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What to Look Out for at the 75th Locarno Film Festival
A mixture of arthouse and Hollywood efforts characterise a diverse programme at the 75th Locarno Film Festival — we look at the films to put on your radar. [Read More...]

Seeing is bereaving
Lobo Pasolini dissects Andrea Arnold's Cow, and he finds a tragic life robbed of freedom, motherhood and dignity; there is nothing "humane" about benign animal farming! [Read More...]

Traffic and tragedy: 21st Transylvania International Film Festival round-up
Our critic's time in Cluj-Napoca offered a serendipitous combination of location and venue, offering a balm in difficult times [Read More...]

The 21st Transylvania Film Festival implores us to make films, not war
The heart of the Romanian film calendar, the Transylvania Film Festival offers an exciting selection of first and second features, while also making a powerful anti-war statement [Read More...]

The Munich Film Festival is leading Germany’s diversity charge
Representation in German film is sorely lacking. Munich Film Festival's Seeing and being seen: Representation in Film is here in order to change just that! [Read More...]

Top 5 dirty movies about sports betting
Sports betting triggers many emotions: stress, excitement, thrill, and and even loss. The experience is entirely different if you are watching one of these dirty movies - our reader Mariano Garcia writes [Read More...]

The ugly face of female violence, from the horse’s mouth
Inspired by producer Bayan Maxatkyzy's own brutal experience, Kazakh drama Happiness takes an unflinching look at life under shocking misogyny; Redmond Bacon analyses the film while also interviewing the woman behind it [Read More...]

Moving people, moving films
Our writer Mariano Garcia picks his top five favourite dirty movies documenting the incredible hardships that refugees and immigrants have to face [Read More...]

Just how filthy are the 10 Best Picture nominees???
Our writers get their hands dirty and review each one of the 10 Best Picture Oscar nominations, unearthing the thought-provoking and subversive facets of each one of them! [Read More...]

The weakest Berlinale I’ve ever attended announces its winners…
Too many middling Franco-German productions soured the party over at the Berlinale Film Festival, resulting in a very poor line-up; and the dirtiest filmmaker left empty-handed! [Read More...]

Bringing in the big hitters: a preview of this year’s Berlinale
New films from Claire Denis, Hong Sang-soo and Ulrich Seidl characterise a heavy-hitting Berlinale competition - find out more! [Read More...]

Gazing into the abyss of dirty masculinity
Actress-turned-director Romola Garai discusses challenging toxic masculinity in a tantalising tonal mix of fantastical and social realism horror; her directorial debut Amulet is in cinemas on January 28th [Read More...]

When alienation and loneliness stand the test of time!
Michelangelo Antonioni’s visual and emotional grammar have enormous repercussions on contemporary cinema - in partnership with Doesn't Exist Magazine [Read More...]

Rupert Wyatt’s The Gambler is a dirty masterpiece!
The 2014 crime drama takes a very dirty look at the art of gambling, with a delicious Mark Wahlberg playing an addicted literature professor [Read More...]

When darkness reigns both indoors and outdoors
The Tromsø Film Festival opens in the Arctic Circle with a choice selection of the best films from the festival circuit; DMovies reports from the north of Norway [Read More...]

The five dirtiest poker movies ever!
Our reader Mariana Hillquist chooses her favourite poker movies ever, the ones that genuinely keep her hooked to the silver screen! [Read More...]

Our top 10 dirtiest movies of 2021
It's finally that time of the year when we ask our writers to pick their favourite dirty movie of the year; the dirtylicious list is full of delightful surprises! [Read More...]

The Red Sea International Film Festival was full of strong females and dirty treats!
John Bleasdale reports live from the first ever Red Sea Film Festival, in Saudi Arabia; the event showcased very subversive films (including a Lesbian drama), something unthinkable just a few years ago [Read More...]

Film lovers: win a trip to Cannes or Berlin!
Watch 12 dirtylicious European movies for free, vote for your favourite one and win two nights at one of Europe's top international film festivals; hurry out, the competition ends on December 31st! [Read More...]

Live from Jeddah: Previewing the Red Sea International Film Festival
The very first edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival starts on December 6th for 11 days, bringing a potent mix of Arab cinema as well as more familiar festival fare - John Bleasdale reports live from the event [Read More...]

My favourite dirty movie ever: Spike Jonze’s Her
Our reader Stacey Kleneirt chooses the most thought-provoking and innovative film ever, one that changed the way she sees cinema! [Read More...]

ArteKino returns for another hot European December!
Europe's favourite online film festival returns this month with 12 incredibly diverse European movies for you to watch entirely for free, and help keep you warm in the first month of winter! [Read More...]

Dark is beautiful: read our final verdict of the Northern Europe’s wildest film fest
The 25th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival showcased the very best world cinema during 17 days, with three journalists from DMovies unearthing the dirt from underneath the black carpet, in an event that takes pride in embracing darkness [Read More...]

Estonian Dispatch: The First Feature Competition Round-Up
A dark and damp November is once again spiced up by a fantastic First Feature Selection at Tallinn Film Festival. Here's our verdict! [Read More...]

