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Below is a continuously growing list of dirty professionals. They are either contributors of DMovies or cinema people with a twist to their work. If you want to join it, just e-mail us at and tell us how dirty you are.

Pedro Miguel

Multimedia artist, filmmaker and writer
How do you blend Portuguese nostalgia with queer expression? Pedro has just the answer for you [Read More...]

Valnei Nunes

Meet the dirty eye behind our vids as well as our first feature film [Read More...]

Alan McKenna

Writer and Actor
Walking down a dark road and taking people to the arms of Morpheus [Read More...]

Angelo Boccato

Journalist and blogger
From the Caribbean to Europe, this blogger has a keen interest in human rights and geopolitics [Read More...]

Mara Martinoli

Festival Programmer and Curator
The girl bringing intense flavours of Italy to Germany [Read More...]

Lina Samoili

Writer and Researcher
From the Balkans to London and Latin America: a passion for politics and aesthetic innovations [Read More...]

Art Haxhijakupi

Artist and writer
Rediscovering and reinventing Kosovo through academia, cinema and the arts [Read More...]

Gregorio Graziosi

Recording the incessant buzzing of human endurance [Read More...]

Jonathan Wakeham

Film Festival Co-Founder and Programmer
Providing the trampoline and the training to comedy artists in the film industry [Read More...]

André Wallström

Film Producer
Placing LGBTI rights in Africa at the forefront of human rights [Read More...]

Ben Charles Edwards

Filmmaker and Photographer
The director of 'Set the Thames on Fire' finds beauty in aesthetic and geometric accuracy [Read More...]

Filippo Polesel

Festival Programmer and Film Producer
Serving short films to Londoners straight from the tap [Read More...]

Colm Forde

Festival Director and Programmer
Blasting the speakers and rocking the movie theatre [Read More...]

Franco Bocca Gelsi

Film Producer and Script Analyst
Lending a camera and a voice to emerging auteurs [Read More...]

Kate Dickie

The female body speaks without uttering a word [Read More...]

Jayan Cherian

Fimmaker and Poet
Challenging body fascism and profound social conservatism in India [Read More...]

Paul Risker

Film Critic and Editor
An eccentric outsider and tea enthusiast toiling as an independent scholar, film critic and editor [Read More...]

Regiana Queiroz

Examining the psychology of the killer instinct [Read More...]

Ben Woodiwiss

Writer and director
Questioning the rigid modes of filmmaking [Read More...]

Takumã Kuikuro

The native Brazilian Indian who turned London into a tribe [Read More...]

Álex Anwandter

Filmmaker and Musician
Beating intolerance out of the heart of Latin America [Read More...]

Miguel Domingo-Redondo

Video Artist and Animator
Creating a sharp and raw feeling of instability [Read More...]

Jacopo Quadri

Editor and Director
Setting fire to the vast Italian sea of cinema [Read More...]

Fernando Alves Pinto

Actor and Musician
Waking up to the sound of cinema [Read More...]

Andrew Knoll

Actor and Scriptwriter
Capturing the essence of moving pictures through choreography [Read More...]

Yves Heck

Working towards better things to come in France [Read More...]

Daniel Sanchez Lopez

Jump cutting borders and boundaries [Read More...]

Tiago Di Mauro

Filmmaker and Curator
Foregrounding the cinema apparatus through event curating [Read More...]

Ronni Thomas

Unveiling the world of the eccentric: stuffed animals, the anomalous and the truly unique [Read More...]

Vittorio Moroni

Filmmaker and Screenwriter
In the deep end of love and immigration [Read More...]

Bruno Safadi

Entering the metropolis and the entranced mind [Read More...]

Richard Heslop

Filmmaker and Editor
A frank film veteran with a futurist vision [Read More...]

Boris Gerrets

Filmmaker and Writer
Bridging the gap between harsh reality and film fiction [Read More...]

Daniel Florêncio

Chasing truths and exposing reality with a camera [Read More...]

Priscilla Davanzo

Filmmaker and Body Artist
The female body on both sides of the camera [Read More...]

Samantha Brockhausen

Film Editor
From trash to beauty deformity, a film chopper who has it all [Read More...]

Petra von Kant

Filmmaker and Writer
A German-Brazilian diva with a biting tongue [Read More...]

Almiro Andrade

Actor and Writer
Life is more dramatic than a soap opera [Read More...]

Lobo Pasolini

Journalist and Writer
Capturing the dirty essence of art on video, paper and the web [Read More...]

Maysa Monção

Journalist and Writer
A bookish cinephile with a sharp eye for detail and a nose for new talent [Read More...]

Victor Fraga

Writer and Publisher
A dirty Brazilian immigrant in London [Read More...]

Jonathan Barnett

Film Festival Director
opening cinema doors to independent filmmakers [Read More...]

Fabien Martorell

Shooting with a camera, shooting with a weapon [Read More...]

Marcantonio Lunardi

Exploring the boundaries of public space and the limits of power [Read More...]