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Regiana Queiroz

Regiana Queiroz

Regiana Queiroz (Filmmaker)
Examining the psychology of the killer instinct

Regiana Queiroz is a Brazilian filmmaker who was raised inside a painter’s atelier run by her mother. She studied Law and Film Studies and TV, and has worked in Italy, Paris, and the Brazilian cities of Belém and São Paulo.

Her films examine social and folkloric manifestations as well as psychological issues from a very critical perspective. Carnaval Devoto (2013) is a documentary about a traditional religious event called Círio de Nazaré that takes place in the heart of Brazilian Amazon. Every year, six million people flood the towns of Vigia de Nazaré and Belém in order to join the celebrations, listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Queiroz’s most recent film, LAOS (Lovers and Other Strangers, 2015), tells the story of six people with in a very painful past, who meet while doing therapy. It is an ironic tale about the power of science, medicine and superstition. Her next project is The Killer Movie, developed between Brazil and Europe. It’s a woman who develops a killer instinct during pregnancy but goes back to normal after the baby is born.

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