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The King of Belgians

Peter Brosens/ Jessica Hope Woodworth

Victor Fraga - 19-10-2017

Do I look regal in this? Belgian king is stranded abroad as his country breaks down, and he has to resort to extreme measures in order to return home, in very clever mockumentary - from the Cambridge Film Festival [Read More...]


Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles

Petra von Kant - 18-10-2017

Do tell the bride! Fabulous doc investigates and celebrates the very unorthodox marriage of two people suffering from mental health conditions - in cinemas [Read More...]

ManHunt (Zhuibu)

John Woo

Jeremy Clarke - 17-10-2017

Celebrated Hong Kong director John Woo builds one incredible action set piece on another, perfectly integrating them into his visual storytelling and bravura cinematic style, this time set in Japan - a late addition from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

The Death of Stalin

Armando Iannucci

Victor Fraga - 16-10-2017

Hailed as "film of the year", this Franco-British comedy about the controversial Soviet leader is in reality teeming with prejudices and schadenfreude - in cinemas this Friday [Read More...]

The Florida Project


Maysa Monção - 13-10-2017

The irresistible naughtiness of being: the director of the dirty masterpiece Tangerine takes a look at the innocence of childhood, in a film set just outside Disney World - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

The Ritual

David Bruckner

Victor Fraga - 12-10-2017

Not a walk in the park: four young men mourning the tragic death of a friend go on a hiking trip in Swedish woods, but what they encounter is far from comforting - British horror is out in cinemas on Friday the 13th [Read More...]

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Yorgos Lanthimos

Maysa Monção - 12-10-2017

Whining and Wailing are futile! The Greek director of Dogtooth and The Lobster returns with an unforgiving tale of sacrifice, with his usual absurdist streak - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantástica)

Sebastián Lelio

Victor Fraga - 12-10-2017

No transface, no clichés and no caricature! Superb Chilean drama about a trans woman facing the bereavement of her lover and an outpouring of problems associated is showing at the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

School Life

David Rane/ Neasa Ní Chianáin

Alasdair Bayman - 11-10-2017

Sir does NOT thwack you on the knee! This Irish boarding school is teeming with tender and doting relationships between headmasters and pupils, unlike in the The Smiths song - in cinemas this week [Read More...]

Ingrid Goes West

Matt Spicer

Maysa Monção - 11-10-2017

Do you sometimes go a little OCD with social media? Ingrid does, too - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Beyond the Breasts (Para Além dos Seios)

Adriano Soares

Maysa Monção - 09-10-2017

What is it that makes you a woman? What about a human being? Brazilian doc investigates the female body and its physical, social and political connotations - special screening on October 26th, one night only at the Institute of Light [Read More...]

120 Beats per Minute (120 Battements par Minute)

Robin Campillo

Victor Fraga - 09-10-2017

Because the heart never stops beating: French movie is an energetic and yet painful reminder of the Aids crisis of the 1980s/1990s and the activism that it triggered - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Looking for Oum Kulthum

Shoja Azari/ Shirin Neshat

Victor Fraga - 09-10-2017

Iranian filmmakers concoct a complex "film with a film" about the emblematic diva of the Arab world, but the elaborate narrative gimmicks ultimately feel a little pointless - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Memoir Of A Murderer (Sal-In-Ja-Eu Ki-Eok-Beob)

Won Shin-yun

Jeremy Clarke - 09-10-2017

A k-thriller with a memorable premise: serial killer with Alzheimer's suspects man dating his daughter is also a mass murderer - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

My Friend Dahmer

Marc Meyers

Victor Fraga - 07-10-2017

The boy before the murderer: Marc Meyers' My Friend Dahmer is a portrayal of the most prolific gay serial killer before he started murdering people, based on a graphic novel by his friend Derf - at the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Blade Runner 2049

Denis Villeneuve

Alasdair Bayman - 07-10-2017

Akin to the unicorn referenced in the 1982 movie, the new Blade Runner is truly a rare breed of a film; it is original without destroying any of the achievements of its predecessor - in cinemas everywhere! [Read More...]

A Moment in the Reeds (Tämä Ketki Kaislikossa)

Mikko Makela

Mikko Makela - 06-10-2017

Busting refugee myths: LGBT romance between Finnish man and Syrian immigrant has valuable message to teach, but sadly the film is very poorly executed - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]


Sandrine Bonnaire

Maysa Monção - 05-10-2017

Why d'ya do it what she said??? French actress-turned-director Sandrine Bonnaire gets under the skin of iconic British singer Marianne Faithfull as she investigates her relationship to Mick Jagger and whether she ever became a prostitute - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

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