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The Podcasting Revolution: how audio content is changing the film and media landscape
Mariano Garcia investigating a revolution that's taking place right in front of our eyes; the implications for the cinema and media world are enormous, and you too can leverage them [Read More...]

How to write a dirty movie summary essay: comprehensive tips and techniques
Master the art of writing a compelling movie summary essay with our detailed guide. Learn how to structure, analyse, and present your observations effectively for any film.  [Read More...]

Raindance: “younger” and more audacious than ever?
As the UK's favourite indie festival announces its programme, with a strong focus on young and nascent filmmaking talent, we take a look at their selection, and ask the two artistic directors what is it that makes these directors special [Read More...]

The top 10 Campest movies of all time!
From fur coats, giant hairdos, banging fists and vivacious overacting to inappropriately twee songs and even a cat that barks, Isy Santini scours the history of cinema in search of the most unnatural, exaggerated and yet sincere movies and movie scenes ever made [Read More...]

The role of casino in science fiction narratives
Our reader Marina Hillquist dissects some of her favourite science-fiction franchises (in film and television), and explains how a very familiar game crept its way and even helped to construct the story [Read More...]

The film deity who knows it all!
Dimitris Passas looks at three dirty movies that breach the rules of objectivity by inserting an omniscient narrator, and injecting the story with high irony and humour [Read More...]

Dirty and educational: movies that can teach students
This informative guest post focuses on film education and how movies for students can help youngsters in the learning process. It offers various films that a student can watch and learn from them. [Read More...]

In defence of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer
Reader Euan McGrath responds to article entitled "Whitewashing the Miscreant", in which DMovies' editor Victor Fraga argues Christopher Nolan's new film has dangerous, imperialistic undertones; he believes that the movie is honest and realistic [Read More...]

Top 5 bestselling movies of 2022: Hollywood hits back
Due to the pandemic, a lot of movie productions were put on hold. Some movies released in 2022 turned out to be one of the best-selling movies of all time as Hollywood hits back. [Read More...]

Whitewashing the miscreant
Oppenheimer is one of the most unabashed and toxic apologias of American Imperialism I have seen in my life, cunningly camouflaged as historical reflection; it seeks to to justify the unjustifiable by brushing over historicity, and by robbing victims of their identity [Read More...]

From the Leopard’s mouth: our verdict of the 76th Locarno Film Festival
Victor Fraga attended 2023's edition of one of the most exciting and surprising film festivals in Europe and the world; these are the dirty gems that he came across, and the biggest winners [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Tsai Ming-Liang
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga met with the iconic Taiwanese filmmaker as he prepared an exhibition and received a major prize at the 76th Locarno Film Festival; they talked about slow cinema, gay marriage in Taiwan, and... lots of sex! [Read More...]

Behind the scenes: how the digital gaming industry draws inspiration from movies
Mariano Garcia dissects the DNA and investigates the many traits that connect two of the very well-known entertainment industries [Read More...]

Does Christopher Nolan look down on his women?
Victoria Luxford writes in response to allegations that Christopher Nolan gives the female characters of Oppenheimer the "blow up doll" treatment, and that every single one of his films may have failed the Bechdel Test [Read More...]

Fragments of Sorrentino
Dimitris Passas discusses some peculiar moments and facts in the life and the career of his favourite Italian director, revealing a multi-faceted artist who draws inspiration from many sources [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Giona Nazzaro, Locarno’s Artistic Director
We catch up with the man at the helm of one the world's most diverse and exciting film festivals; he talks their "unpredictable programme", reveals Switzerland's passion for Ken Loach (while comparing his work to Neorealism), shares some of their curating secrets, and much more! [Read More...]

Mulholland Drive, Rashomon and Inception: the dizzying heights of “mise-en-abyme”
Technique borrowed from literature has given cinema unlimited potential to create multilayered and spectacular stories-within-a-story, and these three films are some of the finest examples [Read More...]

Dirty, murky and grey: the beautiful crimes of Iceland
Dimitris Passas dissects five Icelandic crime dramas, suggesting that the climate and the landscape of the remote Scandinavian nation permeate cinemas practices and indeed the soul of the locals [Read More...]

Our verdict of the 40th Munich International Film Festival
DMovies's editor Victor Fraga attends the second largest film festival of Germany for the first time, the event offers a heady mixture of international cinema, fast rides, abundant beer, parties and sun! [Read More...]

Too many bleeding hearts: in defence of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City
Joshua Badroos argues that the American directors's trademark quirkiness enhances the emotional impact of his latest movie, and that disliking his style is a trapping of "tragic" higher thinking [Read More...]

Reincarnation, luck and apathy: the most enigmatic cinema endings explained
Mariano Garcia remembers the film endings that you will never forget, and elucidates the dirty secrets behind each one of them [Read More...]

Our verdict of 22nd Transylvania International Film Festival
DMovies attends one of the largest, most exciting, diverse and fast-growing festivals of Eastern Europe for the second year; here are the biggest highlights [Read More...]

Dirty memories: three time capsules for the Wild West
Mariano Garcia remembers three dirty movies that can take us back to the days old yore... and wish we would never return! [Read More...]

The unlikely connection between Rounders and a celebrated comedian
Our reader Justine Levy argues that one of the dirtiest poker movies ever is strangely and intimately linked to a famous comedian - can you guess who it is? [Read More...]

The Brown Bunny at 20: up yours, Roger Ebert!
With the 76th Cannes Film Festival at full throttle, it's time to reflect on the indie gem that the biggest film critic of all time compared to a colonoscopy, and which barely survived its red carpet premiere exactly two decades ago [Read More...]

