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Once Upon a River
Indigenous teen in search of her mother embarks on a literal and metaphorical journey with more twists and turns than the local river - in virtual cinemas and VoD on Friday, May 7th [Read More...]

Here are the Young Men
In the hedonistic last breath before the tragedy of adulthood strikes, Irish teens challenge the moral authority of religion - out now on VoD [Read More...]

Inspired by the Belgian classic MAN BITES DOG, Bulgarian mockumentary ridicules the nouveau riche of Eastern Europe - on Amazon Prime on Monday, May 3rd. [Read More...]

Transgender boy finds kindness and acceptance in his clumsy cowboy father, and the two literally run away together - on Curzon Home Cinema and Digital download on Friday, May 7th. [Read More...]

Apples (Mila)
As a mysterious disease leaves people amnesiac, a hapless man is left without memories and the ability to have pleasure - superb Greek movie is on Curzon Home Cinema on Friday, May 7th [Read More...]

My Octopus Teacher
A South African man who suffers a mid-life crisis rediscovering himself through his relationship with an octopus in a bay near Cape Town in South Africa - now on Netflix [Read More...]

Bobbi Jene Smith and other dancers star in romance blending choreography and narrative wizardry; the outcome is boisterous, energetic and somewhat messy - on VoD on Friday, April 30th [Read More...]

The Virtuoso
The life of an assassin has never been duller, as this limp thriller clings to an Oscar winner’s involvement for some credibility - on Digital on Friday, April 30th and on DVD on Monday, May 10th [Read More...]

Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation
Two literary geniuses shared a tender and profound friendship, while also subverting the entertainment industry in ways hitherto unthinkable - on VoD on Friday, April 30th [Read More...]

The Trial of the Chicago 7
A group of anti-Vietnam War protesters is charged with conspiracy, in this effective yet watered-down historical drama - now on Netflix [Read More...]

Sound of Metal
Deep dive into the headspace of a metal drummer gone deaf, in this finely crafted American drama with an impressive sound design - now on Amazon Prime [Read More...]

The Power
The night shift in a near empty and crumbling hospital in 1970s' Britain is not cheapened by juvenile jump scares in this atmospherically captivating indie horror – streaming exclusively on Shudder. [Read More...]

Belly of the Mountain (Le Ventre de la Montaigne)
Stephen Loye delivers a fascinating and very personal documentary bringing back up to the surface the many echoes of the 2015 A320 Germanwings crash in the Alps - from Visions du Reel [Read More...]

Madame Claude
Following call-girls, thugs, secret services and the fortunes of an ambitious woman, Sylvie Verheyde’s film exposes the underside of the myth surrounding "the Lady Pimp of the Republic" - available now on Netflix [Read More...]

Black Bear
Puzzlebox drama about a filmmaker kicking the wounds from career issues leaves the viewer feeling disorientated and yet profoundly engaged - on VoD on Friday, April 23rd [Read More...]

Queer love struggles to endure in Estonian director Peeter Rebane’s handsome yet generic fiction debut, set partially on a military base in Soviet-occupied Estonia [Read More...]

Welsh film programmer and critic Christopher Small makes an alluring directorial debut with this film festival-set quasi-thriller [Read More...]

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
James Luxford sheds a new light on the dirty comedy classic from the late 1990s, just in time for the release of its special edition on April 19th [Read More...]

I Blame Society
Feminist horror comedy made on a shoestring budget is is a savage stake into the heart of faux-woke Hollywood - on Digital on Monday, April 19th [Read More...]

Promising Young Woman
Ian Schultz explains why the promising British movie isn't as groundbreaking and subversive as it purports to be - on Sky Cinema on Friday, April 16th [Read More...]

A jazz musician and his lover find their love affair hitting the rocks on the Cornish coast, in a captivating British drama with withs in the French New Wave and Italian Neorealism - available to stream and download [Read More...]

Melancholy study of a Korean immigrant family in the Reagan-era US is leavened by winsome performances and cinema’s cheekiest child - on VoD on Friday, April 2nd, in drive-in cinemas on Monday, April 12th and in regular cinemas on Monday, May 17th. [Read More...]

The Runner
Mother and son face each other off, in this probing American crime drama starring Elisabeth Röhm - from the London Independent Film Festival [Read More...]

Songs my Brothers Taught Me
While not in the same league as Nomadland, Chloe Zhao's debut holds its own merit and reflects the director's distinctive sensibility - on Mubi on Friday, April 9th [Read More...]

The Mauritanian
True life account of a detainee in Guantánamo Bay exhibits a country struggling to find its soul - streaming now on Amazon Prime [Read More...]

