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Cold head, warm heart!!!


Paul Risker - 02-07-2020

Hlynur Palmason, the director of A WHITE, WHITE DAY, talks about trying to keeping his head cold and heart warm, and following intuition rather than exposition, and much more in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

Babylon has risen!


David Stewart - 17-06-2020

American writer David Stewart draws pertinent parallels between the dirty British classic Babylon and the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly the emblematic moment when a BLM activist carried a wounded white supremacist to safety [Read More...]

There will be bloods!


David Stewart - 10-06-2020

As Spike Lee releases his latest movie Da 5 Bloods, about four black veterans returning to Vietnam in search of the remains of a friend, David Stewart investigates the troublesome relation between African Americans and Hollywood [Read More...]

Three movies that changed the history of cinema


Daniel Luis Ennab - 08-06-2020

Daniel Luis Ennab examines the Apu trilogy, which catapulted Indian cinema onto the international film circuit six decades ago, just as we launch Aparajito on VoD [Read More...]

The hands and sounds of horror!


Paul Risker - 04-06-2020

We spoke to Tilman Singer and Simon Waskow, the helmer and the music composer of Luz, one of the most terrifying flicks you will see this year [Read More...]

Just kill all hippies!!!


Steve Naish - 28-05-2020

As Dennis Hopper's Out of the Blue turns 40, Steven Naish investigates what is it that makes the dirty movie indelible and delectable [Read More...]

Reinventing the reel, four decades later


Steve Naish - 28-05-2020

Stephen Lee Naish interviews John Alan Simon, the film director and producer behind the restoration of Dennis Hopper's Out of the Blue, which celebrates its 40th anniversary of the movie this year [Read More...]

The man behind the great women


Paul Risker - 21-05-2020

We interview the documentarist Mark Cousins, as he releases his 14-hour cinematic journey through the history of female directors [Read More...]

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