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Top 3 dirty movies waiting for a sequel!

Our reader Pedro Lynn picks three dirty movies, all from this century, that are just aching to have a sequel remade in the near future. How many have you seen?

There have been plenty of movie sequels recently that have come out years, even decades after the original was released. It’s fair to say that the timing and quality of these sequels have certainly varied from project to project, but despite that, here are three movies that we are certainly holding out hope for to make a comeback.


1. Dredd (Peter Travis, 2012):

While many are aware of Judge Dress at least in passing, not many people know that the original comic was a British creation, as the gunplay and setting feel so much like a dystopian version of the United States. After a disastrous flop of an adaptation featuring Sylvester Stallone nearly killed the concept, a reboot with Karl Urban went down much more smoothly. It was even intended to be part of a trilogy, but 10 years later we’ve basically heard nothing.

The lack of a sequel is likely down to Dredd’s lackluster box-office performance, and despite the film gaining massive cult acclaim over the last decade, studios just aren’t interested in backing something that has proven to be a financial failure before. Even a planned TV show in 2017 quietly disappeared into the Internet, which is a shame as there are so many great stories left untold.


2. District 9 (Neill Blomkamp, 2009):

District 9 stands as one of the biggest cinema exports ever from the unique nation of South Africa, famous for its diverse and often dramatic cultural history. The creative tastes of the nation are something extremely unique, with other creations including African and Afrikaan spins on European music trends, cuisine blending African and Dutch traditions. Any entertainment or media catering to South Africans looks very different to their American or European counterparts, from music to movies to casinos. In fact, the online casinos of South Africa have entirely different libraries of games available for players when you compare them to all other global casinos, such as Gemtopia, to fit a land that has produced so many famous diamonds.

This is what always made District 9 such a unique experience, as it combined all of those disparate cultural elements to show a story that no Hollywood studio could tell. The proposed sequel, appropriately known as District 10, has been discussed back and forth with mentions as recently as last August, but anyrealistic release date would mean that the film would be at least 15 years after the original.

District 9 is also pictured at the top of this article.


3. The Nice Guys (Shane Black, 2016):

The good news for fans of The Nice Guys from 2016 is that we have finally gotten confirmation that a sequel is in the works. The bad news is that the whole thing still looks shaky and essential star Russell Crowe still hasn’t officially signed on, although Ryan Gosling and Shane Black are confirmed.

The original whodunnit movie from 2017 ended (spoilers) with the pair setting up ‘The Nice Guys Detective Agency’ in a clear attempt to establish it as something of an origin story for a later series of films. Despite extremely positive reviews from both the public and critics, the film barely made back its production costs. Combine that with the rising popularity of all involved and their schedules, it’s understandable why it has taken so long to get this sequel moving and why many are still concerned as to whether it’s possible.

The only thing left to hope for is that any sequel for the above comes out with the same qualities that made each original film so special and doesn’t end up as another Matrix: Resurrections (Lana Wachowski, 2021) situation.

By Pedro Lynn - 09-05-2023

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