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Jules Arita Koostachin


Canadian Cree Native filmmaker has extensive knowledge working with Indigenous communities

Born in Moose Factory Ontario, Jules was raised by her Cree speaking grandparents in Moosonee, and also with her mother in Ottawa, a warrior of the Canadian Residential school system. Jules is a band member of Attawapiskat First Nation, the ancestral lands of the MoshKeKo. She currently resides in Vancouver, Jules is a PhD candidate with the Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice with the University of British Columbia, her research focus is Indigenous documentary.

In 2010, she completed graduate school at Ryerson University in Documentary Media where she was awarded the Award of Distinction for her thesis work, as well as the Graduate Ryerson Gold Medal for highest academic achievement. While pursuing her Masters, she finished her first feature documentary, Remembering Inninimowin about her journey of remembering Cree. After graduation, Jules was one of six women selected for the Women in the Directors Chair at the Banff Center, where she directed a scene from her script Broken Angel which is currently in development. Jules’ television series AskiBOYZ(2016) co-produced with Big Soul Production is currently being aired on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.

VisJuelles Productions Inc., Jules company, has a number of films and other media works in development. In 2017, she released her short documentary NiiSoTeWakand is working on her second short OshKiKiShiKaw with CBC. In 2017 Jules was the Aboriginal Storyteller in Residence with the Vancouver Public Library. In the fall of 2018, Jules latest short OChiSkwaCho is premiering at ImagineNative, and she is also in development with two (2) television series: Threshold with Jules Koostachin and SACRED. She also released Butterfly Monument with co-director/producer Rick Miller

Her first book of poetry Unearthing Secrets, Gathering Truthswas released this fall. She was a selected filmmaker for the Toronto International Film Festival Filmmakers Lab 2018. She carries extensive knowledge working in Indigenous community in several different capacities and these community experiences continue to feed her advocacy and her arts practice.

Her 2017 short film PLACEenta shows at the 12th Native Spirit Film Festival taking place between October 10th and 21st in the British capital, with the presence of the director. Click here for more information about the event.

You can find out more information about Jules by clicking here and here.

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