drama. These will accompanied by a web series night, full-length film screenings, a film-themed quiz night and a film-related art class. Many events are absolutely free to enter!

Have a look here.

Measure of a Man @ Greenwich Picturehouse
Aug 30 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Measure of a Man @ Greenwich Picturehouse | London | England | United Kingdom

Revisiting elements of his 2005 film Not Here To Be Loved, French writer/director Stéphane Brizé’s compelling humanist drama follows unemployed, middle-aged factory worker Thierry Taugourdeau (Lindon) and his increasingly demoralising attempts to find work. He faces indifferent HR managers and awkward interviews on Skype, as well as pressure from his bank to sell the home he shares with his wife (de Mirbeck) and their disabled son (Schaller). When he finally finds employment as a security officer at a large supermarket, he is confronted with moral dilemmas which oblige him to fundamentally reassess his role in life.

Like the Dardenne brothers’ Two Days, One Night, Brizé’s affecting film reflects the changing, depersonalised face of France’s once socially supportive economy. Vincent Lindon is magnificent as the doleful hero.

Read our review here.

DMovies screenings: Neon Bull @ Embassy of Brazil
Aug 31 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
DMovies screenings: Neon Bull @ Embassy of Brazil | London | England | United Kingdom

Even cowboys get the blues: watched the naked and raw life of Brazilian cowboys, better-known as ‘vaqueiros’.

Director Gabriel Mascaro examines the ‘vaquejada’, a countryside Brazilian sport, where cowboys on horseback pursue a bull and attempt to knock it over. Despite representing such a masculine universe, the main character Iremar (Juliano Cazarré) has a passion for fashion. His ambition is to design exotic clothing for women, in stark contrast to his manly occupation.

Neon Bull exposes the dark traits of everyday vaqueiro life often in rich and graphic detail, in the tradition of Naturalism (the Brazilian literary movement of the 19th century). It is extremely sensual and somewhat bizarre. There are long takes of cowboys pissing, Iremar is shown having sex with a pregnant woman, and even masturbating a horse to the point of ejaculation.

This is the last session of DMovies at the Brazilian film. This is an free event but you must rsvp the Embassy at

Read the full movie review here:

As I Open my Eyes (À Peine J’Ouvre les Yeux)

Leyla Bouzid

Victor Fraga - 24-08-2016

Arab heads exploding with music: the female voice is one of the most subversive weapons against oppression in the Arab world, even in a fairly progressive country such as Tunisia - read our review of this superb Franco-Tunisian drama [Read More...]

Incident Light (La Luz Incidente)

Ariel Rotter

Tiago Di Mauro - 19-08-2016

Is there light after tragedy strikes? This exquisite and poignant tale of loss and bereavement set in the 1960s is one of the highlights of the Argentine Film Festival taking place in London right now [Read More...]


David Farrier/ Dylan Reeve

Maysa Monção - 17-08-2016

No laughing matter: the very strange business of filming male adolescents tickling each other and then taking control over their lives - doc is out in cinemas on Friday [Read More...]

‘Neighbouring Sounds’ at the Brazilian Embassy


DMovies team - 17-08-2016

The strange noises of the middle class: last night London listened to the subtle and unnerving sounds of a high-rise condominium in Brazil, as DMovies screened one of the best films of the decade [Read More...]

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

Steve Read/ Rob Alexander

Maysa Monção - 15-08-2016

A robot with profound human feelings: this new doc about Gary Numan reveals the emotionally fragile human being and the ups and downs behind one of Britain's most poignant and innovative pop idols of the 1970s [Read More...]

The Unspoken

Sheldon Wilson

Petra von Kant - 14-08-2016

From the producers of the 'Insidious' and 'Paranormal Activity' films, the new horror flick has some good scares and an unusual twist in the end, but overall it lacks flare and vigour throughout - out in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray [Read More...]


Pablo Trapero

Victor Fraga - 14-08-2016

The vultures are circling in: this Argentinian classic tells the story of an ambulance chaser and denounces a barely legal and highly unethical blame culture that destroys jobs, relationships and lives - at the Argentine Film Festival in London [Read More...]


Pedro Almodóvar

Victor Fraga - 13-08-2016

Almodóvar returns to what he does best: exposing the deliciously dirty incongruities, fallacies and virtues of human beings; this time he gets under the skin of women in an unusually sober and austere drama [Read More...]

The night I lost my innocence

Almiro Andrade opens up and for the first time talks about the fateful night Viktor suddenly came into his life and turned it upside down - exclusively for DMovies

Talking to fascists in Brazil

Jean Wyllys, Brian Robinson and Lucia Nagib talk about 'Rat Fever', sexual freedoms and reactionary politics in Brazil, in DMovies first debate, at the Brazilian Embassy in London

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Kate Dickie (Actress)
The female body speaks without uttering a word [Read More...]

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