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My top 5 dirty LGBTQ+ films of all time

Our reader Mariano Garcia picks the most thought-provoking, intriguing and downright filthy queer movies, the ones that have helped to change his life!

The LGBTQ+ community has made significant strides in the recent past, especially in gaining recognition from mainstream media. However, it has not always been like that; their freedom has been threatened through the years. The struggle is intense in some countries, where owning the community is punishable by death.

Over the last decade, we have seen admirable tolerance and acceptance. While legalising same-sex marriage indicates that countries are slowly accepting the LGBTQ+ community, it is not a guarantee of their approval. Still, you can find thousands of online and offline communities that support LGBTQ+ relationships with all their might.

Only over the past 50 years hundreds of gay dating platforms have appeared, allowing men seeking men to find their soulmates. These matchmaking outlets prove that in this day and age, gay people can finally feel like they belong. And with a growing wealth of options available on dating sites and the internet in general, gay and lesbian dating is now becoming the norm.

Movies producers have been at the frontline championing integration into the community. There are countless romantic movies showcasing queer love in the air. Here are some of the best movies for you, whether you are in the mood for watching a romantic movie or looking for something to help you fantasize about finding queer love in the future. Grab some popcorn, slide into a comfortable position, and marathon some of these.


1. Moonlight (Barry Jenkins, 2016):

Moonlight is a 2016 drama film based on a story written by playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney. It depicts the story of a young, poor, black gay boy, Chiron, living in South Florida. The neglected African American man struggles with coming out from childhood through fierce adulthood and burgeoning adulthood.

Its most prominent theme is to showcase how the black community deals with sexuality. It is a beautiful and honest story with a challenging storyline turn. It invites us to resonate with a black queer man who is completely alienated from the world throughout his journey. The story is stunning in every single way, with a simple yet powerful message about the LGBTQ+ community.


2. Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee, 2005):

This drama film was created in 2005 and has won three Academy Awards. The film tells the story of two shepherds who develop feelings for each other while working on a ranch over winter. They then separated after their contracts ended. Their relationship gets complicated after they get married to their girlfriends. Even after marriage, the two find a way to keep up their tortured and sporadic dating affair going for more than 20 years.

The movie lives up to expectations by delivering a unique and highly homoerotic story. The two gay men are crippled by a society that dictates what to do and how to do it.


3. The Kids Are All Right (Lisa Cholodenko, 2010):

This is yet another compelling movie that tells a lot about queer love. This movie, created in 2010, was among the first to sell the idea that same-sex couples could also start a family. Although it centers on lesbian partners, it is an excellent romance movie.

The gay couple has been married for more than 20 years and is raising two teenagers who came about with the help of an anonymous donor. Incidentally, the two children disrupt the imperfect but stable home by wanting to find their father.


4. Carol (Todd Haynes, 2015):

Carol is based on an autobiography romantic novel, The Price of Salt. The beautifully shot film was created in 2015 and showcased subtle performances from Blanchett and Mara. Written in the 1960’s it was the first lesbian story that gave hope for a positive future. Now, no one treats the story with much fuzz anymore about the two lovers being female. The film is treated with similar respect to any other romantic film.

It is a tale of a forbidden love that grows between two modest ladies. Therese works at a department store in Manhattan, where she meets and falls in love with Carol. Although they come from different backgrounds, they both develop an intimate relationship that sprouted from their unexpected love affair. Their honest story is one of resilience in times of hardship.

Carol is also pictured at the top of this article.


5. Call Me By Your Name (Luca Guadagnino, 2017):

Set in Italy in 1983, this movie chronicles a love affair between a seventeen-year-old Italian boy, Eliot Perlman, and an older American, Timothee Chalamet. In the summer, Eliot’s father, a professor of archaeology, invites a 24-year-old American student, Oliver, to stay over through the holiday and help with the paperwork. With time, Eliot develops feelings for Oliver and consequently realizes his sexual orientation and comes to terms with it.

Although their relationship does not last long, the movie offers a first-hand experience of melancholy, a powerfully affecting portrait of first gay love. As Eliot dives deeper into his first serious relationship, he gets sucked into how similar he and Olive are. It implies that romantic attraction often involves recognizing oneself through another person.


Queer cinema is being embraced now more than ever in the production industry, letting the members of the LQBTQ community tell their side of love without any judgment, both for queer women and men seeking men. It has improved over time, with more people fighting for LGBTQ rights. We look forward to seeing more of these in the future.

By Mariano Garcia - 27-02-2023

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