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Run Lola Run, still going fast 20 years on!!!


Martin Homer - 10-08-2018

Two decades later, Tom Tykwer's movie remains one of the most profitable foreign language films of all times; we investigate the dirty secrets of the highly influential German flick [Read More...]

James Bond, nostalgia and haptic visuality


Sidney Berthier - 08-08-2018

French-Australian filmmaker Sidney Berthier investigates the intensified continuity editing in Quantum of Solace, revealing palpable visuals and a compelling sense of yearning [Read More...]

The key talking points from John Dahl’s Rounders


Martin Homer - 23-07-2018

DMovies takes a dirty look at the 1990s' classic and unearth the hidden qualities of the poker game saga [Read More...]

Dance me to the end of love!


Victor Fraga - 18-07-2018

Our editor Victor Fraga shares the five songs that got the both film characters and his heart dancing, changing the way he sees cinema and the world forever! [Read More...]

I dream of a Black Europe!


DMovies' team - 17-07-2018

A very African France has just won the World Cup, which is great news for a diverse and united Europe. But what about cinema? We reveal some of the Black European filmmakers that you should be looking out for! [Read More...]

10 films about the ugly face of the British Empire


DMovies's team - 28-06-2018

While the vast majority of films both in cinema and television celebrate the British Empire and promote nationalism without any historical balance, a handful of films opt to reveal the very ugly face of Imperialism. We have dug them out for you! [Read More...]

Our lowdown on Sheffield Doc/Fest


Ben Flanagan - 12-06-2018

Our new dirty writer Ben has attended the latest edition of the largest documentary film festival in the UK and third in the world; he shares the highlights of a very positive experience! [Read More...]

The TOP 5 most thought-provoking Star Wars films!


Mark Dylan - 10-06-2018

Think Star Wars can't get dirty? Think again. We have carefully selected five episodes of the emblematic franchise, and we describe what makes them provocative, innovative and unique! [Read More...]

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Look the other way!
Egyptian filmmaker Abu Bakr Shawky challenges the conformism of cinema by casting a different gaze at actors with leprosy and various disabilities in his film YOMEDDINE; he talks to us about selecting the actors, filming and why cinema should be bold! [Read More...]

Tilting at windmills in Paris
Ian Schultz explains why THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE is Terry Gilliam's best film since BRAZIL, and that it was worth crossing the Channel overnight and by bus in order to watch it! [Read More...]

10 films about May 1968 and the French revolutionary spirit
It is now exactly half a century since strikers and students took to the streets and occupied factories and universities across France - we remember 10 films dealing the French revolutionary spirit, and what we have learnt since [Read More...]

Dirty expectations: 10 films to look out for in Cannes
With just over two weeks left before Cannes begins, our editor has picked 10 potentially dirty gems to keep an eye for; we'll be live at the event unearthing the dirt exclusively for you! [Read More...]

WARNING: film spoilers can kill!
Cinema-goer Charlie Jones argues in favour of spoilers, and why he thinks readers should be given the choice whether to find out about the dirty twists in a film or not! [Read More...]

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