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The Woodcutter Story

Mikko Myllylahti

Redmond Bacon - 21-05-2022

This typically Finnish tale ticks all the boxes of the national spirit, but failed to lift mine — live from the Cannes Film Festival! [Read More...]

Resistances: Words and Art for Fighting Political Defamation

Cristina Juliana Abril.

Liván García-Duquesne - 16-05-2022

Four Brazilian artists living in political exile aim to transform trauma into art and beauty, in this reflective piece of filmmaking - at the Rich Mix on Saturday, May 28th [Read More...]

The Drover’s Wife

Leah Purcelll

John McDonald - 12-05-2022

Meandering western led by a stellar performance covers some important themes, but it struggles to grip hold of its audience - in cinemas on Friday, May 13th [Read More...]

This Much I Know To Be True

Andrew Dominik

Ian Schultz - 11-05-2022

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis's creative relationship reaches its pinnacle during the pandemic, their interaction gently captured by Andrew Dominik - in cinemas on Wednesday, may 11th [Read More...]


Penelope Caillet

Mariano Garcia - 03-05-2022

This beautiful black and white short starring Victoria Lacoste is an exploration of love, feminine sexuality and finding joy in the solitude of nature, where music, film and art intertwine [Read More...]

The Northman

Robert Eggers

John McDonald - 28-04-2022

Epic drama takes the all-familiar medieval setting and reinvents it with intimidating beauty - in cinemas now [Read More...]

The Velvet Queen


John McDonald - 28-04-2022

Embark on a cinematic journey across a harsh wilderness; the mission is to find the elusive snow leopard in the Tibetan Highlands; the outcome, however, couldn't be more different - in cinemas on  Friday, April 29th; also on Curzon Home Cinema [Read More...]

On the Ground

Teilo Vellacott

Liván García-Duquesne - 28-04-2022

On Central London’s Highbury Corner, a group of protesters demonstrate against the proposed felling of seven trees, in a refreshing representation of political action - at the Rich Mix on May 5th [Read More...]

No Extradition

Pablo Navarrete

Liván García-Duquesne - 28-04-2022

Documentary follows John Shipton, the father of journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in his efforts to prevent his son from being extradited to the United States - at the Rich Mix on May 5th [Read More...]

The Great Movement (El Gran Movimiento)

Kiro Russo

Redmond Bacon - 12-04-2022

Modern civilisation and simplicity come into conflict in this ambitious Bolivian city-symphony - out in UK cinemas on Friday, April 15th. [Read More...]


Kwon Oh-Seung

John McDonald - 08-04-2022

Intriguing and unconventional horror film delivers an incredibly intense atmosphere without killing any characters - on VoD on Monday, March 14th [Read More...]

Compartment No. 6

Juho Kuosmanen

James Luxford - 29-03-2022

A nightmare train journey becomes a tale of human connection in this intriguing European co-production - on all major VoD platforms on Friday, May 6th [Read More...]

The Coup d’État Factory (A Fantástica Fábrica de Golpes)

Victor Fraga and Valnei Nunes

John Bleasdale - 22-03-2022

An important corrective to the historical record, Brazilian documentary reveals how the mainstream media fomented civil disorder in order to topple the left wing - at the BFI Southbank on May 29th [Read More...]


Joel Zito Araújo and Megan Mylan

Paul Risker - 20-03-2022

The last nation to abolish slavery in the Western world is still grappling with racial equality, political, social and cultural representation - at the BFI Southbank on Saturday, May 7th [Read More...]

Deep Water

Adrian Lyne

Ian Schultz - 18-03-2022

After a 20-year hiatus, British director Adrian Lyne returns to the silver screen with a satisfactory erotic thriller, not dissimilar to the titles that made him famous decades earlier - on Prime Video on Friday, March 18th [Read More...]


Elie Grappe

John McDonald - 17-03-2022

Ukrainian teenage gymnast Olga uses gymnastics as an escape from the troubles that danger her family and the place she calls home, as she watches her city burn from the distance - in cinemas Friday, March 18th [Read More...]


Maia Kenworthy and Elena Sanchez Bellot

John McDonald - 14-03-2022

Extinction Rebellion take matters into their own hands when it comes to climate change, charging at the agonisingly difficult problem head-on - in cinemas on Friday, March 18th [Read More...]

True Things

Harry Wootliff

Michael McClure - 09-03-2022

Young female becomes intoxicated by a male who treats people more or less the same way he handles cars, in this complex British psychological drama - in cinemas Friday, April 1st [Read More...]

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