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8th MyFrenchFilmFestival

19th January 2018 – 19th February 2018 all-day
8th MyFrenchFilmFestival @ Online

This year the Festivals offers you 30 new, unreleased films organised into six thematic sections: Wacky and offbeat stories in WTF…rench!?, life-changing journeys in Hit the Road!, the sometimes painful, or comical, transition from childhood to adulthood in Teen Stories, the (at times homicidal) obsessions of disturbing characters in French and Furious, love stories of the kind you only find in France in Love “à la Française”, and, finally, a selection of innovative works in New Horizons.

Our recommendations include Ava (Lea Mysius, 2017) and 1:54 (Yan England, 2017).

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