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James Luxford

James Luxford

James Luxford (Critic and broadcaster)
London writer with an affinity for queer cinema and American indies

London-born James Luxford has been a film critic and broadcaster since 2007, writing about cinema all over the world. Beginning with regional magazines and entertainment websites, they soon built up a wealth of experience reviewing the latest releases and interviewing every major name in the industry.

James has reviewed films for Little White Lies, City AM, Radio Times, Metro UK, UAE newspaper The National, and BBC Radio. They have also written about film for The Guardian, Empire, The Hollywood Reporter, and the BFI. In addition to radio, they have appeared on BBC World News, BBC South Today, and BBC One show Rip-Off Britain about trends in cinema. James is an experienced Q&A host, having moderated panels for Picturehouse Cinemas, the BFI, and Peccadillo Pictures.

A film fan since they knew how to sit upright, James’s formative film years were during the independent explosion of the 1990s, worshipping at the altar of Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and Martin Scorsese. Over time their scope began to widen, finding beauty in all areas of cinema, particularly when their interest turned into a profession.

A passionate advocate of cinema, James is interested in unique storytelling, wherever it may come from. In the many years looking up at a big screen, they have been wowed by micro-budget masterpieces as well as expensive blockbusters. While they have an affinity for queer cinema and American indies, there’s something to be adored in every genre. James believes in the value of film criticism, and has always prioritised absolute honesty over performative hot takes.

You can find James talking about film on Twitter @JLFilm , and trying on colourful outfits on Instagram @JL_Film.

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