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Egyptian drama conducts a quiet and yet powerful examination of faith, societal pressure and family - in cinemas Friday, August 27th [Read More...]

Jazz on a Summer’s Day
The seminal concert movie breezes back into cinemas six decades later with a shiny 4K facelift - out on Friday, August 27th [Read More...]

Wet Sand
This queer Georgian drama takes an iceberg approach to narrative, resulting in an affecting portrait of living under repression - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Starting off slowly before growing into a masterful work, this Tunisian movie is one of the standout films from the Locarno Film Festival. [Read More...]

Zeros and Ones
The latest from the legendary New York auteur is a very moody spy thriller that barely ever seems to come out from the cold - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Juju Stories
This collection of magical tales shows off the breadth, humour and vitality of Nigerian cinema - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Escher: Journey into Infinity
The work of the iconic graphic artist is injected with new colours and movement, in an inventive little doc that likely wouldn't please its late subject - in cinemas Friday, August 13th [Read More...]

Blending experimental abstraction with neorealist drama, we witness the brutal dehumanisation of everyday youth in modern Mexico - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Neither flat-out horror or compelling arthouse drama, this Austrian film fails to properly evoke the terror of the devil - from Locarno [Read More...]

The Sacred Spirit (Espíritu sagrado)
This cautionary tale of believing in conspiracy theories is greatly abetted by a strong aesthetic and some eye-catching imagery - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Wildland (Kød & Blod)
Orphaned teen is placed under the care of her dysfunctional aunt and criminal cousins, in this harrowing crime drama from Denmark - in cinemas Friday, August 13th [Read More...]

Boys Feels: I Love Trouble
The latest offerings from NQV all examine the vulnerabilities of boys on the edge of manhood, their naivety, and the darkness of the adult world, which they cannot overcome - out on Friday, August 13th [Read More...]

Cop Secret
This unevenly plotted Icelandic cop action-comedy has laughs galore, a great villain and an affirming message at its heart - live from Locarno [Read More...]

FIRST TIME [The Time for All but Sunset – VIOLET]
Arthouse drama expertly uses a circle train in Hamburg to represent the painful feeling of romantic tension - live from Locarno [Read More...]

A modern myth for the Russian expat generation, this film excels due to the great command of tone by actress Tinatin Dalakishvili - live from Locarno [Read More...]

The Giants (I giganti)
Evoking Beckett and Pirandello, this Italian chamber piece depicting an endless binge fails to mark its mark as a compelling piece of existential fiction - live from Locarno [Read More...]

In this exquisite re-telling of Peter Pan, Behn Zeitlin offers an evocative portrait of youth, drenched in dazzling colours - in cinemas on Friday, August 13th [Read More...]

The real story behind the stripper journey-turned-saga thanks to a series of tweets gone viral becomes a movie equally disturbing and entertaining - in cinemas Friday, August 6th [Read More...]

The Suicide Squad
This poor rehash of the eponymous 2016 movie is one of the most misguided superhero films of the past 10 years, dogged by cliches and resentment - on VoD on Monday, August 30th [Read More...]

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World
The life of the young star of the Luchino Visconti's Death in Venice was not as enviable and beautiful as his character, reveals this heartbreaking documentary - on VoD on Friday, August 13th [Read More...]

Bye Bye Morons (Adieu les Cons)
Delightful and quirky French movie about mother on a quest to find her son topped the Césars earlier this year and has abundant references to Terry Gilliam - in cinemas on Friday, July 23rd; also available on Curzon Home Cinema [Read More...]

Deerskin (Le Daim)
One man's obsession with his designer jacket turns him into a serial killer, in this dirtylicious black comedy starring a smiling Jean Dujardin - in cinemas Friday, July 16th [Read More...]

Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Exquisite Chinese tale of desperation starts off as an impossible urban romance before morphing into a thriller - Shipei Wen's debut premieres at Cannes [Read More...]

Martin Eden
Lose your soul with Luca Marinelli, in this impressive Italian drama about one man's futile quest for happiness - on VoD on Friday, August 13th [Read More...]

The Employer and the Employee (El Empleado y el Patrón)
Slow-burn social drama exhibits the lack of social mobility and subtle oppression mechanisms operating in rural Uruguay - from Cannes [Read More...]

Get out of your comfort zone! Very powerful documentary about deaths under police custody in the UK challenges viewers with very real and raw violence - now on BFI Player [Read More...]

