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Dirty and educational: movies that can teach students

This informative guest post focuses on film education and how movies for students can help youngsters in the learning process. It offers various films that a student can watch and learn from them.

Students are commonly interested in many things that are related to their lives and the process of education. One of the common interests is to watch a movie without any hassle about student life. These can be comedies, as well as quite serious dramas. They like to see the way someone else describes their common issues and how they can be solved.

Oftentimes, teachers tell that students should watch a movie about student life to describe it in their essays. It’s a typical practice as well, but some students don’t know which piece to choose. In most cases, they should watch the movie they really like. If they don’t care about the choice, it’s better to focus on the classical options. This guest post focuses on the best movies about students and how to write essays for me by watching them.


Powerful films teach problems

When youngsters should watch a movie to learn something from it and afterward depict it in their academic papers, they sometimes get puzzled. There are many good pieces, but they don’t always suit their interests. That is why we are convinced that students should watch movies that belong to classical and powerful ones. Here is our list of really impressive pieces:


1. Good Will Hunting (Gus Van Sant, 1998):

This is one of the most famous pieces. A young and genius youngster has serious problems with what he should do with his future. One professor of psychology is asked to help him. There is constant conformation between these two. As it turns out, the professor also has his own problems. It turns out that both men help one another during their sessions of therapy. This piece teaches how to find one’s path. Good Will Hunting is also pictured at the top of this article.


2. Dead Poet Society (Peter Weir, 1989):

This is one of the best movies for students. It shows how one youngster tries to outweigh the will of his father by showing his delicate soul. He teaches encourages his students to be themselves. This movie shows how to become yourself and stand your ground.


3. Detachment (Tony Kaye, 2012):

This piece is very strong. It’s about students with serious problems and a part-time teacher who also has his own demons. He does his best to help him. The end of the film is very unexpected. One of the students commits suicide, and no one could believe that could happen. This piece focuses on the matter of being detached from your peers, and it’s crucial because there are many teenagers who seem to be invisible to others.


4. Ruby (John Mackenzie, 1992):

This is a story about two school friends. One of the boys dies before graduation, and his friend decides to get into the college his friend dreamed about. It will be very hard, and he knows it. Nonetheless, he won’t stop all the same. This movie teaches you to follow your dreams and be loyal to your friends.


Enjoy an educational movie without hassle

When you watch a great movie, as it teaches you something special, you should not try to get through it as fast as possible. If it can teach you something vital, you should watch a movie without any hassle. What do we mean?

Find free time for the piece. Be sure no one and nothing will disturb you. Get some snacks if you like to watch educational movies. You can find a company if you like. At times, it is better to watch deeply thoughtful pieces on your own. Take a notebook to take vital notes as you watch it, and afterward, reflect your thoughts in your review. You can find a lot of great student movies on Netflix.


Key benefits of movies in education

There are several vital benefits of using an educational movie for learning purposes. Any such piece surely focuses on something important. Here are the main things students learn from educational films:

  • Understanding the common problems of students;
  • Understanding the motivation of teachers;
  • Finding the best ways to solve common problems;
  • Getting tips and tricks on how to avoid hardships;
  • Realising there are issues that need special attention; and
  • Inspiration to continue learning

These and other benefits are really significant. Movies can help educators to engage their students in the process of learning. They show the right way of how everything is supposed to run. Educational films help students understand other students and their teachers. They explain why another person may demand from them something they don’t like but also show that it’s really better for them.


Role of movies in education

The role of educational movies is crucial for the development of teens as adults. A really good education movie surely highlights many aspects of real life, such as friendship, following dreams, being caring and loving, overcoming typical problems, remaining a successful student, and so on. At times, many teens don’t seem to notice they have some problems. The right piece can show them that they miss something vital, and when the realisation comes, they may find out that their current lives should be improved.


Movies inspire students

You should take a great educational movie as it teaches you a lot of useful things. An educational movie is always aimed at some urgent and significant issues. One of them is how to find inspiration to reach some goals and pursue your dreams. A lot of films for students teach that.


Educational movies on Netflix

We guess every modern student watches movies on Netflix. It surely covers all genres and involves many issues in what it broadcasts. One of the common and most important topics is surely a movie as it teaches youngsters something vital. Here is a great list of 10 interesting movies on Netflix:

  • If You Build It (Patrick Creadon, 2013);
  • Race to Nowhere (Vicki Abeles, Jessica Congdon, 2009);
  • American Promise (Joe Brewster, Michele Stephenson, 2013);
  • Resolved (Greg Whiteley, 2007);
  • Approaching the Elephant (Amanda Wilder, 2014);
  • The Wolfpack (Crystal Moselle, 2015);
  • Girl Rising (Richard Robbins, 2013);
  • On the Way to School (Pascal Plisson, 2013);
  • Mad Hot Ballroom (Marilyn Agrelo, 2006); and.
  • Brooklyn Castle (Katie Dellamaggiore, 2012).

Choose whatever educational movie you like after you read short descriptions and find out the vital themes discussed in it. We can bet at least several options from our list will touch your soul.

By Mariano Garcia - 29-08-2023

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