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Muito Romântico

Gustavo Jahn/ Melissa Dullius

Victor Fraga - 23-02-2017

Brazilian couple draws inspiration from German literature, Brazilian music and their very own experience as immigrants in order to create their first feature film, a very personal and multilayered concoction [Read More...]

Patriot’s Day

Peter Berg

Jeremy Clarke - 23-02-2017

A docudrama covering the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, the citywide manhunt that ensued and the lives of professional and ordinary citizens caught up in that day and its aftermath. [Read More...]

We are X

Stephen Kijak

Linda Marric - 20-02-2017

Meet the exotic Japanese who've rocked the world for 35 years with their exhilarating performances, outlandish costumes and... the hysterical fall-outs! In cinemas on February 28th [Read More...]


Paul Verhoeven

Victor Fraga - 19-02-2017

Verhoeven's latest movie is a sensual ballad of visceral sex and dysfunctional relationships, elegant in its eccentricity and deliciously repulsive in its pathology, starring Isabelle Huppert - out in cinemas March 20th [Read More...]

Bones of Contention

Andrea Weiss

Victor Fraga - 19-02-2017

Is it about time Spain unearths the bones of Federico García Lorca and uncover its dirty history? Or should the past be left undisturbed? Doc searches for the answer, at Berlinale [Read More...]


Daniela Thomas

Victor Fraga - 18-02-2017

Profoundly lyrical and feminine anthropological drama set in colonial Brazil opens the wounds of a country still grappling with its race and gender identity - from the Berlinale [Read More...]

Ana, mon Amour

Călin Peter Netzer

Victor Fraga - 18-02-2017

Romanian drama with about turbulent relationship has great emotional depth and unusual chronology - it is one of the favourite for the Berlinale's top prize [Read More...]

Have a Nice Day (Hao Ji Le)

Liu Jian

Victor Fraga - 17-02-2017

When the dreams of the Chinese turn into a bloody nightmare - this filthy animation is one of the best surprises of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival [Read More...]

Without Name

Lorcan Finnegan

Maysa Monção - 17-02-2017

A hypnotic experience that suddenly descends into eco-horror, Lorcan Finnegan's new film will grip you from the very first minute - out in cinemas this weekend [Read More...]

On the Beach at Night Alone (Bamui Haebyun-Eoseo Honja)

Hong Sangsoo

Victor Fraga - 16-02-2017

Korean indie director examines the love life of a famous actress taking some time out, and achieves something previously deemed impossible - live from the Berlin Film Festival [Read More...]


Marcelo Gomes

Victor Fraga - 16-02-2017

Brazilian filmmaker hits Portuguese colonisers and modern imperialists where it hurts, exposing a continent deeply entrenched in racism, classism and hypocrisy - live from the Berlin Film Festival [Read More...]

The Bar (El Bar)

Álex de la Iglesia

Victor Fraga - 16-02-2017

Spanish cult director Álex de la Iglesia creates a convincing mock-horror/thriller, guaranteed to keep you cringing and laughing for nearly two hours - from the Berlinale [Read More...]


Teresa Villaverde

Victor Fraga - 15-02-2017

The silent collapse of a Portuguese family due to the effects of the economic crisis makes for languid and painful watching, a rich feast for lovers of prolongue torment and gloom - live from the Berlin Film Festival [Read More...]

The Misandrists

Bruce LaBruce

Victor Fraga - 14-02-2017

Man-hating female revolutionaries do not want equality, and instead they have established an alternative society of their own - in Bruce LaBruce's latest movie [Read More...]

The Other Side of Hope (Toivon Tuolla Puolen)

Aki Kaurismäki

Victor Fraga - 14-02-2017

Think Scandinavian humour is no laughing matter? Think again. Finnish comedy uses very unusual gags in order to raise questions about the refugee crisis - to very convincing results [Read More...]

Multiple Maniacs

John Waters

Victor Fraga - 13-02-2017

This hearty feast of murder, blasphemy, cannibalism and sheer bad taste is guaranteed to give you food poisoning - does John's classic Multiple Maniacs remain the dirtiest movie ever made? [Read More...]

The Party

Sally Potter

Victor Fraga - 13-02-2017

British filmmaker Sally Potter fails to throw a big party at Berlin Film Festival: despite a top-drawer cast, her latest endeavour is a mediocre comedy eliciting the occasional laughter [Read More...]


Philippe van Leeuw

Victor Fraga - 13-02-2017

Put on the shoes of a mother protecting the young and the elderly in the Syrian War - this a film that Theresa May, Donald Trump or anyone unsympathetic of the refugee cause should see [Read More...]

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