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Tremayne Miller

Writer, actress and singer

Professional writer who thrives on challenge, injecting a fresh and global perspective into everything to which she puts pen and paper

Tremayne has a highly successful proven track record in both technical and literary writing.

Her distinct voice covering a broad cross section of subjects, including coverage of independent film and foreign cinema, dance, music; and psychology; including the benefits of arts therapies.

Tremayne has provided material to e-magazines: HeyUGuys, UK Film Network and UK Theatre Network, Close-Up Film, and The Fan Carpet. She has covered the following festivals: The BFI London Film Festival, BFI Flare, Sundance London, Bird’s Eye View Film Festival, The Pan-Asia Film Festival, Rendez-vous with French Cinema, The Raindance Film Festival, and The Independent Film Festival.

She has branched out as far as Australia, contributing to the academic journal Senses of Cinema. Its mission it is ‘o encourage a broad cross section of writing, including: personal memoirs, academic essays, journalistic reports & poetic evocations.

As well as having produced press material suitable for a European market, at the request of Earthwire productions, an independent motion picture house in New Zealand.

You can find her on Instagram: @TremayneMiller

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