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Promise at Dawn (La Promesse de l’Aube)

Eric Barbier

Fiona Whitelaw - 13-11-2018

Screen adaptation of 1960 autobiographical novel by Romain Gary follows the Lithuanian-born French-writer as he flees Nazism and engages in the French Air Force, with a dazzling Charlotte Gainsbourg as his mother - from the Jewish Film Festival [Read More...]

The Journals Of Musan (Musanilgi)

Park Jung-bum

Jeremy Clarke - 12-11-2018

Boy from the North Country. North Korean defector living in South Korea struggles to survive in the black economy, with scant help from those around him or people at the church he attends – from the London Korean Film Festival (LKFF), on now [Read More...]

Free Lunch Society (Komm Komm Grundeinkommen)

Christian Tod

Redmond Bacon - 11-11-2018

What if everyone was entitled to "free" money, regardless of work? Doc investigates the concept of Universal Basic Income, and the successful pilots across the globe - from Walk This Way VoD [Read More...]

Step Up The Plate (Entre Les Bras)

Paul Lacoste

Redmond Bacon - 11-11-2018

The legacy of a family restaurant is explored in this French documentary, that is as much about fatherhood as it is about cooking - now available with Walk This Way VoD [Read More...]

Heart of Glass

Jérôme de Gerlache

Eoghan Lyng - 11-11-2018

Doc follows French glass-blower Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, recounting his personal endeavours through glass menageries and... dirty sounds! Available now with Walk This Way [Read More...]

Bobbi Jene

Elvira Lund

Ben Flanagan - 11-11-2018

Young, controversial and ambitious American dancer Bobbi Jene Smith uses her body as a tool for personal liberation - watch doc now with Walk This Way [Read More...]

Fukushima, A Nuclear Story (Fukushima, Una Storia Nucleare)

Matteo Gagliardi

Victor Fraga - 11-11-2018

Italian documentarist and journalist join forces in order to shed light at a tragedy that narrowly destroyed Tokyo, raising questions about governance and accountability - out on Monday, November 12th as part of the Walk This Way collection [Read More...]

Outlaw King

David Mackenzie

Jeremy Clarke - 08-11-2018

Robert the Bruce's 14th Century ascendancy to the Scottish throne in the face of despotic English rule is the subject of latest film by the director of Hell or High Water - in cinemas as well as on Netflix from Friday, November 9th [Read More...]

Mothers (Dangshinui Bootak)

Lee Dong-eun

Jeremy Clarke - 06-11-2018

Like mother, like son. A woman informally adopts the teenage son she's not seen for more than 10 years – from the London Korean Film Festival, on now [Read More...]


Paul Dano

Victor Fraga - 04-11-2018

Family drama set in the remote hinterlands of Montana illustrates the gradual and inevitable collapse of a nuclear family, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan - in cinemas Friday, November 9th [Read More...]


Julius Avery

Victor Fraga - 04-11-2018

A little Indiana Jones, a little Guillermo del Toro. American military horror set on D-Day makes use of every conceivable genre cliche, yet it's scary and fun enough to watch - in cinemas Wednesday, November 7th [Read More...]

Microhabitat (So-gong-nyeo)

Jeon Go-woon

Jeremy Clarke - 02-11-2018

The price has gone up. Yet again! A woman who wants nothing more from life than to be able to enjoy whisky and smoking enacts a radical plan to combat everyday inflation – in the opening film from the London Korean Film Festival (LKFF), on now [Read More...]

Shoplifters (Manbiki Kazoku)

Hirokazu Koreeda

Jeremy Clarke - 02-11-2018

Sleight of hand. A family of small time criminals takes a little girl into their care when her parents appear not to want her – Palme d'Or winner shows at the London East Asia Film Festival and then in general release across the country [Read More...]

Three Identical Strangers

Tim Wardle

Eoghan Lyng - 01-11-2018

Three triplets, separated at birth from one another are rekindled to find each other, just as they find out more about one another and about themselves - from the Jewish Film Festival [Read More...]

King of Crime

Matt Gambell

Redmond Bacon - 31-10-2018

An entertaining British crime caper with more twists and turns than most television series, plus offering a refreshing way forward for old-school British gangsters movies, is out in cinemas Friday, November 2nd [Read More...]

Foreboding (Yocho)

Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Jeremy Clarke - 30-10-2018

Loving the alien. Again. Japanese director reshapes his earlier Before We Vanish into an effective drama which plays out as an edge of the seat, sci-fi alien invasion thriller - from the London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF), on now [Read More...]


Mike Leigh

Fiona Whitelaw - 30-10-2018

Mike Leigh's historical epic is a superb register of a grassroots movement and massacre hardly heard of outside Britain, in a country that never saw a large revolution - in cinemas Friday, November 2nd. [Read More...]

Been So Long

Tinge Krishnan

Fiona Whitelaw - 29-10-2018

Love story set in London has all vital ingredients of your average romcom, yet it's highly inventive and its musical structure, and it's also a loving tribute to the British capital itself - on Netflix [Read More...]

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Intention (Geunal, Bada)
Why did the ferry sink? Fascinating, crowdfunded documentary meticulously and rigorously explores the nautical and technical details of exactly why Korea's Sewol ferry went under – from the London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF), on now [Read More...]

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