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The Long Rider

Sean Cisterna

John McDonald - 22-06-2022

Authentic, intimate and raw documentary about an aspiring journalist’s 25,000km, eight-year incredible epic journey on horseback will move and grip you - from the Dances with Films Film Festival [Read More...]


Sonia Chokri

Redmond Bacon - 21-06-2022

This Quebecois tale of toxic masculinity feels as unwanted as the acts it tries to make fun of — live from Transylvania International Film Festival. [Read More...]

Inferno Rosso: Joe D’Amato on the Road to Excess (Inferno Rosso: Joe D’Amato Sullva Via Dell’eccesso)

Manlio Gomarasca, Massimiliano Zanin

Redmond Bacon - 21-06-2022

More of a DVD supplement than a genuine film, horror and porn director Joe D'Amato is given a tribute that is only skin deep — live from Transylvania [Read More...]

Beautiful Beings

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

Redmond Bacon - 20-06-2022

This moody, sensitive portrayal of Icelandic youth in the 90s is a difficult yet tender portrait of teen vulnerability — live from TIFF Romania [Read More...]

The Execution (Kazn)

Lado Kvatania

Redmond Bacon - 20-06-2022

An unpredictable and dark serial killer drama, this Russian film plunges us straight into the Soviet heart of darkness — live from TIFF. [Read More...]

The Balcony Movie (Film balkonowy)

Paweł Łozinski

Redmond Bacon - 19-06-2022

The whole world is revealed to us from the smallest possible corner in this glorious Polish documentary — live from TIFF. [Read More...]

The Hole (Il Buco)

Michelangelo Frammartino

Redmond Bacon - 18-06-2022

This descent into the third deepest cave in the world is a mesmeric cinematic experience — live from Transylvania Film Festival. [Read More...]

How I Learned To Fly (Leto kada sam naucila da letim)

Radivoje Andric

Redmond Bacon - 18-06-2022

A lightweight comedy tackling serious themes in Balkan history, this is a film perfect for introducing children to the 90s conflict - live from Transylvania [Read More...]

Piggy (Cerdita)

Carlota Pereda

Redmond Bacon - 18-06-2022

This exceptionally mean-spirited Spanish horror about an obese teenager and her crush on a serial killer is an absolute blast — live from TIFF. [Read More...]


Mohamed Diab

Redmond Bacon - 18-06-2022

This powerful Palestinian family drama asks deep questions about the true meaning of home — live from Transilvania International Film Festival. [Read More...]

The Natural History of Destruction

Sergei Loznitsa

Redmond Bacon - 23-05-2022

This exhaustive archival documentary asks if the price of winning a war is ever worth the cost — live from Cannes Film Festival! [Read More...]

Sick of Myself

Kristoffer Borgli

Redmond Bacon - 23-05-2022

From the producers of The Worst Person in the World comes a superior Oslo-set tale, pushing narcissism to its limits — live from Cannes! [Read More...]

The Woodcutter Story

Mikko Myllylahti

Redmond Bacon - 21-05-2022

This typically Finnish tale ticks all the boxes of the national spirit, but failed to lift mine — live from the Cannes Film Festival! [Read More...]

Resistances: Words and Art for Fighting Political Defamation

Cristina Juliana Abril.

Liván García-Duquesne - 16-05-2022

Four Brazilian artists living in political exile aim to transform trauma into art and beauty, in this reflective piece of filmmaking - at the Rich Mix on Saturday, May 28th [Read More...]

The Drover’s Wife

Leah Purcelll

John McDonald - 12-05-2022

Meandering western led by a stellar performance covers some important themes, but it struggles to grip hold of its audience - in cinemas on Friday, May 13th [Read More...]

This Much I Know To Be True

Andrew Dominik

Ian Schultz - 11-05-2022

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis's creative relationship reaches its pinnacle during the pandemic, their interaction gently captured by Andrew Dominik - in cinemas on Wednesday, may 11th [Read More...]


Penelope Caillet

Mariano Garcia - 03-05-2022

This beautiful black and white short starring Victoria Lacoste is an exploration of love, feminine sexuality and finding joy in the solitude of nature, where music, film and art intertwine [Read More...]

The Northman

Robert Eggers

John McDonald - 28-04-2022

Epic drama takes the all-familiar medieval setting and reinvents it with intimidating beauty - now available on VoD [Read More...]

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