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Colm Forde

Colm Forde

Colm Forde (Festival Director and Programmer)
Blasting the speakers and rocking the movie theatre

For the last three years, Colm Forde has been involved in managing and programming London premieres for Doc’n’Roll Film Festival. The Festival is devoted to discovering, supporting, distributing and exhibiting music documentaries that showcase stories from the spotlight, backstage, studio and tour bus. The event features music-themed films along with intimate Q&As with the scene’s directors, as well as live music acts and DJs.

He wants to unite film and music tribes by finding unconventional venues for the screenings. The screening of Tubby Hayes: A Man In A Hurry (Lee Cogswell, 2015) was set in the temple of jazz Ronnie Scott’s. Hayes used to play together with Scott in a number of jazz bands. Forde understands that the importance of an emblematic venue to screen the documentary enriches the cinema experience.

Forde is now running the Sounds of London season of the Festival, a three-month celebration of the capital’s rich music heritage. Highlights include a portrait of Imogen Heap, Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse (Justine Pearsall, 2010); Julian Temple’s The Filth and The Fury (2000); and a story of a punk rebellion in Burma — Yangon Calling: Punk in Myanmar (Alexander Dluzak and Carsten Pieflke, 2014). In this movie punks rebel against brutal military regime in Myanmar.

Check our calendar page for further info. Colm Forde’s contact is:

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