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Hail Satan

Penny Lane

Victor Fraga - 17-08-2019

The devil has never been this adorable before, in this documentary about a group of American progressives who appropriated the Antichrist for the libertarian crusade - in cinemas Friday, August 23rd [Read More...]

Killer Kate!

Elliot Feld

Jack Hawkins - 14-08-2019

This American microbudget slasher is a real killer, but not quite in the way one would hope: it's simply painful for watch - in cinemas Sunday, August 18th [Read More...]

South Terminal (Terminal Sud)

Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche

Redmond Bacon - 12-08-2019

Neither dramatic enough nor powerful enough to hold the viewer's interest, Swiss film wallows in vagueness when it should be ramping up the tension - live from Locarno [Read More...]

A Serious Man

Coen Brothers

Jack Ford - 12-08-2019

Mostly overlooked dirty gem by the Coen Brothers is now 10 years old; Jack Ford reevaluates the film and asks why it failed at the box office a decade earlier! [Read More...]

The Last Black Man In San Francisco

Joe Talbot

Redmond Bacon - 12-08-2019

Both a celebration and lament for The City by the Bay, this film is also a deeply felt inquisition into the meaning of home - live from Locarno [Read More...]


Denis Côté

Redmond Bacon - 11-08-2019

Denis Côté's second film of 2019 is a silent tale of social insolation that sees the Quebec auteur pushing his minimalist approach to new limits! [Read More...]

Echo (Bergmál)

Rúnar Rúnnarsson

Redmond Bacon - 11-08-2019

This surprisingly sentimental entry from Rúnar Rúnnarsson is an epic ode to his Icelandic homeland in equal parts funny and sad - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Notre Dame

Valérie Donzelli

Redmond Bacon - 10-08-2019

See the Cathedral in its full glory for the last time in Valérie Donzelli's latest film; a breezy French comedy about womanhood and architecture - live from Locarno [Read More...]

A Voluntary Year (Das Freiwillige Jahr)

Ulrich Köhler

Redmond Bacon - 10-08-2019

A drive to the airport turns hairy in awkward German black comedy A Voluntary Year, a brilliant tale of adolescent indecision and fatherly overbearance - live from Locarno [Read More...]


Patrick Vollrath

Redmond Bacon - 10-08-2019

7500 breathes new life into the plane hijacking thriller by confining all the action in just the cockpit itself. This is one wild ride you won't forget! [Read More...]

Space Dogs

Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter

Redmond Bacon - 09-08-2019

Man's cruelty to man's best friend is merciless exposed in Russian film Space Dogs, one of the most bizarre documentaries ever made! Live from Locarno [Read More...]


Yorgos Lanthimos

Redmond Bacon - 09-08-2019

Yorgos Lanthimos debuts his new short at Locarno Film Festival! A strange provocation from the Greek auteur, it needs to be watched again and again! [Read More...]

Adolescents (Adolescentes)

Sébastian Lifshitz

Redmond Bacon - 09-08-2019

Five years in the making, Adolescentes is a remarkable achievement, charting two very different girls from 13 to 18 as they grow into maturity - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Maternal (Hogar)

Maura Delpero

Redmond Bacon - 09-08-2019

What constitutes motherhood? This is the question Maternal (Hogar) wrestles with, a deeply Christian riff on the tale of the Virgin Mary! Live from Locarno [Read More...]

Last Night I Saw You Smiling (Yub menh bong keunh oun nho nhim)

Kavich Neang

Redmond Bacon - 08-08-2019

A single building in Cambodia is used to interrogate a changing nation, in this quiet yet deeply affecting movie - live from Locarno [Read More...]

Midnight Cowboy

John Schlesinger

Jack Hawkins - 07-08-2019

Five decades after its original release, the New Hollywood trailblazer with kitchen sink flavours remains as powerful and evocative as ever - BFI re-edition is in cinemas Friday, September 13th [Read More...]


Garry Keane, Andrew McConnell

Victor Fraga - 07-08-2019

Two million Palestinians attempt to live their lives as normal, despite the horrific conditions to which they are subject - in cinemas Friday, August 8th [Read More...]


Sophie Hyde

Eoghan Lyng - 07-08-2019

Old friends and party animals Laura and Tyler brave the streets of Dublin in search of freedom, mischief, cocaine and... er... wedding dresses - in cinemas Friday, August 2nd [Read More...]

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