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6 gambling movies you probably never heard of!
Mariano Garcia lists six dirty movies about poker and other games from yore; the list is as fun and exciting as gambling itself! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Christopher MacBride
The Canadian director talks about his second feature FLASHBACK, escaping “development hell” in Hollywood, and how we’re forced to perceive the world a certain way – in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Turn off the sound but DO NOT cover your eyes!
Irish helmer Damian Mc Carthy talks about his horror feature CAVEAT, making "three films" at once, and shares a very peculiar tip on how to deal with scary scenes – in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Agnieszka Holland
The iconic Polish filmmaker talks about her latest feature CHARLATAN, and reveals her enduring passion for blending pleasure with pain - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

Kids and grown-ups love it so!!!
Director of adult fantasy PSYCHO GOREMAN Steven Kostanski talks about the need to change the hype-culture around movies and keeping our inner child alive – in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

Different blokes different strokes!
Irish filmmaker Eoin Macken talks about adapting Rob Doyle’s novel HERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN, the challenges transposing literary lexicon and structure onto the silver screen, toxic masculinity and much more - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

One film, many taboos broken
This year's big Oscar-winner subverts capitalism, Western aspirations and the colonial practices of documentary filmmaking, while also providing viewers with tiny doses of pleasure and hope - argues professor Agnieszka Piotrowska [Read More...]

Top 10 “lost” Nine Inch Nails film soundtracks
Adam Steiner imagines 10 Nine Inch Nails movie soundtracks that never were; had they come to fruition, the world would be a much dirtier place! [Read More...]

Please stop “painting” non-whites!
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga has huge reservations about the "woman of colour" accolade bestowed upon Chloe Zhao, and argues that it's detrimental to diversity in film [Read More...]

Young, promising and “nasty”
Professor Agnieszka Piotrowska explains why PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN indeed starts as promising feminist movie before it falls into the trappings it set out to avoid: the patriarchal system and the "nasty woman" trope [Read More...]

Real-life horror begets film horror
Indie British filmmaker Corinna Faith explains why her debut feature, the horror flick THE POWER, is a response to stories of institutional abuse - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

When movies play dirty!
Our writer Mylene Furtado reveals the top 5 common historical misconceptions that movies have stealthily instilled in the minds of their audiences! [Read More...]

When cinema lands in your hands…
In the modern age, a blockbuster film is about so much more than a couple of hours' entertainment; Mylene Furtado looks at the top 5 movies turned into games [Read More...]

What if the director is a murderer?
Indie American filmmaker Gillian Wallace Horvat talks about her feature debut: I BLAME SOCIETY, a dirty horror story in which she plays herself committing murder, and questions the ideology of filmmaking - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

Lea’s three favourite dirty movies
Our 25-year-old reader from Dereham, Norfolk lists the three most thought-provoking, subversive and downright filthy movies of her life! [Read More...]

Students who rock!
High school movies can teach us a thing or two about education; our young writer Claire Fair investigates some of the films and the lessons [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to the Canadian helmers
Independent Canadian filmmakers Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Dusty Mancinelli talk about their debut feature Violation, drawing from their own experience of abuse and why they take no pride in being filmmakers, in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Get trapped inside the fantasy genre!
Our reader Diane Heck is a huge fan of fantasy movies; she explains to our readers how to deep dive into their world and get a fully immersive experience [Read More...]

Natasha’s top 10 tips for microbudget filmmakers
The director of the London Independent Film Festival - the ultimate showcase for no-/micro- and low-budget movies - shares the dirty secrets from the years at the helm of the Festival (which takes place April 9th-18th) [Read More...]

Telling a different story, French style!
As part of our Peter Greenaway series, Paul Risker discusses the director's refusal of narrative devices, and his affinity to French filmmakers [Read More...]

Sex and death, the beginning and the end
As part of our Peter Greenaway series, Jack Hawkins looks at two inextricably linked topics that recur in every single one of his films [Read More...]

P is for painting, P is for puzzle; P is for Peter Greenaway
As part of our Peter Greenaway special series, our writer Redmond Bacon discusses the intimate connection between cinema and painting [Read More...]

Peter Greenaway knows your number
Jeremy Clarke describes how Peter Greenaway's obsession with various numeric systems has led to the creation of highly complex, multi-layered film pieces that joyfully play with audiences - in partnership with Doesn't Exist [Read More...]

Conversations with Peter Greenaway: the heart of the matter
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga sat down with the iconic Peter Greenaway for nearly three hours bang in the middle of the pandemic. They talked about his extensive career, music, fashion, politics, his dislike of Tarkovsky, and the numerous projects he intends to complete before he dies (in five years)! [Read More...]

The two men who filmed “Don Quixote”
Eoghan Lyng interviews Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe, the two documentarists who registered Terry Gilliam's very personal and Quixotic quest during the completion of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote [Read More...]

