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Meteors (Meteorlar)

Gurcan Keltek

Victor Fraga - 06-12-2018

Man strikes, and so does nature! Filmmaker exposes Turkish operation against Kurds by blending footage collected by locals with images of natural phenomena such as a meteorite rain and the eclipse of the sun - in selected cinemas Friday, December 7th [Read More...]


Tupaq Felber

Jeremy Clarke - 05-12-2018

A thousand shades of grey. Four friends take a barge holiday on the canals of Southern England, captured in glorious black and white cinematography - in cinemas from Friday, December 7th [Read More...]

Old Boys

Toby MacDonald

Michael McClure - 05-12-2018

British public school spin on Cyrano de Bergerac features a dazzling Alex Lawther as the school runt, yet it fails some of the rules of a good farce - in cinemas February 22nd (2019) [Read More...]

Those Who Are Fine (Dene Wos Guet Geit)

Cyril Schaublin

Eoghan Lyng - 30-11-2018

Call centre worker Alice begins scamming elderly women, and the interwoven consequences of her deeds could be serious - available until December 31st on ArteKino. [Read More...]

For Some Inexplicable Reason (Van Valami Furcsa Es Megmagyarázhatatlan)

Gabor Reisz

Richard Greenhill - 30-11-2018

Hungarian film reminiscent of Michel Gondry deals with the existential realities of youth, and it's also infused with political flavours and a heartfelt tribute to Budapest - available in December with ArteKino [Read More...]


Katharina Mückstein

Lina Samoili - 30-11-2018

Small town in Austria is riddled with repressed sexuality and confused sentiments, but there's also a beam of hope for the silent hearts - available in December with ArteKino [Read More...]


Yannis Drakopoulos

Lucas Pistilli - 30-11-2018

Greek man actively seeks attention and pity after his wife falls into a coma, in a quaint and twisted tale about out lack of time for each other - available throughout December with ArteKino [Read More...]

Flemish Heaven (Le Ciel Flamand)

Peter Monsaert

Redmond Bacon - 30-11-2018

Set in a brothel on the French-Belgian border, queasy tale asks difficult questions about parenthood and responsibility - available throughout December on ArteKino [Read More...]

Until We Fall (Til vi Falder)

Samanou Acheche Sahlstrom

Victor Fraga - 29-11-2018

Danish drama set in Spain about couple seeking their missing child descends into a bizarre tale of despondency and recklessness - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

A Shelter Among the Clouds (Streha mes Reve)

Robert Budina

Victor Fraga - 29-11-2018

Two religions, one temple! Drama set in very rural and traditional Albania proposes a very peculiar gesture of unity between Muslims and Catholics: a joint mosque and church. But is it feasible? from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]


Partho Sen-Gupta

Victor Fraga - 28-11-2018

Australian film directed by Indian filmmaker will hit you like a punch in the face; our editor describes it as "film of the year" - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

A Place to Live

Bernard Émond

Victor Fraga - 28-11-2018

The topics of grief, mourning and reconnecting with the past are the central pillar of this Canadian drama, set in the wintry countryside of Quebec - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]


Sebastián Lelio

Jeremy Clarke - 28-11-2018

A promiscuous and rootless woman who has escaped from the strict North London Orthodox Jewish community returns following the death of her rabbi father - in cinemas from Friday, November 30th [Read More...]

Still River (Akinito Potami)

Angelos Frantzis

Victor Fraga - 27-11-2018

Greek film set in Siberia excels in the sombre and wintry cinematography; it deals with a number of very different topics including corporate interests, Russian Orthodox faith and a dormant libido - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Alex Winter

Victor Fraga - 27-11-2018

Ponzi scheme or power to the people? Documentary investigates the nuts and bolts of Blockchain and Bitcoin, and whether the new technologies could change the way we live - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]


Asoka Handagama

Victor Fraga - 25-11-2018

Is this the Asian (and cisgender) Divine? Completely bonkers Sri Lankan film about fat psychotic woman seeking fame premieres at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Wandering Girl (Niña Errante)

Rubén Mendoza

Victor Fraga - 25-11-2018

Four half-sisters in Colombia meet for the first time at their father's funeral, and they travel across the country in order to prevent the youngest one from being taken in by social services - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]


Rajat Kapoor

Victor Fraga - 25-11-2018

Feuding couple have to conceal a dead body in their flat during their extravagant Diwali party, in dark comedy investigating India's "a-moral" values and traditions - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

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