A young woman becomes infatuated with a park ride, in this very strange yet plausible tale of forbidden love - Belgian film is in cinemas on Friday, July 9th [Read More...]

Fans of Christopher Landon’s Happy Death Day movies might enjoy his new horror/comedy Freaky; everyone else will find it more than a little creaky - in cinemas now [Read More...]

The gig economy looks twisted and threatening, in this charming and effective American sci-fi - on VoD on Monday, July 5th [Read More...]

Harry Birrell Presents Films of Love & War
One man’s archive of 400 films is a remarkable experience of the 20th Century, and also a vision of love, friendship and loss - out on Monday, June 28th [Read More...]

WITCH: We Intend to Cause Havoc
Fancy a taste of African rock? This documentary looks at one of the very best bands from Zambia - in selected cinemas and VoD on Friday, July 2nd [Read More...]

A high-school student with cerebral palsy is determined to join the wrestling team, but can his body withstand the fight? American drama is on various VoD platforms on Monday, June 28th [Read More...]

Sing, Freetown
A journalist and a theatre director join forces in order to rebuild a Sierra Leone's fractured identity and neglected culture - in cinemas on Friday, June 25th [Read More...]

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To
Impressive debut horror feature uses the vampire as a metaphor for "cannibalistic" capitalism -  from the Tribeca Film Festival.  [Read More...]

Perfunctory disaster movie about desperate people slipping into sleep-deprived insanity is a little soporific - now available on Netflix [Read More...]

The sombre and twisted comedy-crime classic has now just received a 25-anniversary commemorative reissue, and it feels as pristine as fresh blood on white snow - in selected cinemas and also on VoD [Read More...]

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (Koirat Eivät Käytä Housuja)
Widowed cardiac surgeon Juha finds new found pleasure in a dominatrix . But how will this newfound hobby affect his relationship with his daughter?  Dirty Finnish drama is now on VoD and Blu-ray [Read More...]

The Reason I Jump
British documentarist investigates the lives of young people with autism, and their mysterious and complex communication systems - out on Friday, June 18th [Read More...]

Robert Altman’s 1975 masterpiece is given a 4K re-release in all its subversive, satirical glory, as sharp and defiant now as when it first opened during the USA’s Bicentennial. But Nashville is no celebration; it charts the hypocrisy and tragedy not only of the music business, but America at large - in cinemas from Friday, June 25th [Read More...]

Bo Burnham: Inside
The American comedian films himself during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the outcome is strangely profound, more David Lynch than Ricky Gervais - available now on Netflix [Read More...]

In this beautiful documentary, Victor Kossakovsky offers us an insight into the workings of the everyday animal: a pig and her piglets - film exec produced by Joaquin Phoenix is on VoD on Monday, July 5th [Read More...]

Don’t Go Gentle: A Film About Idles
This new documentary shows one of the most exciting indie bands the UK has produced in recent years; both the movie and the artist are raw and exciting - in cinemas on Friday, July 2nd (previous screenings from June 23rd) [Read More...]

A young man has horrific visions of a girl who disappeared in high school, forcing him to take a macabre trip down memory lane - hyper-energetic psychological thriller from Canada is on VoD on Friday, June 4th. [Read More...]

Claustrophobic Irish horror about hapless man tempted by the lure of easy money gets under the skin of viewers, while also echoing the rabbit hole trope - on VoD on Thursday, June 3rd [Read More...]

A photographer gets more than he bargained for in this effective riff on Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW - watch it now on Amazon Prime [Read More...]

After Love
A widow poses a cleaner in order to penetrate the intimacy of her late husband's secret family, in a British drama about heritage, religion and fractured identity - on VoD on Sunday, August 22nd [Read More...]

A man in London embarks on a reckless journey of self-discovery with manic, inexplicable fervour - low-budget, low-stakes thriller/drama is now also available on Netflix [Read More...]

Familiar actors fight their way through a dreadful John Wick imitation - on various Digital platforms on Friday, May 28th [Read More...]

Lima Screams (Lima Grita)
Chaotic music intoxicates the tumultuous urban landscape of the Peruvian capital, in this highly sensory and hypnotic doc - showing at the Barbican [Read More...]

The Human Factor
Oscar-nominated doc largely told from an American perspective depicts US presidents (particularly Bill Clinton) as cautious negotiators of the Israel-Palestinian conflict - out on Friday, May 21st. [Read More...]