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The trees have eyes!!!


Abou Farman - 19-05-2017

Nevermind Wes Craven: the hills are not the place where you are most vulnerable. Find out more from Abou Farman and learn some very useful tips from those who passionately embraced the challenge in the Peruvian Amazon. DMovies will be holding three screenings of Icaros: A Vision in London between July 5th and 7th. [Read More...]

Top 10 dirtiest separated at birth in film!


DMovies team - 16-05-2017

From Cate Blanchett and Michael Fassbender to Humphrey Bogart and Geoffrey Rush, meet the strangest and most absurd siblings in the history of cinema. Come on, you know you want it! [Read More...]

How many Black people can you leave waiting outside?


Maysa Monção - 10-05-2017

Our writer Maysa Monção attended the casting audition for Idris Elba first feature film, a movie about the Afro-Caribbean London of the 1980s. What she saw is the living proof that Black Brits are hungry for film representation, and they are not well catered for. [Read More...]

One building, one million stories


Maysa Monção - 29-04-2017

Our writer Maysa Monção unexpectedly stumbled across the iconic Chelsea Hotel while in New York covering the Tribeca Film Festival, and she finds out that every corner of the building exudes film history [Read More...]

Chief Kunstable Jason Williamson talks dirty


Victor Fraga - 24-04-2017

Following the launch of Bunch of Kunst last week, a slow-burn doc about the ferociously anti-establishment British duo Sleaford Mods, singer Jason Williamson talks to DMovies about music, cinema and politics [Read More...]

The Strange Coalescence of Dirty Dancing and Blue Velvet


Steve Naish - 23-04-2017

The blithely joyous musical and David Lynch's somber cult classic have more in common than it may seem at first; in fact, the two films are cinematic bedfellows - British born and Canada based writer Steve Naish digs under the surface of both films and unearths their dirty and hidden facets [Read More...]

Say NO to extreme surveillance!!!


Dirty Movies team - 20-04-2017

Last night DMovies held the screening of Andrew Tiernan's UK18 at the Regent Street Cinema in London; the movies offers a nightmare vision into what the UK will look like next year once RFID chip are implemented inside us; and it was followed by a very passionate debate about civil liberties [Read More...]

Mulholland Drive is a very dirty La La Land


Maysa Monção - 17-04-2017

Our writer Maysa Monção reveals the six reasons why she thinks that David Lynch's cult classic Mulholland Drive, which is out in cinemas again right now, is a deeply twisted and dirty La La Land [Read More...]

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We got diversity all wrong!!!
Liberals like myself like to embrace and demand diversity, but we often come up with flawed arguments; Fassbinder has taught me that this can backfire with catastrophic consequences - Victor Fraga reflects on the 1974 classic 'Fear Eats the Soul', as the film reaches UK cinemas [Read More...]

The man with the nightmare vision
Andrew Tiernan, the director of the dystopian extreme surveillance sci-fi UK18, talks about the rise of neofacism, why he thinks the UK is moving in the wrong direction, how his work with Derek Jarman influenced his latest project, and much more! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Olivier Assayas
The director of the unusual blend of horror and fashion Personal Shopper and the classic lesbian romance Clouds of Sils Maria talks to the DMovies about his latest movie, which is out this weekend. [Read More...]

The filmmaker who denounced the Brazilian coup d’état
The director of the internationally-acclaimed Brazilian drama Aquarius flies to London for his film release, and he talks to Victor Fraga from DMovies about fiery topics such as greedy real estate developers and the coup d'état in Brazil last year [Read More...]

Carol is a great film, just not a very dirty one
Outstanding acting? Tick. Superb direction? Tick. Greatest LGBT film of all times? I don't think so! Dirty movie? NO WAY!! Todd Haynes's Carol is indeed a masterpiece, but it also represents the consummation of the gay bourgeois ideal, making it a thoroughly sanitised piece of cinema [Read More...]

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