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Official Secrets
Dirty and Special Relationship: the UK and the US conspire in order to persuade UN Security Council members to support the Iraq War, in political thriller based on real events - in cinemas Friday October 18th (and also at the BFI London Film Festival) [Read More...]

American Woman
Life must go on on for a young woman after her teen daughter goes missing, in this dirty kitchen sink drama starring Sienna Miller - in cinemas Friday, October 11th. [Read More...]

Isolated in doctrinal solitude, a beekeeper’s earnings are threatened by the passage of time and family, in this quietly exuberant doc in the mountains of North Macedonia - in cinemas Friday, September 13th [Read More...]

Hotel Mumbai
The 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks are recreated to convincing results, in thriller blending real stories with fiction - in cinemas Friday, September 27th [Read More...]

Ad Astra
When extraterrestrial pulses threaten to destroy life on Earth, a man must travel into space to confront the suspected perpetrator: his father - in cinemas from Wednesday, September 18th [Read More...]

Belonging (Aidiyet)
A man reveals the details of how he met his lover and murdered his mother-in-law-to-be, in potentially fascinating yet clumsily structured movie - from Open City Documentary Film Festival [Read More...]

For Sama
Mother finds strength in her baby daughter in order to resist the oppressive Assad regime, in this punch-in-the-stomach war documentary - in cinemas Friday, September 13th [Read More...]

Night Hunter
A castrator of paedophiles using a teenage girl as bait helps a detective estranged from his family catch a serial sex killer - in cinemas from Friday, September 13th [Read More...]

The Shiny Shrimps (Les Crevettes pailletées)
Homophobic coach has to grapple with loud and frivolous gay polo team, in this well-meaning and entertaining French comedy - in cinemas Friday, September 6th [Read More...]

Apocalypse Now (Final Cut)
As Coppola's war classic gets a crisp 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray 40th anniversary edition, Jack Hawkins looks back at what makes the film so memorable [Read More...]

Argentinian filmmaker Benjamín Naishtat's third film is a muted yet powerful character study spiked with political flavours - in cinemas Friday, September 6th [Read More...]

Dirtylicious twists drive the narrative of this American survival thriller about three friends stranded on a yacht and grappling with tension and trust - from FrightFest [Read More...]

Ready or Not
Grace has to hide from her murderous in-laws immediately after her luxurious wedding, in this American blend of black comedy and horror - in cinemas Friday, September 27th [Read More...]

The Big Meeting
Superb documentary reflects the past, present and future of the Durham Miners' Gala and labour movement, whilst following four protagonists over the course of this impressive working-class occasion - in cinemas Friday, September 6th [Read More...]

Non-Fiction (Doubles Vies)
French comedy starring Juliette Binoche and Guillaume Canet investigates the complexity of old friendships and love, in good conversational style - in cinemas Friday, October 18th [Read More...]

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
New fantasy horror produced by Guillermo del Toro is neither scary nor original, however it does excel in technical proficiency - in cinemas Friday, August 23rd [Read More...]

24 Snow
Extremity becomes its own reward in this a loving depiction of rural life in one of the world's most inhospitable places - from the upcoming Native Spirit Festival [Read More...]

Neither Wolf nor Dog
An author is asked to write a book about a Native American elder's experiences, taking viewers on a fascinating journey through the history and the issues that the Lakota people face - in cinemas Friday, August 23rd [Read More...]

Hail Satan
The devil has never been this adorable before, in this documentary about a group of American progressives who appropriated the Antichrist for the libertarian crusade - in cinemas and VoD [Read More...]

Killer Kate!
This American microbudget slasher is a real killer, but not quite in the way one would hope: it's simply painful to watch - in cinemas Sunday, August 18th [Read More...]

South Terminal (Terminal Sud)
Neither dramatic enough nor powerful enough to hold the viewer's interest, Swiss film wallows in vagueness when it should be ramping up the tension - live from Locarno [Read More...]

A Serious Man
Mostly overlooked dirty gem by the Coen Brothers is now 10 years old; Jack Ford reevaluates the film and asks why it failed at the box office a decade earlier! [Read More...]

The Last Black Man In San Francisco
Both a celebration and lament for The City by the Bay, this film is also a deeply felt inquisition into the meaning of home - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Denis Côté's second film of 2019 is a silent tale of social insolation that sees the Quebec auteur pushing his minimalist approach to new limits! [Read More...]

