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Who’s Stopping Us (Quien Lo Impide)
Exquisite blend of fiction and documentary peeks into the lives of inspiring Spanish teens, and it has a refreshing message of hope -from the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

The Eyes of Tammy Faye
Biopic of gay-friendly and subversive televangelistic fallen from grace reveals a woman defined by faith, wealth and controversies - from the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

Undercover (Enquete Sur Un Scandale d’Etat)
An informant turns against his narcotics officer, in French dialogue-intensive political thriller questioning the ethics of the "war on drugs" - live from the San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Grandmother (La Abuela)
Old woman left catatonic by a devastating stroke terrifies her doting granddaughter, in this brilliantly subtle and beautifully elegant horror from Spain - live from the San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Daughter (La Hija)
Pregnant teenager runs away from juvenile delinquent institution with the helping hand of two wannabe parents - slow burn tale of failed motherhood premieres at the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

Fire on the Plain
Father and daughter get entangled in a taxi driver serial killer investigation, in this bewildering crime thriller from China - from the San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Noise of Engines (Le bruit des moteurs)
Sexually explicit drawings land a fire arms inspector in trouble, in Canadian drama blending optimism and cynicism in equal measures - from the 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Good Boss (El Buen Patron)
An opportunistic factory owner's alleged "love" and devotion to his employees is exposed as sheer cynicism - hilarious comedy starring Javier Bardem premieres in San Sebastian [Read More...]

Blue Moon (Crai Nou)
Little stabs at happiness? Young female allows males to debase and degrade her, raising questions about oppression and freedom - raw and bleak Romanian drama premieres at the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

Fever Dream (Distancia de Rescate)
A young mother gradually loses touch with reality, in this borderline psychedelic Netflix production set in South America - from the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

Camila Comes Out Tonight (Camila Saldra Esta Noche)
High school student embodies the quiet liberation of a country still grappling with the ties of a reactionary past - honest and profound Argentinean drama premieres at the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

As In Heaven (Du Som Er I Himlen)
Female teen faces the prospect of a dramatic new life after her mother goes into a prolonged and complicated labour - Danish period drama premieres at the 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

Terence Davies gives English poet and anti-war activist Siegfried Sassoon a detailed yet protracted and monotonous biopic, too concerned with the writer's sexual life - from the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

A girl with ice cubes for teeth is the topic of Lucile Hadzihalilovic's cryptic new fable, a movie creepy and lyrical in equal measures - from the San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

One Second (Yi Miao Zhong)
Zhang Yimou's intended celebration of old-fashioned celluloid cinema constantly slips into cliches and banality - from the 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

Jane by Charlotte (Jane par Charlotte)
Charlotte Gainsbourg gets behind the camera in order to capture her iconic mother in her most tender and yet lonely moments - from the San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

Getting Away With Murder(s)
Most of the perpetrators of the Holocaust were never prosecuted: this documentary attempts to understand why not – out in cinemas on Friday, October 1st, the 75th anniversary of the end of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg [Read More...]

The Djinn
Mute boy is trapped in a flat with a shapeshifting Arab entity, in this surprisingly creative, low-budget American horror - in cinemas Friday, September 17th [Read More...]

Old Henry
Old-fashioned and nostalgic Western has robust characters, an impressive cinematography and an engaging music score - live from Venice [Read More...]

Reflection (Vidblysk)
Ukrainian drama about surgeon captured by the Russian military is a profound meditation on war, fate and belief - live from the 78th Biennale [Read More...]

British horror about a woman whose childhood demons come back to haunt her excels in photography, while making too many genre concessions - from FrightFest [Read More...]

The Box (La Caja)
Abandoning his native Venezuela for Mexico, Golden Lion winner Vigas has created a fascinating story of lost families and secret histories - from the 78th Venice International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Changed
Horror legend Tony Todd stars in drama blending a pandemic with an alien invasion, inspired by American sci-fi classic Invasion of Body Snatchers - from FrightFest [Read More...]

Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg star in Michel Franco's new drama, another harrowing drama portraying both white and indigenous Mexicans as inherently dysfunctional - live from Venice [Read More...]

Happening (L’Évènement)
French film unflinchingly portrays the physical reality of unwanted pregnancy and the attempted abortions in the 1960s, with clear parallel with the current situation in Texas - from Venice [Read More...]

Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of the sci-fi classic criticises the exploitation of our planet and its indigenous peoples, thereby wowing our writer John Bleasdale - live from the 78th Venice International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Exorcism of Carmen Farias
Despite strong production values, this Mexican haunted house horror is simply too predictable to be entertaining - from FrightFest [Read More...]

Two sisters are forced to reconcile with some memories of their mother in a deeply lyrical movie about modern Northern Ireland - in cinemas on Friday, September 3rd [Read More...]

Bad Candy
A DJ and his sidekick share scary stories with their listeners, and there are some treats amongst the tricks – from FrightFest, and on Digital and DVD 4th October. [Read More...]

Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It
FrightFest’s first ever entry from Kazakhstan is a splatter flick with the title and setup of a screwball comedy. [Read More...]

The Lost Daughter
Maggie Gyllenhaal’s debut film is a mature and fascinating meditation on motherhood, adapted from Elena Ferrante’s novel - live from Venice [Read More...]

The Hand of God
Football legend Diego Maradona inadvertently changes the life of a young Neapolitan man, in Paolo Sorrentino's messy new film - live from Venice [Read More...]

The Power of the Dog
Two very different cowboy brothers lock horns in this admirable yet troublesome Western - Jane Campion presents her first movie in more than a decade at the Venice Film Festival [Read More...]

This sci-fi horror about a man forced to spend the night with a very unusual married couple has more twists and turns than Lord of the Rings - from FrightFest [Read More...]

The Sadness
A viral pandemic turns the infected into bloodthirsty zombies, in this Taiwanese horror with abundant blood and limited vision - from FrightFest [Read More...]

Madeleine Collins
After Paul Verhoeven's raunchy BENEDETTA, Virginie Efira leads a double life with two husbands, two sons and one daughter - live from Venice [Read More...]

Promises (Les Promesses)
Opening the Orizzonti sidebar of the Venice Film Festival, Thomas Kruithof’s Les Promesses stars Isabelle Huppert as a politician who decides to break her promise [Read More...]

No Man of God
Sentenced to death by electrocution, serial killer Ted Bundy continues to manipulate the media, prosecutors and his own counsel up until the bitter end - crime drama starring Elijah Wood shows at FrightFest [Read More...]

The Middle Man
Bent Hamer portrays a soulless American town in a style reminiscent of the Coen Brothers' Fargo, however far inferior in its filmic prowess - from the Toronto International Film Festival [Read More...]

Parallel Mothers (Madres Paralelas)
Two single mothers share a maternity room, in one of Almodovar's most thoughtful, profound and mature works to date - live from Venice [Read More...]

A jungle cruise turns upside down in more ways than one, in this psychedelic eco-horror from South Africa - in cinemas on Friday, September 24th [Read More...]

Broadcast Signal Intrusion
Genres collide in this paranoid, pacey picture about a grief-stricken video archivist, loosely based on true events - American film premieres at FrightFest [Read More...]

Neill Blomkamp’s uninspiring return about a young woman unleashing demons is devilishly forgettable - from FrightFest; in UK cinemas and on Premium Digital 27th, on Blu-Ray and DVD 25th October. [Read More...]

The Last Bus
A widower embarks on a literal and metaphorical journey across the UK, the from John O'Groats to Land's End - drama starring Timothy Spall is in cinemas on Friday, August 27th [Read More...]

Egyptian drama conducts a quiet and yet powerful examination of faith, societal pressure and family - in cinemas Friday, August 27th [Read More...]

Jazz on a Summer’s Day
The seminal concert movie breezes back into cinemas six decades later with a shiny 4K facelift - out on Friday, August 27th [Read More...]

Wet Sand
This queer Georgian drama takes an iceberg approach to narrative, resulting in an affecting portrait of living under repression - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Starting off slowly before growing into a masterful work, this Tunisian movie is one of the standout films from the Locarno Film Festival. [Read More...]

Zeros and Ones
The latest from the legendary New York auteur is a very moody spy thriller that barely ever seems to come out from the cold - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Juju Stories
This collection of magical tales shows off the breadth, humour and vitality of Nigerian cinema - live from Locarno [Read More...]