Enough council estate and period dramas!
British-based filmmaker Ed Morris leaves behind advertising and music videos in order to find a bigger canvas; he talks about his debut feature How to Stop a Recurring and how Brits are "hung up" on certain topics, in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

A return to cinemas this summer? Yes, we can do it!
Giona Nazzaro, the new artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival, is teeming with optimism, enthusiasm and new ideas for the prestigious event, which could be the first of its type to return to physical format this year - in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Imperfection is spectacular!
New York City based filmmaker Karen Cinorre who dreams of "world building", talks about her debut feature Mayday, in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Top five online casino games influenced by the world of cinema
Today, online casino gaming is a massive part of the entertainment marketplace. Alongside other electronic staples like TV, cinema, music and gaming, online gambling has quickly emerged as a favored option for relaxation and excitement. [Read More...]

Four fantasy slots that would work well as dirty movies
The fantasy genre could be enriched if these four mythical creatures were given a lease of life on the silver screen, argues Mariano Garcia [Read More...]

Delivering the right film festival, at the right time
Olivier Père, the director of Arte France Cinéma, talks about the latest edition of the online European Film Festival ArteKino, gender parity, the impact of Covid-19 on arthouse films, and much more, in exclusive interview! [Read More...]

The top 10 dirtiest movies of 2020
It's once again that time of the year when ask our writers to pick their favourite dirty movie; the list remains as international, diverse and downright filthy as ever! [Read More...]

Who butchered the Chainsaw Massacre franchise?
A new installment of Texas Chainsaw Massacre is due in 2021, and it desperately needs to be an improvement on its two mediocre predecessors [Read More...]

European film brightens up this dark winter!
ArteKino is back for the fifth consecutive year with a selection of 10 dirty gems from every corner of Europe available until December 31st, and it's entirely free to watch! [Read More...]

The dirtiest casino scenes. Ever!
From car chases to gun battles, certain movie scenes simply stand the test of time in Hollywood. Those are the dirtiest ones, picked exclusively for you! [Read More...]

A film miracle in the Baltics!
As the 24th edition of the only A-Category Fiapf-accredited film festival of Northern Europe draws to a close, we look at the award winners, the dirtiest movies, and much more! [Read More...]

The light shines on first-time directors!
After providing the landscape for the blockbuster of the year, the Estonian capital sees an impressive selection of 21 debut feature films vie for three major prizes - Redmond Bacon reports live from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Two British women and the intimacy of trauma
Writer-director Catherine Linstrum and actress Emilia Jones speak about the psychological drama NUCLEAR, in exclusive interview [Read More...]

The lights continue to shine at the Black Nights!
The 24th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) takes place for 17 days this November, offering "black carpet" theatrical screenings in the Estonian capital, online screenings and an impressive selection of industry events [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Jennifer Sheridan
The South London director recognised for her editing work in the television series The League of Gentleman talks about her debut feature: ROSE: A LOVE STORY, in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

The mastermind behind the shooting
The director of the ultra-violent Silver Lion winner New Order talks about dystopia, social movements, being apolitical, Mexican cinema, Fassbinder, Tarantino, Buñuel and more, just as his movie premieres in the UK [Read More...]

The dazzling colours of British-Pakistani rap
The American-Pakistani director of Mogul Mowgli talks about his second feature film, the story of a rapper having grapple with a very unexpected enemy within [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Šarūnas Bartas
The iconic Lithuanian filmmaker talks about his quiet and meditative war drama, and how his childhood and adolescent experiences and observations inspired him [Read More...]

Our top 10 dirty picks from the BFI London Film Festival 2020
The 64th edition of the largest film festival in the UK takes place between October 7th and 18th in multiple venues across London, and online screenings everywhere in the UK - here are the dirtiest movies picked exclusively for you! [Read More...]

Connecting industry professionals day and night!
For the first time ever, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival have expanded its programme to include a vast array of online activities exclusively for industry professionals - accreditation opens on Monday, September 21st [Read More...]

When hate begets hope
Czech director Václav Marhoul talks about finding hope in the disturbing cruelty and violence of The Painted Bird, his adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial novel – in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Help Oscar to create life!
The director of the upcoming documentary 'A Life on the Farm', about a Somerset farmer’s insane home movies, talks about his project in a letter to our readers - now it's your turn to help out! [Read More...]

Films are chapters of my life
Luc Roeg, son of the late director Nicolas Roeg talks about his one time onscreen role in his father’s cult classic Walkabout, emotion as a filmmaker’s holy grail, and film as the chapter in one’s life - in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Neither good nor evil!
Eoghan Lyng talks to Cathal Nally about his debut feature BE GOOD OR BE GONE, about two prisoners on temporary release in a very "durty" Irish capital [Read More...]

The narcissist, the bug and the resistance
Stephen Lee Naish analyses the 2018 post-apocalyptic drama in the light of coronavirus and an increasingly erratic Potus, and he hopes that we won't have the same fate as the movie characters [Read More...]