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Dirty Festival or Campaign

Dirty Festival or Campaign

This is typically a much larger initiative, whereby we partner with at least one London cinema and create a film festival tailored to your organisation and linked to a special theme.

For example, a beverage company may sponsor a festival entitled “the dirty corners of London”, showcasing films that show London in a unusual and unforeseen fashion.

  • Screenings of at least three different movies;
  • Cocktail reception, party, Q&A or any supporting activity at the event;
  • Event streaming on and social media;
  • In-depth article(s) about the topic and the event;
  • Featured interview with selected industry stakeholder;
  • Dirty profiles of relevant pundits;
  • Reviews of selected films;
  • Online polling;
  • Advertising of events on the website;
  • PR campaign (local or international);
  • Intensive promotion on Twitter and Facebook; and
  • Marketing collateral (flyers, shirts, white paper, magazine inlets, etc).

Our first themed festival is a partnership with the Embassy of Brazil in London entitled “the dirtiest Brazilian films from the past 10 years”. It will include five London screenings, a cocktail party, talks and a roundtable, supported by 14 reviews and two articles written specifically for the occasion.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 7470 221 199 or e-mail us at and let’s discuss your themed festival in detail – and also don’t forget to ask for your media pack.

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