Echo (Bergmál)
This surprisingly sentimental entry from Rúnar Rúnnarsson is an epic ode to his Icelandic homeland in equal parts funny and sad - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Notre Dame
See the Cathedral in its full glory for the last time in Valérie Donzelli's latest film; a breezy French comedy about womanhood and architecture - live from Locarno [Read More...]

A Voluntary Year (Das Freiwillige Jahr)
A drive to the airport turns hairy in awkward German black comedy A Voluntary Year, a brilliant tale of adolescent indecision and fatherly overbearance - live from Locarno [Read More...]

7500 breathes new life into the plane hijacking thriller by confining all the action in just the cockpit itself. This is one wild ride you won't forget! [Read More...]

Space Dogs
Man's cruelty to man's best friend is merciless exposed in Russian film Space Dogs, one of the most bizarre documentaries ever made! Live from Locarno [Read More...]

Yorgos Lanthimos debuts his new short at Locarno Film Festival! A strange provocation from the Greek auteur, it needs to be watched again and again! [Read More...]

Adolescents (Adolescentes)
Five years in the making, Adolescentes is a remarkable achievement, charting two very different girls from 13 to 18 as they grow into maturity - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Maternal (Hogar)
What constitutes motherhood? This is the question Maternal (Hogar) wrestles with, a deeply Christian riff on the tale of the Virgin Mary! From the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Last Night I Saw You Smiling (Yub menh bong keunh oun nho nhim)
A single building in Cambodia is used to interrogate a changing nation, in this quiet yet deeply affecting movie - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Midnight Cowboy
Five decades after its original release, the New Hollywood trailblazer with kitchen sink flavours remains as powerful and evocative as ever - BFI re-edition is in cinemas Friday, September 13th [Read More...]

Two million Palestinians attempt to live their lives as normal, despite the horrific conditions to which they are subject - in cinemas Friday, August 8th [Read More...]

Old friends and party animals Laura and Tyler brave the streets of Dublin in search of freedom, mischief, cocaine and... er... wedding dresses - in cinemas Friday, August 2nd [Read More...]

The social fabric on board a large spaceship headed to Mars threatens to break down following a narrowly averted space collision in this intelligent sci-fi thriller from Sweden - in cinemas from Friday, August 30th [Read More...]

Hoop Dreams
Two Afro-American teens dream of becoming professional basketball players, but the sport has many surprises (both good and bad) in store for them - from Cinema Rediscovered [Read More...]

The uncommonly powerful love scenes easily make this Hitchcock's most mature film. We go deep into the film noir, unlocking its striking romantic vision - back in cinemas on Friday, August 9th, more than 70 years after its original release [Read More...]

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
The Fast & Furious saga continues to bloat and extend with the franchise’s ninth instalment and first spin-off - in cinemas Thursday, August 1st [Read More...]

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
A story of Hollywood set in 1969 mixes elements of historical truth with fictional events and characters to epic effect - in cinemas from Wednesday, August 14th [Read More...]

As a young woman hangs out with her gangster boyfriend and his entourage on the Turkish coast, a mixture of sex and violence is never far away - English-language Danish production is now available on VoD [Read More...]

The Shock of the Future (Le Choc du Futur)
In the male-dominated music industry of Paris in the 1970s, Ana uses electronic gadgets in order to create a brand new, dirty sound - in cinemas from Friday, September 13th [Read More...]

The improbable relationship between two very different people living in the crowded city of Mumbai is the central pillar of this elegantly filmed and effective Indian production - in cinemas Friday, August 2nd [Read More...]

The Chambermaid (La Camarista)
A woman works long hours within a vast Mexico City hotel complex and rarely sees the world outside - in cinemas and also on VoD [Read More...]

Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love
After decades of continuous "so longs", Leonard Cohen and his muse Marianne Ihlen finally say goodbye, and it all comes neatly full circle - in cinemas Friday, July 26th. [Read More...]

Do The Right Thing
Three decades after its original release, Spike Lee's magnum opus has lost none of its power to provoke and delight in equal measure - back in cinemas on Friday, August 2nd [Read More...]

The Current War
American historical drama details the fight between electricity giants Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla in the late 19th century, but the outcome is neither bright nor electrifying - in cinemas Friday, July 26th [Read More...]

Tell It To The Bees
A lesbian, romantic drama set in post-war Scotland, a time when such things were frowned upon and never discussed, is in cinemas from Friday, July 19th [Read More...]

The Candidate (El Reino)
Nail-biting Spanish political thriller from the producers of Dogman is a near-perfect movie, bar its protracted duration - in cinemas and digital HD on Friday, August 2nd [Read More...]