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Still riding fast half a century on!!!


Steve Naish - 19-05-2019

As Dennis Hopper's classic Easy Rider turns 50, Steve Naish examines the film's influence on the work of other directors (such as Tarantino) and argues it still resonates now, in the light of Trump's racist rhetoric [Read More...]

The cure for teen angst?


Calum Cooper - 23-04-2019

Calum Cooper argues that adolescent melancholy can be strangely soothing, and that the portrayal of anxiety in Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade is gently reassuring! [Read More...]

How about a new Cleopatra movie?


Tim Werner - 18-04-2019

It is a movie that has been speculated about for almost a decade, but rumours have once again emerged this year regarding the prospect of a new big-screen take on the story of Cleopatra! [Read More...]

The dirty movie that changed my life: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


Karin Thimm - 18-03-2019

Our reader Karin Thimm describes the very film and the very sequence that gave her a renewed sense of purpose in life, after an acrimonious divorce battle at the age of just 20! [Read More...]

When identity politics backfire


Victor Fraga - 18-03-2019

The trans drama GIRL has encountered fierce criticism amongst our readers and elsewhere because it was directed and starred by cis men. Should cis artists refrain from taking the lead in trans films? [Read More...]

Binders full of men???


Eoghan Lyng - 01-02-2019

Marianne Farley is the only female director to receive an Oscar nod this year, for her short film Marguerite (about an older woman coming to terms with her sexuality); she talks to us about generational themes, representation and more! [Read More...]

The five 2019 Best Short Film Oscar nominations reviewed for you!


Eoghan Lyng - 01-02-2019

Short films often get overshadowed by the glitz and glam of their feature counterparts in the Oscars, but not this year; check out our dirty reviews of each one of the five nominations this year, including a very controversial Irish/British production [Read More...]

Is it acceptable to portray a horrific real crime in film?


Eoghan Lyng - 27-01-2019

Irish filmmaker Vincent Lambe encountered fierce opposition to his film about the James Bulger murder, which has received an Oscar nod. Our Irish writer Eoghan Lyng raises questions about these reactions, arguing that Detainment isn't exploitative and doesn't condone the murders [Read More...]

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