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Andrew Knoll

Actor and Scriptwriter

Capturing the essence of moving pictures through choreography

Born in Brazil in 1979, Andrew Knoll works in the fields of visual arts, filmmaking and theatre. In 2009, he became a researcher in SESI-PR, one of the most prestigious institute of drama studies in the south of Brazil. They often collaborate with the British Council.

Knoll won the Golden Maple Leaf for Best Actor award at the 5th BRAFFTV in Toronto, Canada, with the short movie A Fábrica (Aly Muritiba). He now has a role in the short movie Usados San Marino (Cassiano Prado, in the stage of pre-production). The short movie is being produced by O2 Filmes, one of the leading cinema and TV production companies in Brazil which also produced City of God by Fernando Meirelles, in 2002.

He established a new scriptwriting practice based on storylines interwoven through pictorial choreography (Portuguese: pictocoreografias). This innovative approach resulted in the scripts entitled Slice of War and Full Contakt.

Andrew Knoll is a reckless believer in team work with an artistic purpose. His career is very eclectic, including adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s tales (Nevermore Berenice, 2011) and workshops with taxi drivers (Taxista Empreendedor, 2011). This latter consists of a miniseries recorded in five Brazilian cities aiming to improve the taxi business whilst the former is a disturbed and ghastly act on a dying woman and her distraught lover.

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