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Miguel Domingo-Redondo

Video Artist and Animator

Creating a sharp and raw feeling of instability

Miguel Domingo-Redondo was born in Spain in 1978 and currently resides in London. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation obtained at University of Westminster, in 2012. His concept of animation perfectly is in line with DMovies’ philosophy to constantly provoke the viewer.

Domingo-Redondo’s skills involve concept development, project management, AV editing and art direction. He has a couple of stage visuals shown at the BFI, London. In 2014 he worked for ‘Soho Sessions’ — a monthly online music show hosted at 01zero-one Studio in Soho — on the production of supporting visuals for music performers. It features independent bands and solo artists with special guest appearances by more established musicians and industry specialists.

In 2015 he worked for InShort Film Festival in London, creating video-related and also editing the festival trailer.

Domingo-Redondo is now working alongside Jose Macabra for the RE:Act! art collective. On this authorial project, co-directed with Macabra, he realised the short Continuum (2015), produced for Panic VI Festival. Continuum is composed by three parts that feed and evolve in a cycle, yet are individually independent. Like thwarted alchemical elements, every character paves the way to the next one on an insane loop that leads nowhere. Fear, contaminated waves, lullaby songs and virtual insects take a big proportion on the animation and inspire a sharp and raw feeling of instability.

Miguel Domingo-Redondo can be reached at

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