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On Her Shoulders

Alexandria Bombach

Victor Fraga - 22-01-2019

Isis sexual slavery survivor from mostly overlooked religious minority faces an uphill struggle raising awareness of the horrors suffered by her people - in cinemas Friday, January 25th [Read More...]

Rosa Luxemburg

Margarethe von Trotta

Victor Fraga - 21-01-2019

Biopic of Polish born German revolutionary reveals that she wasn't as "radical" as the modern media would like us to think - Margarethe von Trotta's classic is rereleased on Monday, February 4th [Read More...]

Buffalo Boys

Mike Wiluan

Ron Fogel - 19-01-2019

What do you get when you mix a Western revenge story with a martial arts film, taking place in Indonesia? Here's your answer - now available on all major VoD platforms. [Read More...]


M. Night Shyamalan

Jeremy Clarke - 17-01-2019

The hero from Unbreakable and the villain from Split are captured and incarcerated in a maximum security psychiatric facility, and the outcome isn't pretty - in cinemas from Friday, January 18th [Read More...]


Brian A. Miller

Fedor Tot - 17-01-2019

Heist thriller lacks a little imagination, just like its amnesia-stricken protagonist (played by a far more effective Matthew Modine) - now available on VoD [Read More...]


Seung-Won Lee

Charlies Jones - 17-01-2019

A former detective infiltrates a prison island in order to avenge the murder of his family, in colourful yet soulless South Korean martial arts flick - now available on Netflix [Read More...]

Monsters and Men

Reinaldo Marcus Green

Michael McClure - 16-01-2019

Afro-American man accidentally witnesses and films the police killing of another Afro-American, in powerful drama about getting trapped in the machinations of power - in cinemas Friday, January 18th and on VoD on Monday, January 21st [Read More...]

The Raft

Marcus Lindeen

Redmond Bacon - 14-01-2019

Is this Big Brother's grandfather? The surviving members of a very strange social experiment are brought together nearly a century later: the 11 strangers were made to live on a raft for three months cut off from the rest of the world - in cinemas Friday, January 18th. [Read More...]

Beautiful Boy

Felix Van Groeningen

Victor Fraga - 13-01-2019

The life of 18-year-old Nic Sheff is turned upside down after he becomes addicted to crystal meth, in this cinema adaptation of best-selling books by Nic and his father David - in cinemas Friday, January 18th [Read More...]

London Unplugged

Layke Anderson, Natalia Casali, Nick Cohen, Mitchell Crawford, Andres Heger-Bratterud, Ben Jacobson, Rosanna Lowe, Gaelle Mourre, Kaki Wong, Qi Zhang

Victor Fraga - 12-01-2019

Anthology film comprising 10 segments directed by emerging filmmakers celebrates the British capital, serendipity and isolation, mostly from a very female perspective - in cinemas Friday, January 18th [Read More...]

Mary Queen of Scots

Josie Rourke

Jeremy Clarke - 08-01-2019

A tale of two kingdoms. As Queen of Scotland in the turbulent 16th century, Mary must contend with her cousin Elizabeth I of England in order to stay alive, in po-faced historical epic - in cinemas from Friday, January 18th [Read More...]

Stan & Ollie

Jon S. Baird

Victor Fraga - 08-01-2019

Late-career biopic following a UK tour of Laurel and Hardy successfully rescues and celebrates slapstick and old Hollywood nostalgia, but it also lacks a little punch (or slap?) - in cinemas on Friday, January 11th [Read More...]


Wash Westmoreland

Michael McClure - 08-01-2019

Biopic of French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette starring a stunning Keira Knightley details her struggle to overcome strict societal constraints of the Belle Époque and to become an artist in her own right - in cinemas from Wednesday, January 9th [Read More...]

Newly Single

Adam Christian Clark

Eoghan Lyng - 06-01-2019

After being dumped by his girlfriend, an aggressive and egotistical Astor embarks on an erratic dating crusade, in profoundly dark comedy about hurt egos and cruel psyches - available now on VoD [Read More...]

The House By The Sea (La Villa)

Robert Guédiguian

Redmond Bacon - 05-01-2019

A father’s legacy is minutely dissected in this stirring tale of regret, nostalgia and the true meaning of community spirit - in cinemas Friday, January 11th [Read More...]

An Impossible Love (Un Amour Impossible)

Catherine Corsini

Eoghan Lyng - 03-01-2019

French drama detailing the lives of two lovers during four decades is a canny tale of chauvinism and quiet domestic suffering - in cinemas Friday, January 4th [Read More...]

Coffee with Cinnamon (Café com Canela)

Glenda Nicacio, Ary Rosa

Fiona Whitelaw - 02-01-2019

Powerfully evocative portrait of grief, love and loss amongst a group of close friends and neighbours is a dirty gem of Brazilian cinema! [Read More...]

The 12th Man

Harald Zwart

Ben Flanagan - 02-01-2019

Survival epic about lone survivor of a Norwegian resistance boat during WW2 uses devices of mainstream war genre to convincing results - in cinemas and also on VoD on Friday, January 4th. [Read More...]

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