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Asif Kapadia

Chris Simpson - 06-02-2023

Choreographer Akram Khan's wild new creation is elegantly captured by one of Britain's most acclaimed documentarists - Asif Kapadia's new film is in cinemas on Friday, February 24th [Read More...]


Andrea Pallaoro

John McDonald - 01-02-2023

An estranged daughter returns home in order to assist her ailing mother, in this Intimate exploration of trauma - from the From Venice to London Film Festival (taking place between February 3rd to 6th) [Read More...]

She is Love

Jamie Adams

Chris Simpson - 29-01-2023

A divorced couple are reunited entirely by chance in a country hotel in Cornwall, in this improvisational six-day shot film - in cinemas and also Digital on Friday, February 3rd [Read More...]

Fashion Reimagined

Becky Hutner

Victor Fraga - 27-01-2023

British designer sets out to create a collection that's sustainable from beginning to end, challenging an industry with little to no regard to environmental and social issues - in cinemas on Friday, March 3rd [Read More...]


William Oldroyd

Mariano Garcia - 27-01-2023

Anne Hathaway and Thomasin McKenzie star in queer psychological drama with a touch of Todd Haynes's Carol - from Sundance [Read More...]


Andrey Paounov

Victor Fraga - 26-01-2023

Two men and a bird are trapped within the confines of a remote rural house, in this highly elliptical, meditative Bulgarian film dotted with folklore references - exquisite winter treat is in cinemas on Friday, January 27th [Read More...]

Fantastic Machine

Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck

John McDonald - 24-01-2023

Dirty gem of a documentary takes us on a voyage through the life of the video camera, one that offers a breadth of intrigue and unparalleled insight - from Sundance [Read More...]


Oliver Hermanus

Svetlana Pinet - 21-01-2023

What do you want leave behind you when you die? Bill Nighy's character finds out that it's never too late to leave your mark on this planet, in this remake of a Kurosawa classic of the 1950s - in cinemas on Friday, November 4th [Read More...]

A Man Called Otto

Marc Foester

Eoghan Lyng - 21-01-2023

In this sickly sweet comedy drama, Otto Anderson embraces the present moment, after years of living in a cloud; anyone hoping for American Beauty II will be disappointed - in cinemas on Friday, January 6th [Read More...]

Blue Jean

Georgia Oakley

Daniel Theophanous - 19-01-2023

Closeted Lesbian PE teacher wrestles with Section 28, in this realistic drama set in the year the homophobic legislation was introduced - impressive debut is in cinemas Friday, February 10th [Read More...]

The Chorus (O Coro)

Werner Schumann

Victor Fraga - 18-01-2023

Delicate Brazilian film bursting with music and poetry follows the lives of four very different people as they seek solace in the local orchestra - now on Amazon Prime [Read More...]

The Lone Wolf (O Lobo Solitário)

Filipe Melo

Pedrio Mendes - 18-01-2023

A late-night radio host receives a call from an old friend live on air, with shocking repercussions - short film from Portugal qualifies for the Oscars [Read More...]


Camilla Hall and Jennifer Tiexiera

Victor Fraga - 17-01-2023

Metatextual documentary investigates the impact that documentaries have on their subjects, and the revelations are sobering - in selected cinemas on Friday, February 17th [Read More...]

More Than Ever (Plus Que Jamais)

Emily Atef

John McDonald - 17-01-2023

Vicky Krieps shines as a vivacious young woman stricken with a very aggressive and fatal disease, in French drama also starring the late Gaspard Ulliel (himself the victim of a shocking, real-life death) - on BFI Player on Monday, January 30th [Read More...]

Enys Men

Mark Jenkin

Liván García-Duquesne - 14-01-2023

Billed as a Cornish "folk horror" tale, Mark Jenkin's astounding second feature transports viewers to a mysterious coastal island in the 1970s, without slipping into tiresome cliches - in cinemas on Friday, January 13th [Read More...]

What’s Love Got To Do With It

Shekhar Kapur

Victor Fraga - 13-01-2023

Profoundly entertainment romcom reveal the dirty machinations of “assisted” marriage in the UK and in Pakistan, all with a very lighthearted and moving touch - in cinemas on Friday, February 24th [Read More...]

Holy Spider

Ali Abbasi

Victor Fraga - 12-01-2023

An Iranian serial killer targets vulnerable, highly ostracised prostitutes, in a society with little sympathy for the "corrupt" female victims - in cinemas on Friday, January 20th [Read More...]


Pelayo De Lario

Gaelle Biguenet - 12-01-2023

Tripping on its crass humour, middle-of-the-road and unimaginative screenwriting, Pelayo De Lario’s debut feature falls flat on its face - on VoD on Monday, January 23rd [Read More...]

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