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Another Lottery Ticket (Inca Doua Luzuri)

Three Romanian lowlifes navigate the world of cryptocurrency, convinced that they have "won" six million euros - endearing comedy premieres at the 22nd Transylvania International Film Festival


The sequel to 2016 hit Two Lottery Tickets (also directed by Paul Negoescu), Another Lottery Ticket follows the misadventures of three clueless friends in an elusive quest for easy money. Dinel (Dorian Boguta) and Pompiliu (Alexandru Papadopol) pick Vasile (Dragos Bucur) up from prison (he has done time for an ordeal only recognisable to those who saw the first film), and they soon begin to concoct new ways of becoming rich. They are your not ruthless villain wit a maniacal laughter, Instead, they are kind and well-meaning. Adorable even.

Dinel wants to impress his partner who lives in England, while Vasile wants to rescue his ex-girlfriend from an abusive relationship. Pompiliu has fewer concerns, perhaps because he uses a veterinary doctor for medical purposes. It’s cheaper and more reliable, and not subject to the nefarious interests of the pharma industry. And most importantly: we’re all animals after all, right? After watching this film there will be very little doubt that the answer is indeed a resounding “yes”.

The “pudgy” Dinel is the most naive and gullible of the three. He shares the terrific news with his friends inside the car: he has struck gold! An e-mail from the “Nigerian Lottery” that morning informed him that he won one million euros. Nothing suspicious about that, despite the fact that he never purchased a lottery ticket, and that the e-mail was written in broken Romanian. “At least they made an effort with our language”, he gleefully justifies. He’s just convinced that’s his lucky day. It takes some persuasion skills for his two friends to throw a bucket of cold water on his dreams.

There are, however, other ways of hitting the jackpot. Cryptocurrency is the answer. Our three protagonists join forces with the local nerd in order to create a mining farm. The problem is that the facilities hardly have electricity to power a coffee machine, let alone the tower of computer hardware that they somehow managed to assemble. They eventually find a solution with repercussions to the entire nation, in the film’s most hilarious scene. They eventually earn a large sum of money, but the problem is that the fortune is stuck inside a USB stick that goes missing. So they embark on a treasure hunt from hell, overflowing with McGuffin silliness, including a road trip and a visit for the garbage landfill. This is a sweet little comedy that will put a smile on your face and make you chuckle.

Another Lottery Ticket just premiered at the 22nd Transylvania International Film Festival. DMovies is following the action live an in loco exclusively for you.

By Victor Fraga - 18-06-2023

Victor Fraga is a Brazilian born and London-based journalist and filmmaker with more than 20 years of involvement in the cinema industry and beyond. He is an LGBT writer, and describes himself as a di...

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