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Alice Rohrwacher

Victor Fraga - 29-05-2023

Italian director becomes increasingly recognised for her idiosyncratic style, now moving further away from poetic territory into quirky zone - live from Official Competition of the the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

The Other Fellow

Matthew Bauer

Eoghan Lyng - 28-05-2023

Imagine sharing your name with a fictional character? Meet the real-life James Bonds, in this very peculiar documentary - now on all major VoD platforms [Read More...]

Homecoming (Le Retour)

Catherine Corsini

Victor Fraga - 28-05-2023

Gingerly multilayered drama about loss and reconnection in Corsica boasts spectacular teenage performances - Catherine Corsini's wildly underrated drama premiered at the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

Youth (Spring)

Wang Bing

Victor Fraga - 27-05-2023

Deep dive into the loud routine of a large group of Chinese textile workers, in this highly observational, non-narrative documentary - in the Official Competition of the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

The Old Oak

Ken Loach

Victor Fraga - 26-05-2023

Ken Loach's portrayal of poverty, xenophobia and failed refugee integration in Northern England is authentic and captivating; he gets to to the roots of racism without condoning it - live from Cannes [Read More...]

Last Summer (L’Été Dernier)

Catherine Breillat

Victor Fraga - 26-05-2023

#MeToo's number one enemy challenges the immorality of the patriarchy by putting an immoral female in a position of power, in an anti-erotic drama - Catherine Breillat showcases her new creation in the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]


Tina Satter

Gaelle Biguenet - 26-05-2023

Piercing, tense and unexpectedly funny docufiction starring Sydney Sweeney portrays controversial whistleblower who leaked US government information to the media in 2017 - in cinemas on Friday, June 2nd [Read More...]

Perfect Days

Wim Wenders

Victor Fraga - 25-05-2023

Wim Wenders returns to what he does best with this observational and meditative drama about a toilet cleaner forging ahead his lonely routine in Tokyo - from the Official Competition of the 76 Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

A Brighter Tomorrow (Il Sol dell’Avvenire)

Nanni Moretti

Victor Fraga - 25-05-2023

An ageing director struggles to finish his latest historical drama, in Nanni Moretti's earnest riff on dying film practices and political ideologies - from the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

The Pot-au-Feu (La Passion de Dodin Bouffant)

Tran Anh Hung

Victor Fraga - 24-05-2023

A cook and her boss savour an intense romance for more than 20 years, in this slow-cooked culinary drama from France/Belgium (featuring a delectable Juliette Binoche) - from the Official Competition of the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

Asteroid City

Wes Anderson

Victor Fraga - 24-05-2023

Children and parents get together for a stargazing convention in the middle of the American desert, in Wes Anderson banally idiosyncratic new movie - from the Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

Kidnapped (Rapito)

Marco Bellochio

Victor Fraga - 24-05-2023

In mid-19th century Italy, a six-year-old Jew is forcibly converted into Catholicism - Marco Bellochio's insightful historical drama is in the Official Competition of the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]


Fridtjof Ryder

Isy Santini - 23-05-2023

British horror folk about a young man released from a psychiatric institution blends hyperrealism with surreal symbolism, however it lacks a little mystery and a little edge - preview in 87 cinemas on Wednesday, May 24th; on general release on Friday, June 16th [Read More...]

Master Gardener

Paul Schrader

Eoghan Lyng - 23-05-2023

A gardener with a murky past is offered a second chance in life when he agrees to mentor a distant relative of his boss - Paul Schrader's new film is in cinemas on Friday, May 26th [Read More...]

Fallen Leaves (Kuolleet Lehdet)

Aki Kaurismäki

Victor Fraga - 23-05-2023

A romcom on benzodiazepines? Aki Kaurismäki's latest film is romantic, lethargic and delightful to watch - live from the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

May December

Todd Haynes

Victor Fraga - 23-05-2023

Overconfident in its dramatic and subversive abilities, Todd Haynes new film is but an average story of love outside the traditional American family - live from the Official Competition at Cannes [Read More...]


Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra

Daniel Theophanous - 23-05-2023

Touching Portuguese drama with a documentary-feel reflects upon the attachment to rural roots, and inescapability of ageing and death - live from Cannes [Read More...]

Club Zero

Jessica Hausner

Victor Fraga - 22-05-2023

Teacher at an upper-class school convinces a small group students that they are better off without food at all, in Jessica Hausner's bizarre mockery of anti-capitalistic conspiracy - live from the 76th Cannes Film Festival [Read More...]

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