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London Short Film Festival

12th January 2018 – 21st January 2018 all-day
London Short Film Festival

The London Short Film Festival, now in its 15th year, has been recognised as the premiere UK showcase for cutting-edge UK independent film, while now accepting international submissions.

Renowned for daring cross-arts programming, we have showcased the very best of the country’s raw talent for 14 years. The London Short Film Festival is a Mecca for the UK’s young creative talent and a significant date in the UK film calendar.

Every year the Festival’s large and loyal audience flock to screenings and events, and this network has grown steadily over the decade and beyond.

A brief story

In 2003 Philip Ilson and Kate Taylor organised the first Halloween Short Film Festival at the ICA. This was formed as a continuation of The Halloween Short Film Club which Philip had been programming since 1994. In 2008 the festival became the London Short Film Festival and has been growing year-on-year to take in more films, live music, industry and training events and diverse, high-quality venues.

Kate Taylor’s last Festival was in 2009 and since then the Festival Producer has been Carla MacKinnon (2010), Chloe Roddick (2011 – 2012), Cassandra Neal (2013 – 2014) Jo Duncombe (2015 – 2016), and Johanna Brooks (2017). Following the January 2015 Festival, Sarah Chorley joined the team as Development Director. Gerry Maguire has joined the team as Festival Producer for the 2018 Festival.

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