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Daniel Florêncio


Chasing truths and exposing reality with a camera

Daniel Florêncio is a Brazilian-born filmmaker based in London for almost 15 years. He has worked as film director, producer, creative manager and editor for various film, television and media organisations on both sides of the Atlantic. They include MTV, Bloomberg, Collingwood, Passion Pictures and Turner Broadcasting, amongst others.

He used to make documentaries, and directed his first fiction film in 2013, a short movie called Awfully Deep. Since then, he has focused on his first feature film Chasing Robert Barker, the story of photographer caught in the sneaky ways of the paparazzi industries, and the personal dilemmas he has to face. The film was produced by indie firm I Made It, and it was partly financed through crowdfunding. This novel approach has given Daniel great artistic freedom.

An inner urge to expose reality and to give it a dark feel is what drives Florêncio and his films. Neorealism, the French New Wave and independent cinema from the USA have helped to shape Daniel’s work. The world is spinning fast, and Daniel believes that his duty is to capture different people in different places and in different clothes with his camera lenses.

You can get in touch with Florêncio via Twitter @danielflorencio.

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