The directorial genius of Wes Anderson
Our writer Mylene Furtado picks her favourite Wes Anderson movies, three dirty gems that makes her eyes sparkle in very different ways [Read More...]

How do you live with ghosts?
The haunted family home and a six-hour Moroccan train trip are milestones to British indie horror FATHER OF FLIES - read our exclusive interview with Ben Charles Edwards [Read More...]

10 dirty movies from the Raindance Film Festival
We have handpicked 10 dirty movies from the upcoming Raindance Film Festival and reviewed each one individually for you; the action takes place between October 27th and November 6th [Read More...]

For a world with fewer guns: both on and off the film set
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga reflects on the tragic shooting of DOP Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza, and argues that Hollywood is indeed to blame [Read More...]

Tallinn celebrates 25 years of showcasing the finest world cinema!
The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival turns a quarter of a century with a diverse film selection, which firmly establishes the Estonian capital as a city of world cinema [Read More...]

First-time directors: the nascent talent set to shine next month in Tallinn!
Ahead of the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn between November 12th and 28th, we survey the return of the excellent first feature competition [Read More...]

The Raindance Kid speaks up!
DMovies's editor Victor Fraga talks to Elliot Grove, the man behind London's favourite film festival entirely devoted to independent cinema (which starts on the 27th); they talk about "downtrodden" movies, genre, the future of online screenings, and more. [Read More...]

The Raindance Film Festival returns on October 27th: here’s what to look out for!
Find out what's playing in the 29th edition of the UK's favourite film festival entirely devoted to independent cinema, and book your tickets now! [Read More...]

Is Denis Villeneuve the new Christopher Nolan?
For years, Christopher Nolan’s films have finely balanced art-house and blockbuster sensibilities. After ARRIVAL, BLADE RUNNER 2049 and now DUNE, Denis Villeneuve may be upstaging him. [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Peter Francis
The production designer of double-Oscar winner The Father shares the secrets of how to make a convincing and riveting single-location drama [Read More...]

Our top 10 dirty picks from the BFI London Film Festival
The 65th edition of the largest film festival in the UK takes place between October 6th and 17th in multiple venues across London, and online screenings everywhere in the UK - here are the dirtiest movies picked exclusively for you! [Read More...]

Conversations Peter Greenaway: the long read
Victor Fraga and Alex Babboni (from Doesn't Exist) interviewed Peter Greenaway for nearly three hours in Amsterdam in July 2020; find out the dirty secrets of the emblematic British filmmaker! [Read More...]

Suited and booted on a Basque beach!
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga reports from the 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival. He attended the entire Festival, which lasted nine days and drew to a close this weekend. He shares his thoughts on the Spanish city, the Festival winners, his dirty picks and a delicious surprise! [Read More...]

Venice’s “bumper year” draws to an impressive end
John Bleasdale reports on the top-drawer selection of the 78th Biennale, as the Festival bestows its top prizes on women (similarly to Cannes, Berlin and the Oscars) [Read More...]

Sandra’s top 3 movies for a romantic night in (and in good company)
Our 19-year-old reader and film lover Sandra Alckmin picks her favourite romances, the perfect ones to share with your hubby [Read More...]

Walking with Peter Greenaway — exclusive work-in-progress report
We bring you one of the first-look reports from Peter Greenaway's latest film WALKING TO PARIS, screened secretly at Locarno, with the official premiere still to be confirmed [Read More...]

5 dirty movies that can teach college students a lesson or two
As college students, you’re going through a lot of stress. These are the top 5 dirty movies that will help you to unwind while also educating yourself [Read More...]

Locarno Film Festival 2021: a terrific Ticinese time
This year's incarnation of the Ticinese festival served up a fascinating selection of both auteur and genre works. This critic had a great time. [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Abel Ferrara
Just as he launches his pandemic thriller ZEROS AND ONES, the king of New York brings down the eternal city - read our exclusive interview conducted at the Locarno Film Festival [Read More...]

Tarantino captures the essence of music in film
Mariano Garcia picks five movies by Quentin Tarantino that would have been flat and tedious without the impressive music score [Read More...]

Locarno 2021 preview: a return to the magic of in-person discovery
After a year break, the return of an in-person Locarno has this critic feeling both excited and a tad trepidatious. Read our preview now! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Edgar Wright
The British director of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and BABY DRIVER talks about his first ever documentary THE SPARKS BROTHERS - in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Forget Fast & Furious: four dirty movies featuring car action
Our reader Rod Wells picks favourite car action movies, while arguing that the film subgenre is an integral part of a much broader subculture [Read More...]

Lavinia Simina answers our dirty questions
The British production Acceptable Damage just won the Best Action prize at the National Film Awards. We spoke to the British-Romanian film director about the significance of the accolade, her career and what the future brings! [Read More...]

Confront YOUR incoherence!!!
"Britain's most violent prisoner" is strangely seductive because he enables us to rid ourselves from the confines of ethics, thereby embracing the absurd and the incoherent - Justin Khoo analyses the biopic of Charles Bronson [Read More...]

Goodfellas is a real game-changer
Mariano Garcia argues that Martin Scorsese's classic not just reshaped the gangster movie, but it also changed our relationship with the world of gambling! [Read More...]