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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Jay Roach

James Luxford - 15-04-2021

James Luxford sheds a new light on the dirty comedy classic from the late 1990s, just in time for the release of its special edition on April 19th [Read More...]

I Blame Society

Gillian Wallace Horvat

Ian Schultz - 12-04-2021

Feminist horror comedy made on a shoestring budget is is a savage stake into the heart of faux-woke Hollywood - on Digital on Monday, April 19th [Read More...]

Promising Young Woman

Emerald Fennell

Ian Schultz - 12-04-2021

Ian Schultz explains why the promising British movie isn't as groundbreaking and subversive as it purports to be - on Sky Cinema on Friday, April 16th [Read More...]


Justin John Doherty

Paul Risker - 10-04-2021

A jazz musician and his lover find their love affair hitting the rocks on the Cornish coast, in a captivating British drama with withs in the French New Wave and Italian Neorealism - available to stream and download [Read More...]


Lee Isaac Chung

Charles Williams - 08-04-2021

Melancholy study of a Korean immigrant family in the Reagan-era US is leavened by winsome performances and cinema’s cheekiest child - on VoD on Friday, April 2nd, in drive-in cinemas on Monday, April 12th and in regular cinemas on Monday, May 17th. [Read More...]

The Runner

Michelle Danner

Eoghan Lyng - 04-04-2021

Mother and son face each other off, in this probing American crime drama starring Elisabeth Röhm - from the London Independent Film Festival [Read More...]

Songs my Brothers Taught Me

Chloe Zhao

Arun A. K. - 03-04-2021

While not in the same league as Nomadland, Chloe Zhao's debut holds its own merit and reflects the director's distinctive sensibility - on Mubi on Friday, April 9th [Read More...]

The Mauritanian

Kevin Macdonald

Paul Risker - 03-04-2021

True life account of a detainee in Guantánamo Bay exhibits a country struggling to find its soul - streaming now on Amazon Prime [Read More...]

Jakob’s Wife

Travis Stevens

Ian Schultz - 30-03-2021

Horror veteran Barbara Crampton plays a small-town minister's wife who reclaims her appetite for life upon becoming a vampire - horror comedy premieres at SXSW [Read More...]

Swan Song

Todd Stephens

Ian Schultz - 30-03-2021

Udo Kier shines as a flamboyant queen in her twilight years in a small American town, in this endearing drama loosely based on a real story - from SXSW [Read More...]

Alien on Stage

Lucy Harvey, Danielle Kummer

Ian Schultz - 29-03-2021

A group of bus drivers from Dorset (yes, you read that right) ditch Christmas panto in favour of Ridley Scott's Alien, with chestburster et al - British documentary premiered at SXSW [Read More...]

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché

Celeste Bell, Paul Sng

Ian Schultz - 26-03-2021

The fascinating life of frontwoman for the British the punk rock band X-Ray Spex is the subject of this documentary, directed by the singer's own daughter - from SXSW (and available on BFI Player) [Read More...]


Malcolm Ingram

Ian Schultz - 24-03-2021

Take a lengthy look at the career of Kevin Smith, the charismatic and upbeat director of the highly successful indie comedy Clerks - from SXSW [Read More...]

The Sparks Brothers

Edgar Wright

Ian Schultz - 22-03-2021

"The Best British band to come out of the US" have an impressive career spanning five decades, and this rockumentary gives the eccentric duo just the right treatment - from SXSW [Read More...]

Creation Stories

Nick Moran

Ian Schultz - 20-03-2021

Biopic of Alan McGee, the co-founder of Creation Records who changed the face of British music, is just as messed up as the man it portrays - on Sky Cinema on Friday, March 19th [Read More...]

The Obituary of Tunde Johnson

Ali LeRoi

Michael McClure - 18-03-2021

American drama bringing together the Black Lives Matter movement and familiar gay issues shows at this year's virtual edition of BFI Flare [Read More...]


Francis Lee

James Luxford - 18-03-2021

Francis Lee’s follow up to God’s Own Country is a disappointingly chilly romance with striking similarities to his previous endeavour – out on digital platforms from 26th March [Read More...]

Silk Road

Tiller Russell

Ian Schultz - 15-03-2021

The internet's first unregulated marketplace becomes rife with illicit drugs, in the real-life story of the young and idealistic Ross Ulbricht - on VoD on Monday, March 22nd [Read More...]

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