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Top 5 dirty movies about sports betting

Sports betting triggers many emotions: stress, excitement, thrill, and and even loss. The experience is entirely different if you are watching one of these dirty movies - our reader Mariano Garcia writes

Many sports fans desire to make loads of cash through sports betting. Making a bet in India is not hard. All you have to do is log in to an accredited platform like Parimatch, place an amount of money on the team you think will win, and wait for the outcome. Winning in a sports bet consistently is difficult, but you should not give up.

Sports betting has grown tremendously in the past few decades and, with a helping hand from the film industry, it is set to grow even further. The five dirty movies below can uplift your mood when a bet does not go as planned, or they may teach you a thing or two on how to win a bet.

The films below are listed in chronological order


1. Bookies (Mark Illsley, 2003):

The movie is about three college students, namely; Toby, Casey, and Jude, who start up a bookie business taking bets from various clients. Their business booms across the campus, raising suspicion among authorities and Toby’s girlfriend, Hunter. They can live lavishly as the business continues to take off. Jude gets a threat from two local Italian bookies asking them to get away from their territories. Betrayal, greed, and dishonesty are depicted as the three friends fighting for power in the business. Eventually, all the parties lose, and greed and lust get over them.


2. Two for the Money (DJ Caruso, 2005):

This move is partially based on a true story of a former football star, Brandon Lang, who began his stardom in college. He gets a career-ending injury and receives a handicapping football job. Brandon acquires a lot of success in choosing winners for the games, which immediately grabs Walter Abrams’s attention, a big fish in one of the biggest sports consulting operations in the country. They unite as a team and start making huge chunks of money.

Brandon’s in-depth information on the players, leagues and the game bag more wins and big clients that they even started a tv show called the “Sports Advisors.” Lang gets a fresh look of a new car and a new wardrobe to match his flamboyant persona. The popularity of the show skyrockets, and they both continue to bag more and more money.

When Brandon starts to play shortcuts, things go south instead of doing his due diligence on the upcoming games. He completely loses touch, and his relationship with Abram sours. Much money is at stake when Lang is placing his final bet, and Abram, now a recovering gambling addict, becomes emotionally unstable. The film ends as Lang makes the previous successful bet by flipping coins in the bathroom and then joins a junior football league as a coach.


3. Even Money (Mark, Rydell, 2006):

A polished author Carolyn Carver whose husband and daughter believe in writing a new book when in fact is, gambling away their entire life savings. She becomes friends with Walter, an expert in gambling, and entertains casino guests for tips. Carolyn’s husband is upset about his wife’s absence and finally caught her and now wants a divorce. This ends very horribly for Carolyn as she loses all her money and family and is left hopeless as she was misled. The movie has very thrilling twists towards the end.

Even Money is also pictured at the top of this article.


4. Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell, 2012):

Patrizio “Pat,” diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is now released to the care of his parents. His only aim is to reconcile with his ex-wife, Nikki. Sheleft him after Pat found her with another man and he bruised him badly. The story goes on as Pat finds his silver lining through bookmarking after a series of failures and falls in love with another woman. The film takes place during the second half of the 2008 NFL American football season.

The film takes place over the second half of the 2008 NFL football season.


5. Lay the Favourite (Stephen Frears, 2012):

This movie is based on a true story of a lady named Beth, who gets bored with her life in Florida as a lap dancer. Her dad convinces her to go to Las Vegas and do a real job of being a cocktail waitress. Holly, who stays in the same hotel as Beth, organises for her to meet a professional gambler. It turns out that Beth has a sharp mind for numbers, and when she begins to express a lot of interest in the man as his mentor, the wife becomes uncomfortable and forces her to flee to New York.

In New York, Beth meets Jeremy, and they hit off immediately. She is excited about love and gambling, but that is cut short when the professional gambler experiences a series of losses without his lucky charm and begs her to go back and work for him. The gambler continues to experience losing streaks even when Beth comes back, which causes him to have a meltdown and fire everyone. Beth went back to New York and took on a similar job.


Movies can be very educational, especially in sports betting, as you get to learn the intricacies of the games. You get to study the player, the league, and the team. This will help you to improve your bet placing technique, how it may impact your life. With that in mind, choose a Parimatch, with great spreads and instant withdrawal on ipl online betting to start earning while watching sports.

By Mariano Garcia - 05-04-2022

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