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Hate is baggage: why American History X still resonates 20 years on!


Robert Blair - 30-10-2018

Robert Blair successfully ties Tony Kaye's two-decade old American crime drama with Trump's racist rhetoric, in a very profound and powerful analysis of human corruption and fallibility; he wraps it all up on a surprisingly positive note [Read More...]

Do cowboys have fantasies?


Steve Naish - 25-10-2018

As a crisp 4k restoration of Dennis Hopper's "lost" masterpiece The Last Movie hits cinemas, Stephen Lee Naish reevaluates the film that nearly ruined the late American artist [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Alberto Sciamma


Redmond Bacon - 23-10-2018

We spoke to the Spanish director of I Love My Mum, a British comedy laced with sociopolitical undertones, Brexit tropes and jokes about nationalism, plus it's also a picturesque tour of Europe and North Africa - the film premieres at the Cambridge Film Festival [Read More...]

Sorry to bother you, BFI and Picturehouse!!!


Ben Flanagan - 21-10-2018

As the BFI London Film Festival draws to a close, Ben Flanagan highlights a stark contradiction between the proletarian message of films such as SORRY TO BOTHER YOU and the corporate attitude of the Festival organisers [Read More...]

How Ally’s father is crucial to the success of his daughter


Redmond Bacon - 21-10-2018

Our writer takes a dirty look at the third remake of the Hollywood classic A Star is Born, and reveals why the paternal figure, played by Andrew Dice Clay, remains instrumental to the protagonist, played by a dazzling Lady Gaga  [Read More...]

Our top 10 dirty picks from the Cambridge Film Festival


DMovies' team - 18-10-2018

As the third longest-running film festival in the UK approaches, we have cherry-picked the 10 most innovative, thought-provoking and downright filthy gems from the event that takes place between November 25th and December 1st! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Panos Cosmatos


Lara C. Cory - 12-10-2018

As the instant classic Mandy premieres at the BFI London Film Festival and hits UK cinemas, Lara C. Cory met with the Italian-Canadian filmmaker and found out where the filthy story began! [Read More...]

London is in high spirits!!!


DMovies' team - 03-10-2018

The 12th Native Spirit Film Festival starts in just a week at the heart of the British capital, with a selection of Indigenous films from all corners of the planet teeming with colour, diversity and urgent sociopolitical issues; check out our lowdown on the event. [Read More...]

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Michael Haneke’s happy weekend in Britain
The emblematic Austrian director attends the latest Picturing Austrian Cinema Symposium organised by Dr Frederick Baker (University of Cambridge) and Dr Annie Ring (University College London), where he reveals the dirty secrets of his latest film, explains that he favours "no method" and why his camera always pans in the wrong direction! [Read More...]

A deep-dive into Austrian Cinema
Our journalist Ben Flanagan attends the Picturing Austrian Cinema symposium organised by the University of Cambridge since 2014; the event - which was also attended by no less than Michael Haneke - challenges preconceptions, unearths dirty gems and reveals the hidden facets of a cinema little known to many Brits [Read More...]

Meet the man behind the Black Divaz
As the documentary BLACK DIVAZ - about six Aboriginal drag queens - premieres at the Native Spirit Film Festival, we had a dirty talk with the filmmaker Adrian Russell Wills and found out about his inspiration, his impetus and the challenges in making such a thought-provoking movie [Read More...]

Our 10 mega-filthy picks for the BFI London Film Festival 2018
The 62th BFI London Film Festival takes place between October 10th and 21st; check out the 10 unmissable dirty gems that we have unearthed, all of them thoroughly reviewed exclusively for you! [Read More...]

In defense of screen life movies: not just marketing gimmicks
'Screen life' movies (horror/actions flicks that unfold on computer screens) have been dismissed as marketing gimmicks; in reality, they have created a whole new language teeming with social commentary - argues poet and screenwriter Charlie Jones [Read More...]

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