Jakob’s Wife
Horror veteran Barbara Crampton plays a small-town minister's wife who reclaims her appetite for life upon becoming a vampire - horror comedy premieres at SXSW [Read More...]

Swan Song
Udo Kier shines as a flamboyant queen in her twilight years in a small American town, in this endearing drama loosely based on a real story - from SXSW [Read More...]

Alien on Stage
A group of bus drivers from Dorset (yes, you read that right) ditch Christmas panto in favour of Ridley Scott's Alien, with chestburster et al - British documentary premiered at SXSW [Read More...]

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché
The fascinating life of frontwoman for the British the punk rock band X-Ray Spex is the subject of this documentary, directed by the singer's own daughter - from SXSW (and available on BFI Player) [Read More...]

Take a lengthy look at the career of Kevin Smith, the charismatic and upbeat director of the highly successful indie comedy Clerks - from SXSW [Read More...]

The Sparks Brothers
"The Best British band to come out of the US" have an impressive career spanning five decades, and this rockumentary gives the eccentric duo just the right treatment - from SXSW [Read More...]

Creation Stories
Biopic of Alan McGee, the co-founder of Creation Records who changed the face of British music, is just as messed up as the man it portrays - on Sky Cinema on Friday, March 19th [Read More...]

The Obituary of Tunde Johnson
American drama bringing together the Black Lives Matter movement and familiar gay issues shows at this year's virtual edition of BFI Flare [Read More...]

Francis Lee’s follow up to God’s Own Country is a disappointingly chilly romance with striking similarities to his previous endeavour – out on digital platforms from 26th March [Read More...]

Silk Road
The internet's first unregulated marketplace becomes rife with illicit drugs, in the real-life story of the young and idealistic Ross Ulbricht - on VoD on Monday, March 22nd [Read More...]

The Male Gaze: Nocturnal Instincts
Five award-winning short films from Israel, Sweden, Belgium, China and the United Kingdom offer an inherently male and queer perspective of sex - out on Monday, March 15th [Read More...]

Dreams on Fire
We hold our breath fearing the fragile dream of the young dancer in this impassioned love letter to the aspirational journey, set in Tokyo’s urban dance scene – from Glasgow Film Festival [Read More...]

How to Stop a Recurring Dream
Older sis runs off with younger sis on a very peculiar mission, in this British blend of road movie and kidnap thriller - available now on Digital [Read More...]

Natural Light (Természetes Fény)
In his competition-premiered first fiction feature, Hungarian director Dénes Nagy explores the human condition in a story set during WW2 - from the Berlinale (SILVER BEAR WINNER: BEST DIRECTOR) [Read More...]

The flush of first love is excellently rendered in this touching Ukrainian coming-of-age drama - live from Berlin [Read More...]

British horror expertly recreates the video nasties of the '80s, as well as the moral prudity of the time, weaving them into an effective gore-fest - from the Berlinale [Read More...]

Legendary animals are hunted as weapons in this endlessly inventive American animation with gorgeously arresting visuals - from the Berlinale [Read More...]

Drift Away (Albatros)
Xavier Beauvois signs his name to an intimate story which also sounds a social alarm in an artfully pared-down film bursting with heart about a gendarme on the Normandy coast - in Competition at the Berlinale [Read More...]

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (Babardeală cu Bucluc sau Porno Balamuc)
Romanian director Radu Jude holds a mirror up to the audience, and they might not like what they see - in Competition at the Berlinale (GOLDEN BEAR WINNER) [Read More...]

Memory Box
In Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige's sweet but – oh, the irony – hardly memorable film, a girl gets to meet her teenage mother, but without any Marty McFly-like complications - French/Canadian/Lebanese co-production premieres at the Berlinale [Read More...]

Eye of the Storm
Documentary investigates the life and the work of late Scottish painter James Morrison, and it's as aesthetically accomplished as its subject - in virtual cinemas on Friday, March 5th [Read More...]

All Eyes Off Me (Mishehu Yohav Mishehu)
A fascinating portrait of Israeli youth, the film splits into three distinct parts to cleverly bring into question the power of sexual liberation - from the Berlinale [Read More...]

The Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
Showing In Competition at Berlinale, this Japanese trio of short stories explores the power of the past in inventive ways - SILVER BEAR GRAND JURY PRIZE WINNER [Read More...]

A young queer woman from Brighton struggles with many tempers, in a movie bolstered by the protagonist's performance - on VoD on Friday, March 5th [Read More...]

The Scary of Sixty-First
This shallow American horror film delving into the world of conspiracy theories is deeply hampered by student-level acting - from the Berlinale [Read More...]