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Riotsville USA

Sierra Pettengill

Eoghan Lyng - 28-03-2023

American documentary conducts a probing investigation into one of the USA's most shameful moments in history, the Vietnam War, offering few answers but many damning insights - in cinemas on Friday, March 31st [Read More...]

In the Middle

Greg Cruttwell

John McDonald - 25-03-2023

Quirky football referee documentary might just give you a new outlook the next time you step out onto the pitch - in cinemas Friday, March 31st [Read More...]


David Wagner

John McDonald - 25-03-2023

Award-winning Austrian drama investigates the pain of being deeply closeted, while also highlighting the joy of being openly gay in the military - powerful, uplifting, and incredibly heart-warming film shows at WatchAUT: Austrian Film Festival [Read More...]

I am the Tigress

Philipp Fussenegger and Dino Osmanoviç

John McDonald - 17-03-2023

The life and career of Tischa ‘The Tigress’ Thomas during the last year of her chosen occupation as an African American female bodybuilder is the subject of doc challenging normative femininity - from WatchAUT: the Austrian Film Festival [Read More...]


Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

Lobo Pasolini - 16-03-2023

Vera Gemma plays a version of herself, in his hybrid docudrama about famous parents and pointless existences (also featuring Asia Argento) - from WatchAUT 2023: Austrian Film Festival [Read More...]

Wolf and Dog (Lobo e Cao)

Claudia Varejao

Lobo Pasolini - 15-03-2023

Kaleidoscopic and poetic drama pays tribute to queer life on a remote Portuguese island - from BFI Flare, which takes place between March 15th and 26th [Read More...]

Infinity Pool

Brandon Cronenberg

Daniel Theophanous - 15-03-2023

A couple barricades themselves in a plush Eastern European resort, before being ambushed by a sex-crazed and maniacal nymph - Brandon Cronenberg's horrific new creation is in cinemas on Friday, March 24th [Read More...]

The Middle Man

Bent Hamer

Victor Fraga - 08-03-2023

A young man is hired in order to convey tragic news to the next of kin of those afflicted by death and disasters - American blend of deadpan comedy and drama is in cinemas on Friday, March 10th [Read More...]

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Pierre Földes

Laney Gibbons - 06-03-2023

Pierre Földes's distinctive animation is bursting with complex characters, peculiar animals and abundant beauty - in cinemas on Friday, March 31st [Read More...]

I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking)

Kelley Kali

John McDonald - 02-03-2023

Recently-widowed, homeless mother convinces her daughter that the tent into which they are forced to move is in reality a "fun camping trip" - dirty gem of American indie is in cinemas on Friday, March 3rd [Read More...]

Bread and Salt (Chleb i Sól)

Damian Kocur

Chris Simpson - 28-02-2023

An economical drama exploring roots and racism is the Opening Gala film for the Kinoteka Polish Film Festival 2023, on Thursday March 9th [Read More...]

Nuclear Nomads (Nomades du Nucléaire)

Kilian Armando Friedrich, Tizian Stromp Zargari

Victor Fraga - 25-02-2023

Two German filmmakers quietly register the insalubrious lives of power plant inspectors in France, in this gently disturbing documentary - from the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

And, Towards Happy Alleys

Sreemoyee Singh

Victor Fraga - 25-02-2023

Female Indian filmmaker questions how a country as oppressive as Iran (particularly towards women) has created such achingly beautiful cinema - from the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

The Plough (Le Grand Chariot)

Philippe Garrel

Victor Fraga - 25-02-2023

Philippe Garrel casts his three scions in this delicate yet uninspiring movie about family connections and dying puppeteering traditions - from the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

Till the End of the Night (Bis and Ende der Nacht)

Christoph Hochhäusler

Victor Fraga - 25-02-2023

Queer gangster drama intended as some sort of Neo-noir (with a femme fatale et al) collapses under the weight of its own blonde ambition - German potboiler closes the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]


Álvaro Gago

Victor Fraga - 24-02-2023

Social realist drama from Northwestern Spain depicts an energetic middle-aged mother on the verge of a mental breakdown - from the 73 Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

On the Adamant (Sur l’Adamant)

Nicolas Philibert

Victor Fraga - 24-02-2023

Art is the best therapy! Non-narrative documentary registers the routine of a psychiatric institution that actively encourages its patients to exercise their creative skills - from the Berlinale [Read More...]

Art College 1994

Liu Jian

Liu Jian - 24-02-2023

Chinese art students are divided between the country's traditions and their desire to embrace Western culture, in Liu Jian's new animation (a movie far cleaner than his previous works) - from the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

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