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Bruce LaBruce’s first British film in 25 years is selected by the Berlinale

DMovies' founder and editor Victor Fraga explains how he came to produce Bruce LaBruce's THE VISITOR (The Canadian director's second film in Britain, 25 years after SKIN FLICK). The movie has now been selected to the Panorama section of the 74th Berlin International Film Festival.

I am delighted to announce that The Visitor has been selected for the Berlinale, Panorama section. I produced and co-wrote the movie (with my dear friend Alex Babboni). I was also scouting manager, casting director and 1st AD. In other words, a movie to which I devoted my heart and soul.

The consistently inventive and subversive Bruce La Bruce directed/wrote it. And a/political are the production company behind it.

The Visitor is a reimagining of Pasolini’s Theorem (1968), almost entirely set in London. A hyperpolitical and provocative fantasy drama, which uses real sex as a weapon for liberation (as Bruce does in most of his films). Refugees, aliens, Winston Churchill, Katie Hopkins, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Jeremy Corbyn – they are all in the story in one way or another.

This project started with a photoshoot and an interview with Bruce for Doesn’t Exist Magazine in 2022, in Antwerp. It then snowballed into something much bigger as Alex (the Magazine publisher) and I introduced Bruce to a/political, a visceral arts organisation with which I share progressive values and a transgressive world vision. A big thank you to Bruce, Alex and Becky for working as a team and making this happen.

The date of the premiere will be announced on February 6th. Hope to see as many of you as possible in Berlin!

By Victor Fraga - 19-01-2024

Victor Fraga is a Brazilian born and London-based journalist and filmmaker with more than 20 years of involvement in the cinema industry and beyond. He is an LGBT writer, and describes himself as a di...

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