Is Jerry & Marge Go Large just too true to life?
Our writer Mariano Garcia questions whether David Frankel's film from last year goes one too step too far in its representation of "reality", and ultimately suffers from being too true-to-life [Read More...]

Top 3 dirty movies waiting for a sequel!
Our reader Pedro Lynn picks three dirty movies, all from this century, that are just aching to have a sequel remade in the near future. How many have you seen? [Read More...]

From screen to page: the perfect essay-writing films
From Pulp Fiction to Parasite: our writer Mariano Garcia lists the dirty movies that make your essay-writing experience smooth and exciting! [Read More...]

Conversations with Bruce LaBruce at the coalface in Antwerp
Bruce LaBruce travels to Antwerp, and gets behind the camera for the latest edition of Doesn't Exist; he discusses pornography, the 1970s, Catherine Breillat, the #MeToo and the LGB movements, Netflix, and the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro! [Read More...]

The 10 Bruce LaBruce films that don’t exist
Eoghan Lyng has imagined 10 dirty movies that Bruce LaBruce never made, in a surprising list that delighted the Canadian director himself - in partnership with Doesn't Exist Magazine [Read More...]

Is 65 the new Jurassic Park?
Marina Hillquist argues that the American sci-fi action thriller by the creators of A Quiet Place had the potential to unseat the monopoly of the Jurassic Park franchise, but it struggled to escape some familiar trappings [Read More...]

Reclaiming Vincente Minnelli’s overlooked gem
Not quite what it seems: Isy Santini takes a dirty look at Vincente Minnelli's Brigadoon and argues that the film - which most thought to be a musical - was in reality a horror piece! [Read More...]

Bruce LaBruce inside Pasolini: transgressive filmmaker is in London this April
Canadian provocateur travels to London this April for a string of events at the BFI, the Rich Mix, and a sexually explicit film/exhibition inspired by Pasolini's Theorem at arts organisation a/political - in partnership with DMovies and Doesn't Exist [Read More...]

The dirtiest film of all time: Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s Hello Cinema
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga selects his dirtiest film of all time: this explosive cocktail of cinematic truth and lies made in Iran during the centenary of cinema inspired him to study film and to become a filmmaker [Read More...]

The top 10 dirtiest sequels ever made!
Eoghan Lyng selects the most thought-provoking, twisted and dirtylicious film sequels ever made; the list is dedicated to championing the younger, mightier siblings that Hollywood has often overlooked [Read More...]

The top 10 misogynistic films of all time!
From loving rape victims to "ugly" women with rotten teeth and monstrous villainesses with stiletto-shaped feet: Isy Santini picks 10 films from throughout the history of cinema that are beyond insulting to women! [Read More...]

Our lowdown on the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga attended his 11th Berlinale, reviewed 20 films exclusively for you, and now comments on the big award winners [Read More...]

Our top 5 dirty stunts ever
Our reader Marina Hillquist chooses five film scenes that instills viewers with awe and inspiration, in a list that will make your heart beat a lot faster! [Read More...]

My top 5 dirty LGBTQ+ films of all time
Our reader Mariano Garcia picks the most thought-provoking, intriguing and downright filthy queer movies, the ones that have helped to change his life! [Read More...]

John is waiting for the light!
In his second diary entry from the northernmost and the coldest film festival on Earth, in Tromsø (Northern Norway), John Bleasdale reports on seeing the Northern Lights as well as a British movie full of brightness [Read More...]

John’s on top of the world!
John Bleasdale reports live from the 12th edition of the Tromsø International Film Festival, the coldest and the northernmost film festival in the world; check out the dirty gems that he has unearthed so far! [Read More...]

Two women, one hotel, many dreams!
Meet the two Belgian filmmakers behind Dreaming Walls, the latest documentary about the emblematic Chelsea Hotel; they share their dreams, their secrets, their experience working with Martin Scorsese, and more with Gaelle Biguenet [Read More...]

The dirty movies that will rock you!
Our reader Mariano Garcia selects five historical rockumentaries that will get even the coldest of souls shaking and jumping! [Read More...]

Just grab them by the d**k!
Gaelle Biguenet examines the power structures of Abigail’s and Carl's characters in The Triangle of Sadness, and reveals that the Filipino-cleaner-turned-captain-and-sexual-predator is in reality a conformist [Read More...]

The top 5 dirtiest casino movies ever made!
Our writer Petra von Kant gets her hands dirty as she select the top 5 dirty films that shed an entirely different light on the casino experience! [Read More...]

The four dirtiest war movies on Netflix
Our reader Jeanette Reluz picks her three favourite movies on Netflix that shed a completely different light on the darkness of the war conflict [Read More...]

The Top 10 dirtiest movies of 2022
Once again, it's that time of the year when we ask our writers to pick their favourite dirty movie of the year; the dirtylicious list is full of delightful surprises from various corners of the planet! [Read More...]

Dirty and useful: the movies that have something teach you
Our teenage reader Mariano Garcia lists the dirty movies that have helped him to improve his life in more ways than one; you too could learn a thing or two! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Marc Fouchard
John McDonald talks to the director of French drama OUT OF THIS WORLD, a dirty movie about music, deafness, misogyny and murder; producer Julien Russo also joins the conversation [Read More...]

The 2nd Red Sea International Film Festival: our verdict
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga attended the second edition of the largest cinema event of Saudi Arabia, a country that has seen massive changes in the past few years. Here's an overview of what he saw: [Read More...]