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Dolor y Gloria
Watch the trailer for Almodovar's latest drama, a very personal drama about the very nature of filmmaking [Read More...]

Watch the very first trailer for Mike Leigh's latest film, about the epic historical moment in Manchester that led to the creation of the Guardian - in cinemas in November. [Read More...]

The Endless
Never go back. Watch a kaleidoscopic marvel, the extraordinary, new online trailer for the latest film by (and featuring) independent filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead - in cinemas and digital HD on Friday, June 29th [Read More...]

Jiří Brdečka: Master of Czech Animation
Watch the trailer for a rare outing for the short films of Czech animation director Jiří Brdečka - the screening takes place at London's Regent Street Cinema on Monday 30 April 30th [Read More...]

Happy Prince
The online trailer for Rupert Everett's biopic of Oscar Wilde is out now; the director himself incorporates the literature genius as he lives his final days in exile [Read More...]

Watch the trailer for Wim Wenders's latest movie, a Pan-European love story disrupted by a Jihadist kidnap, starring Alicia Vikander. Will the German filmmaker ride the wave or will he submerge into a saccharine ocean? [Read More...]

Alita: Battle Angel
Watch the trailer for cyborg sci-fi romance with impressive aesthetics and facial CGI, produced by James Cameron, and guaranteed to generate controversy in the Summer of 2018 [Read More...]

Red Sparrow
Watch the trailer for the upcoming Hollywood thriller Red Sparrow, about a sexy and devious Russian spy played by Jennifer Lawrence [Read More...]

The Florida Project
The "humanist" director of the dirty masterpiece Tangerine has come up with a film about childhood, but will he retain his subversive streak? Watch the film trailer here and find out! [Read More...]

Watch the dark trailer for the upcoming sci-fi/horror by the Danish director of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', a heart-stoppingly dirty film addition to the early Autumn [Read More...]

Blade Runner 2049
The final release date and the duration for what's probably the most anticipated film of the year have finally been announced; watch the trailer here and find out more! [Read More...]

Dennis Skinner: Nature of the Beast
Dennis Skinner is best known for his socialist credentials and resilience; will his new doc deliver an impartial look at the controversial man or will it be an esoteric affair for a group of leftwingers? [Read More...]