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Call it by another name!!!


Chloe Kent - 17-03-2018

A sequel to CALL ME BY YOUR NAME risks diluting what made it beautiful: a positive queer narrative to which young LGBT people can look up [Read More...]

The curious case of marketing Netflix


Alasdair Bayman - 15-03-2018

After marketing Alex Garland's ANNIHILATION in a strange fashion, we examine other cases and examples on Netflix, alongside their marketing strategies. [Read More...]

10 superb trans films from the past two years!


DMovies' team - 10-03-2018

The Best Foreign Language Academy Award for A Fantastic Woman wasn't just a one-off; check out the 10 outstanding films dealing with transsexual and transgender people in the past two years (or so) [Read More...]

Yugo-nostalgia checks into the present!


Redmond Bacon - 02-03-2018

Swiss-born director Nicolas Wagnières talks about his film Hotel Jugoslavija and the Balkans, a region grappling with nostalgia of a defunct country as well as the rise of nationalism [Read More...]

Little Birdie vs Big Fish, who’s going to win?


Alasdair Bayman - 01-03-2018

This year's Best Picture Academy Award is an epic battle between the Davids and the Goliaths of American cinema; we take a look at recent history of small guys (and girls) making it big in Hollywood, and try to work out where the latest duel is headed! [Read More...]

The Oscars get very messy, in our first podcast!


DMovies' team - 01-03-2018

Three of our top film critics meet up and take a dirty look at the most subversive, thought-provoking and downright filthy Oscar nominations, as they also hazard a guess as to who should win - listen to our very first podcast right here! [Read More...]

The Russian filmmaker who shot Elvis!


Redmond Bacon - 27-02-2018

Read our exclusive interview with Aleksei German Jr., the director of Sergei Dovlatov's biopic, whom he describes as "the Elvis Presley of Russian literature" [Read More...]

A horrific journey that needs to end!


Victor Fraga - 06-02-2018

The anti-war movie Journey's End joined forces with mental health charity Combat Stress in order to fight shell shock and PSTD; DMovies investigated the devastating impact that war can have on the lives of veterans, and found out the role of cinema in raising awareness and combating mental health disorders [Read More...]

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As we commemorate the centenary of WW1, and Journey's End is out in cinemas all across the country, we remember 10 movies made in the last year (or so) which convey an unambiguously anti-war message, devoid of subliminal celebratory tones [Read More...]

Oscar baiting can kill!!!
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