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Daniel L. Mattock


Leicester-based writer with a penchant for East Asian and cult cinema

Daniel is a freelance writer and screenwriter based in Leicester. He first got into film from an early age due to a filmmaking household, with viewings of Paris Texas, Taxi Driver, and Spielberg’s A.I (an all-time favourite) leaving a lasting impact on him. But it wasn’t until his university years was he captured by the wider spectrum of world cinema, championing Antonioni and Bresson’s reinvention of the cinema language.

He tends to have a deep penchant for East Asian cinema, especially the likes of Tsai Ming-liang and Hirokazu Koreeda, with the former having served as the focus of his university dissertation. This appreciation only rose once he visited Hong Kong for a university film festival trip, catching an Edward Yang retrospective and being mesmerised by a viewing of Yi Yi (2000) in the process.

Often wary of widely revered films or filmmakers (Oscar winners, film bro darlings), Daniel finds himself more curious for the critically derided. Films that are destined to reach cult status or be critically reassessed, such as Showgirls (Paul Verhoeven, 1995), Baby Boy (John Singleton, 2001), and The Brown Bunny (Vincent Gallo, 2003).

Outside his writing for film, he’s always coming up with his own creative idea and turning them into scripts or short stories. Often blending personal experiences whilst always grounding them in some truth or realism. He’s in the process of writing his own British comedy series, The Sweet and Forbidden, loosely inspired by a family rumour growing up.

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