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The Natural History of Destruction
This exhaustive archival documentary asks if the price of winning a war is ever worth the cost — live from Cannes Film Festival! [Read More...]

Sick of Myself
From the producers of The Worst Person in the World comes a superior Oslo-set tale, pushing narcissism to its limits — live from Cannes! [Read More...]

The Woodcutter Story
This typically Finnish tale ticks all the boxes of the national spirit, but failed to lift mine — live from the Cannes Film Festival! [Read More...]

Resistances: Words and Art for Fighting Political Defamation
Four Brazilian artists living in political exile aim to transform trauma into art and beauty, in this reflective piece of filmmaking - at the Rich Mix on Saturday, May 28th [Read More...]

The Drover’s Wife
Meandering western led by a stellar performance covers some important themes, but it struggles to grip hold of its audience - in cinemas on Friday, May 13th [Read More...]

This Much I Know To Be True
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis's creative relationship reaches its pinnacle during the pandemic, their interaction gently captured by Andrew Dominik - in cinemas on Wednesday, may 11th [Read More...]

This beautiful black and white short starring Victoria Lacoste is an exploration of love, feminine sexuality and finding joy in the solitude of nature, where music, film and art intertwine [Read More...]

The Northman
Epic drama takes the all-familiar medieval setting and reinvents it with intimidating beauty - in cinemas now [Read More...]

The Velvet Queen
Embark on a cinematic journey across a harsh wilderness; the mission is to find the elusive snow leopard in the Tibetan Highlands; the outcome, however, couldn't be more different - in cinemas on  Friday, April 29th; also on Curzon Home Cinema [Read More...]

On the Ground
On Central London’s Highbury Corner, a group of protesters demonstrate against the proposed felling of seven trees, in a refreshing representation of political action - at the Rich Mix on May 5th [Read More...]

No Extradition
Documentary follows John Shipton, the father of journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in his efforts to prevent his son from being extradited to the United States - at the Rich Mix on May 5th [Read More...]

The Great Movement (El Gran Movimiento)
Modern civilisation and simplicity come into conflict in this ambitious Bolivian city-symphony - out in UK cinemas on Friday, April 15th. [Read More...]

Intriguing and unconventional horror film delivers an incredibly intense atmosphere without killing any characters - on VoD on Monday, March 14th [Read More...]

Compartment No. 6
A nightmare train journey becomes a tale of human connection in this intriguing European co-production - on all major VoD platforms on Friday, May 6th [Read More...]

The Coup d’État Factory (A Fantástica Fábrica de Golpes)
An important corrective to the historical record, Brazilian documentary reveals how the mainstream media fomented civil disorder in order to topple the left wing - at the BFI Southbank on May 29th [Read More...]

The last nation to abolish slavery in the Western world is still grappling with racial equality, political, social and cultural representation - at the BFI Southbank on Saturday, May 7th [Read More...]

Deep Water
After a 20-year hiatus, British director Adrian Lyne returns to the silver screen with a satisfactory erotic thriller, not dissimilar to the titles that made him famous decades earlier - on Prime Video on Friday, March 18th [Read More...]

Ukrainian teenage gymnast Olga uses gymnastics as an escape from the troubles that danger her family and the place she calls home, as she watches her city burn from the distance - in cinemas Friday, March 18th [Read More...]

Extinction Rebellion take matters into their own hands when it comes to climate change, charging at the agonisingly difficult problem head-on - in cinemas on Friday, March 18th [Read More...]

True Things
Young female becomes intoxicated by a male who treats people more or less the same way he handles cars, in this complex British psychological drama - in cinemas Friday, April 1st [Read More...]

The Batman
Though it falls short in crucial moments, Matt Reeves’s addition to the Batman franchise refreshes a well-worn character - in cinemas everywhere now [Read More...]

Brutally honest documentary explores the lives of four activists during the 2019 Hong Kong protests - watch it now with Dogwoof on Demand [Read More...]

King Richard
The biopic of tennis coach Richard Williams is a glossy but inspiring take on the American Dream, with a career-best performance from Will Smith - five-Oscar nominee is now in cinemas and also on various streaming platforms [Read More...]

West Side Story
Spielberg is a little too reverent to cinema history in a remake that searches for a purpose - Oscar winner is out on VoD on Wednesday, April 21st. [Read More...]

Drama about a deaf family in New England is authentically beautiful and funny, topped an eye-opening message of hope - Best Picture Oscar winner is now on Apple TV [Read More...]

