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Andrei Koscina


This man wants to deep dive into your complex psychology and explore your multilayered personality

Andrei Koscina is a Brazilian/French film director and producer resident in London. He holds a degree in Advertising, and his passion for cinema started at university, while studying Italian Neorealism and the French New Wave. Fellini touched him profoundly.

His first hands-on experience with filmmaking took place in 2013 producing and directing a music video for an unsigned Brazilian artist. In 2014, he ventured into his first ambitious and self-financed short film project Shades of White, devoting eight months to produce and direct it with the support of a large crew and very young cast. In 2015 Andrei directed Taciturn, a coming-of-age short film that received several nominations and awards (which you can watch by clicking here). The following year, he experimented with rom-com genre in Blind Date. His latest short film The Girl by the Canal features Aurelia Poirier in his cast, an ascending French actress already prominent in various French TV series. His latest project, Damn you, Marie Beauchene!, a short comedy, is in post-production and it features casts five French actors and one Spanish.

He’s been immersed in the pre-production of his debut feature, Tell me Why?, a thriller funded through SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) with Film Engine behind. He expects to start shooting this British production in London in the Summer of 2017, once it’s been greenlit. The project has Terry Dwyer in the cast and a 17-year-old ascending actress in the lead role. Andrei has also signed with a major production company to shoot his first feature made on Brazilian soil (likely his second feature), a coming-of-age drama with some stars in the cast and a bestselling writer behind the project.

His favourite dirty directors include Olivier Assayas, Woody Allen, Jean-Marc Vallee, Michael Haneke and Paul Thomas Anderson. For him, even fictional stories depicted on the screen can prompt the audience to a self-reflection and make them feel part of a bigger world. Loneliness, search for personal identity and friendship are the themes he likes to explore individually or in tandem.

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