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London International Animation Festival

30th November 2018 – 9th December 2018 all-day
Barbican Cinema
Barbican Centre
Silk St
London EC2Y 8DS

The London International Animation Festival
(LIAF 2018) 30 Nov – 9 Dec

The London International Animation Festival (LIAF 2018) returns to the
Barbican for its fifteenth year with an extensive ten-day celebratory feast of
forums, Screentalks and over 200 of the best recent, historical and retrospective
animated shorts and features from around the world.

The Festival promises to inspire, delight and challenge the notion that animation
is merely for the 3D blockbuster genre, or cute cartoons. Independent animation
is an art form that continues to thrive and develop as a breathtaking medley of
styles, materials, techniques and production – from hand drawn, paint on glass,
collage, sculpture, to some of the more interesting developments in CGI – all of
which can be seen at this year’s LIAF.

For more information about the London International Animation Festival please
visit the website at

Ticket prices: Box Office: 0845 120 7527
Gala Opening £15, Standard £12, Children’s screening £5.