Don’t Look Up
The satirical disaster movie will not convert conspiracy theorists, but instead serve as evidence that Hollywood is indeed a propaganda machine; its aspirations are as inflated as the director's ego - in cinemas and also on Netflix [Read More...]

Drive My Car
This Oscar winner is a quietly wonderful exploration of grief and accepting the beauty of human complication - on all major VoD platforms on Friday, April 1st [Read More...]

The City and the City
A brutal reimagining of true events that befell the Jews of Thessaloniki will shock you with cruelty, while also hypnotising you with beauty - from the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Novelist’s Film (So-seol-ga-ui yeong-hwa)
The Korean master of self-exploration returns with almost exactly the same film you would expect him to - Silver Bear winner at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

Leonora Addio
Italian-American relationships and the legacy of war and literature intermingle in this mixture of essay and narrative filmmaking - live from the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

Madame Satã
Twenty years after its release, Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz’s first feature film speaks to present day hostilities towards race and sexuality - joint BFI Flare, DMovies and African Odysseys screening on Sunday, March 20th [Read More...]

That Kind of Summer (Un Été Comme Ça)
The latest from the prolific Quebec filmmaker, set in a retreat for sex addiction, is a rigorous step up from his last few films, but lacks true engagement - live from the Berlinale [Read More...]

Passengers of The Night (Les passagers de la nuit)
A sweet portrait of a family during the Mitterand era, made with great affection and nostalgia, playing now in the Berlin Film Festival. [Read More...]

One Year, One Night (Un año, una noche)
This Spanish-French production looking at the Bataclan attacks is an important story, but it lacks conviction in its evocation of trauma. [Read More...]

A E I O U – A Quick Alphabet of Love (A E I O U – Das schnelle Alphabet der Liebe)
A guide to romance, German-style, this is a pleasant enough take on spring-autumn romance with a few fun tricks up its sleeve — live from Berlin! [Read More...]

Return to Dust (Yin Ru Chen Yan)
A simple, gorgeous and devastating tale set in the parts of China seemingly forgotten by the central government - live from Berlin! [Read More...]

Both Sides of the Blade (Avec Amour et Acharnement)
Even the beautiful Juliette Binoche can't save this letdown from one of the world's greatest directors - despite disappointing our correspondent Redmond Bacon, Claire Denis wins the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 72nd Berlinale [Read More...]

Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush (Rabiye Kurnaz gegen George W. Bush)
Expect this Turkish-German comedy to be a domestic hit, with potential international resonance - live from the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival! [Read More...]

Before, Now & Then (Nana)
A modest yet highly stylised drama, this Indonesian film seeks to illuminate the nuances of the feminine experience - live from Berlin! [Read More...]

Everything Will Be Ok
The latest visual essay by acclaimed Cambodian documentary filmmaker is typically beautiful but ultimately inconclusive — live from Berlin! [Read More...]

The great Austrian director Ulrich Seidl returns with another masterpiece, a character portrait of a man simply too big for one film to contain - from the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

Flux Gourmet
Noise meets food in this culinary British comedy, using a horror-aesthetic while hanging out in a strange fantasy world - live from 72nd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Line (La Ligne)
A painted line separates mother and daughter in this touching French-Swiss domestic drama — live from Berlin Film Festival. [Read More...]

Robe of Gems (Manto de Gema)
Fine filmmaking can't save an indecipherable plot in this ultimately disengaging Mexican drama - live from 72nd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

Peter von Kant
Francois Ozon's male version of The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant never justifies its own existence, either as a remake or as a portrait of Rainer Werner Fassbinder himself - live from Berlin. [Read More...]

Meet me in the Bathroom
Twenty years ago in New York, a new generation of artists provided the world with firm evidence that rock'n roll in not dead - rockumentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival [Read More...]

Something in the Dirt
American duo team up behind and in front of the camera in order to create a deliberately messy genre-bender about bizarre spectres and even stranger conspiracy theories - from Sundance [Read More...]

The Island
Anca Damian's retelling and updating of Robinson Crusoe is a psychedelic joy for the eyes and ears - from the International Film festival Rotterdam [Read More...]

The Child (A Criança)
In 16th Century Portugal, a young man is about to enter the world of maturity, however problems coil underneath the sun-kissed languor - from the International Film Festival Rotterdam [Read More...]

When terrorists attack a school and take children hostage, a band of unlikely heroes must form to effect their rescue - Kazakh director showcases his new creation in Rotterdam [Read More...]