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Filippo Polesel

Festival Programmer and Film Producer

Serving short films to Londoners straight from the tap

Filippo Polesel is an award-winning writer and producer of commercials, web content and short films, as we as a festival programmer. He graduated from the London College of Media with a BA in Advertising and Video Production in 2005. Polesel recently worked on Father and Boy (Evgeny Sinelnikov, 2015) in which a 12-year-old boy wants to become reunited with his father after he divorced his wife.

He is the founder of award-winning short film festival Shorts On Tap, a London-based short film screening platform for both upcoming and established film-makers to showcase their work, exchange ideas, receive feedback and find new work. Shorts On Tap also aims at facilitating the spreading of ideas and awareness of social issues through film.

The company has been awarded the prestigious Film London Boost Award in 2015, and is now an international showcase with events planned in Berlin, Madrid and Tokyo.

Shorts on Tap promotes events dealing with urgent issues such as the fight against homophobia and transphobia, and climate change. Polesel explains: “some projects go beyond the actual short film, they may carry a great social value: collaborating in the production of a film that resonates for its social impact is an immense honour for us and we’re always ready to support such ideas.” He believes that film is just the tip of the iceberg, a means to carry a far more important message”

You can find out more about the festival Shorts on Tap and Polesel’s work by clicking here, or email him at

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