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Tallinn celebrates 25 years of showcasing the finest world cinema!


Victor Fraga - 21-10-2021

The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival turns a quarter of a century with a diverse film selection, which firmly establishes the Estonian capital as a city of world cinema [Read More...]

First-time directors: the nascent talent set to shine next month in Tallinn!


Redmond Bacon - 15-10-2021

Ahead of the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn between November 12th and 28th, we survey the return of the excellent first feature competition [Read More...]

The Raindance Kid speaks up!


Victor Fraga - 15-10-2021

DMovies's editor Victor Fraga talks to Elliot Grove, the man behind London's favourite film festival entirely devoted to independent cinema (which starts on the 27th); they talk about "downtrodden" movies, genre, the future of online screenings, and more. [Read More...]

The Raindance Film Festival returns on October 27th: here’s what to look out for!


DMovies' team - 13-10-2021

Find out what's playing in the 29th edition of the UK's favourite film festival entirely devoted to independent cinema, and book your tickets now! [Read More...]

Is Denis Villeneuve the new Christopher Nolan?


Amhara Chamberlayne - 09-10-2021

For years, Christopher Nolan’s films have finely balanced art-house and blockbuster sensibilities. After ARRIVAL, BLADE RUNNER 2049 and now DUNE, Denis Villeneuve may be upstaging him. [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Peter Francis


Charles Williams - 06-10-2021

The production designer of double-Oscar winner The Father shares the secrets of how to make a convincing and riveting single-location drama [Read More...]

Our top 10 dirty picks from the BFI London Film Festival


DMovies' team - 02-10-2021

The 65th edition of the largest film festival in the UK takes place between October 6th and 17th in multiple venues across London, and online screenings everywhere in the UK - here are the dirtiest movies picked exclusively for you! [Read More...]

Conversations Peter Greenaway: the long read


Victor Fraga - 29-09-2021

Victor Fraga and Alex Babboni (from Doesn't Exist) interviewed Peter Greenaway for nearly three hours in Amsterdam in July 2020; find out the dirty secrets of the emblematic British filmmaker! [Read More...]

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Suited and booted on a Basque beach!
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga reports from the 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival. He attended the entire Festival, which lasted nine days and drew to a close this weekend. He shares his thoughts on the Spanish city, the Festival winners, his dirty picks and a delicious surprise! [Read More...]

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