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5 dirty movies that can teach college students a lesson or two

As college students, you’re going through a lot of stress. These are the top 5 dirty movies that will help you to unwind while also educating yourself

College life can be strenuous, so it is essential always to find them to relax and recharge. What better way is there to unwind than to curl up on the sofa to watch an interesting movie. Maybe it can be that way if you previously ordered homework at to save time and effort. To make things even better, you can call your friends over, buy popcorn and a few drinks, boom! It’s movie night.

Of course, you want to watch something interesting, comedic, and maybe a little romantic. Below are five great movies that you can watch with your friends. With these movies, you’re not only getting fun, but you’re learning something inspirational while at it.


1. Good Will Hunting (Gus Van Sant, 1997):

Good Will Hunting is a very inspiring movie for students. It tells the story of a brilliant, undiscovered mathematical genius called Will Hunting. Due to his tragic roots, this 20-year-old boy is troubled and has lost touch with himself. He spends his day working as a janitor in MIT and his nights drinking with friends.

The movie recounts how he meets some set of people who will change his life forever. Real-life students sometimes fail to realise their potential. They just go through life motions like zombies, doing everything in the same, unending cycle that leads nowhere. This movie is a wake-up call: there is a genius lying inside of everyone!

Good Will Hunting is also pictured at the top of this article.


2. The Social Network (David Fincher, 2010):

Mark Zuckerberg’s highly romanticised biopic reveals how a computer genius and Harvard undergraduate created Facebook with the help of his friend. The story begins when Mark’s girlfriend breaks up with him, and out of anger, he hacks into the school’s website in order to steal photos of the female students for his website. This event triggered a chain of reactions that led to the creation of one of the largest corporations in the world. Mark himself wasn’t too happy about his portrayal though.


3. The Gift of The Magi (Lisa Mulcahy, 2010):

This is the ultimate friends and family movie experience. This television film is based on the eponymous book written by O. Henry, and it shows us the life of Della and Henry, a young couple who invented the art of giving presents.

The plot unfolded when Della cut her long hair so she could afford to buy ornaments for Henry’s watch, which was very priceless to him. Unknown to her, Henry already sold his watch so he could also afford to buy ornamental shell combs for Della’s hair, which he knew was very important to her.

Even now, many years after its production, it is still one of the best educational movies of all time, and students have written so many literary essays on The Gift Of The Magi lesson. You can also find some essay samples online that thoroughly explains the love and sacrifice put into these gifts.

This movie teaches the universal language of humanity: love. It explains how we need to make sacrifices and compromises for people dear to our heart, and to always appreciate presents, no matter how small, because we don’t know how much they cost. And cost isn’t always financial.


4. The Breakfast Club (John Hughes, 1985):

This is an original movie for high school students. College students should watch it in order to relax and feel that deep sense of nostalgia. The movie depicts how five students with different personalities, and backgrounds, who are forced to spend a Saturday in detention together. It portrays and then challenges firmly established stereotypes. People are often more than they seem. This movie also enlightens students on how to be friends without judgement. Differences in personality are the spice of friendship.

This group is made up of each member of the typical high school clique: the popular girl, the nerdy boy, the outcast, the jock, and a punk. Eventually, they bond and confess their most intimates secrets to each other


5. The Pursuit Of Happyness (Gabriele Muccino, 2006):

Chris Gardner is a salesman whose wife left him because of his financial inadequacies. The Pursuit of Happyness is a biographical drama illustrating the pain, the sweat and the tears it takes to build a multi-million-dollar firm from nothing.

As students, you are sometimes tempted to give up. Deadlines are looming closer, student loans pressing down your backs, and grades seem to be dwindling. Stay focused and hopeful, because in the end hard work pays off.

By Mariano Garcia - 17-08-2021

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