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Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett (Film Festival Director)
opening cinema doors to independent filmmakers

The Portobello Film Festival (PFF) was founded in 1996 under the vision that film is the most powerful means of communication available. Jonathan was with the Festival from the start and became Director in 1998. PFF is now firmly established in the London calendar of events for independent filmmakers. Every year for three weeks after the Notting Hill Carnival, it presents an average of 500 films, mostly shorts, half of which made in the UK. Entry is free for all.

Barnett has a talent for finding hidden gems. PFF was the first to exhibit the works of Guy Ritchie, Sarah Gavron, Nick Nevern and Shane Meadows. It has an inclusive atmosphere and practically anyone in West London knows that you can pass by the venue and schedule your independent selected movie with the film programmers at the Video Cafe. He also organised the Portobello Pop Up Cinema, transforming a neglected underpass into a territory for creativity.

JB, as he is known, is also the CEO of West London Film Network, a group of independent local filmmakers and aspiring film professionals. He sees cinema as a life experience. In addition, he also promotes street art, including works by Lucy Sparrow, Sickboy and Blek Le Rat (Bansky’s precursor).

Drop JB a line at if you want to know more about the Portobello Film Festival, or anything else!

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