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Sandra’s top 3 movies for a romantic night in (and in good company)

Our 19-year-old reader and film lover Sandra Alckmin picks her favourite romances, the perfect ones to share with your hubby

A romantic night in with your partner can be remarkable experience. Watching in-depth films with a profound humanity can alter the way you and your partner treat one another. With that in mind, I have picked three gritty romantic films that will help you get a good perspective on yourself and your partner’s relationship.

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Click on the film title in order to accede to the DMovies review (where available):


1. A Rainy Day in New York (Woody Allen, 2019):

What happens when you think you’re perfect for someone and then find out that you might not have enough in common to stay together? This is precisely what happens in A Rainy Day in New York. After surmising that the city that never sleeps can be very romantic, a couple goes their separate ways in the city and ends up coming into contact with former lovers as well as people who are interesting and attractive to them.

At the end of the film, right when it seems like the two are going to go about their lives, they decide to re-examine their connection and ultimately determine that their relationship is not going to work because they do not have enough in common.


2. The Shape of Water (Guillermo del Toro, 2017):

This Best Picture Oscar winner (which also won the Venice Film Festival) is intriguing in more ways than one. Starring a dazzling and strangely sexy Sally Hawkins, topics range from very lighthearted, almost infantile “would you love someone who shared your thoughts and ideas but not your humanity?” to American Imperialism and interventionism. Plenty of food-for-thought for you and your prospective partner.

The Shape of Water is also pictured at the top of this article.


3. The Space Between the Lines (Vanessa Jopp, 2019):

Relationships are very complicated, and you might meet someone at the wrong time in your life. A man breaks up with his girlfriend and finds what he believes to be another perfect match. The only problem is that this woman is already happily married, leaving the hapless male in a conundrum. This may sound like a cliched topic, but be prepared for a very surprising twist. You and your partner will be seeking answers to more questions than you anticipated!

By Sandra Alckmin - 31-08-2021

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