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Charles Williams

Charles Williams

Charles Williams (Writer)
Postdoctoral bioscientist by day, media journalist also by day. Clocking off at 5. Basque-based Brit.

Charles Williams works as a biotechnology researcher in San Sebastián, Spain, home a wide-ranging (and cheap) film festival. Consumption of popular media and food are two major hobbies, leading to review writing as a further pastime.

His film tastes are varied, from the auteur to the asinine. He’ll go to bat for Sleepless In Seattle and Hook.

Other posts by Charles Williams
The Great Fellove (El Gran Fellove)
Learn and laugh along with this audiophile documentary directed by Matt Dillon, which scats through the history of Afro-Cuban Jazz and its peoples - from San Sebastian [Read More...]

In the Dusk (Sutemose)
Deliberate pacing highlights quiet, charged moments of Lithuanian life under the shadow of Soviet years after the sun has set on the front lines of WW2 - live from San Sebastian [Read More...]

Tucci and Firth convince as a couple of advancing years coming to terms with a dementia diagnosis and the bleak event horizon that follows - from San Sebastian [Read More...]

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan
Shane McGowan gets the Julien Temple treatment with the help of a limelight grabbing Johnny Depp - from the San Sebastian International Film Festival [Read More...]

Another Round (Druk)
Stylish, raucous, and quintessentially Scandinavian drama demonstrates the cost of maintaining your buzz past closing time - live from San Sebastian [Read More...]

Simple Passion (Passion Simple)
French drama eschews traditional male gaze cinema in favour of an intense, all-consuming affair shown from the perspective of an older mistress - from the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

The Father
An unflinching look at the reality of advanced dementia, this British movie starring Anthony Hopkins manages to capture both the confusion of the affected and the burden of those nearest to them - from the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

Summer 85 (Été 85)
François Ozon captures the spirit of 1985 in a tale of a doomed young romance that outshines the summer sun - from the San Sebastian Film Festival (and also showing at Curzon Camden Market until September 30th) [Read More...]

Rifkin’s Festival
Chaotic marriages and infidelities clash with the idyllic setting of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, in Woody Allen's messy new creation - live from San Sebastián [Read More...]

Hurt by Paradise
Written, directed and starred by Greta Bellamacina, this British indie illustrates the unlikely friendship between a poet and a babysitter against the backdrop of a London full of contrasts - in cinemas Friday, September 18th [Read More...]

Bill & Ted Face the Music
Bill and Ted have grown up. So, too, have audience sensibilities. Is there still an appetite for their medium-brow escapades? In cinemas Wednesday, September 16th [Read More...]

Les Misérables
Impressive debut presents a snapshot into the world of Paris' marginalised immigrant communities and how those of foreign descent are only embraced when they’re scoring goals - in cinemas Friday, September 4th [Read More...]

Christopher Nolan delivers an intensely cinematic experience that pulls no punches and transcends the offerings of his contemporaries - in cinemas Wednesday, August 26th [Read More...]

A Rainy Day in New York
The latest Woody Allen flick is yet another love letter to the city that never sleeps, a schtick that is proving increasingly tired - on VoD on Friday, June 5th [Read More...]

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