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Teodosia Dobriyanova

Teodosia Dobriyanova

Teodosia Dobriyanova (Film journalist and programme assistant)
A Bulgarian cine-fetishist who's passionate about about Realism and post-Communist cinema from the East

Teodosia Dobriyanova was born and raised in Bulgaria. She is now a cine-fetishist based in London who loves to explore film theatres. She is a freelance film journalist and programming assistant at New East Cinema, and also a critic for Electric Ghost Magazine. She also does film introductions, and loves writing programme notes.

With a soft spot for documentary and film architecture, Teodosia loves everything in cinema that brings her closer to the ontological experience. Werner Herzog and Lynne Ramsay are her spiritual gurus, she admires every film that aspires to communicate some sort of truth. The films that most resonate with her are often deeply grounded in self-transcending realism, preoccupied with the human condition. That said, she know that a film does not need to be realistic in order to be real, to take the spectator out of their chair and into the filmic world. This is some sort of regular The Purple Rose of Cairo (Woody Allen, 1985) relationship with cinema.

After finishing her film degree with the dissertation entitled “Surrealism as a Tool of Ideological Subversion in Post-Stalinist Eastern European Cinema”, Teodosia devoted a lot of time to post-Communist film from the so-called New East region. She has an interest in world cinema and a history rooted in the Balkans.

Other than that, Teodosia loves going to festivals, petting dogs, and looking for time portals.

You can contact Teodosia via email

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