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2017 is a VERY BAD year for motherhood… well, at least in cinema!


DMovies' team - 16-10-2017

The haunting Russian drama LOVELESS, about a horrific mother, has just won the BFI London Film Festival, but this is far from the only harrowing and creepy tale about motherly bonds that don't quite work out as you would expect - check out our top five films about failed motherhood, all from 2017! [Read More...]

Five dirty picks from the Raindance Film Festival


Victor Fraga - 18-09-2017

Check out top five recommendations for the Raindance Film Festival, one of the largest showcases for independent cinema in the world, starting this week in London [Read More...]

Six dirty picks from the London Film Festival


DMovies' team - 14-09-2017

Tickets for the largest film festival in the country go on sale today, so we decided to pick the top six dirtiest movies, which you should not miss - hurry up! [Read More...]

The five dirtiest Stephen King adaptations


DMovies' team - 11-09-2017

As people flock to cinemas across the world in order to watch Andy Muschietti's 21st century take on It, we look back at five dirty gems of the cinema world also based on books by the King of horror and supernatural fiction [Read More...]

NINE movies empowering Afro-Americans RIGHT NOW


DMovies' team - 29-08-2017

The past 12 months have seen a large number of urgent and inflammatory films dealing with the issue of racism against Black Americans, so we have picked the NINE dirtiest anti-racist gems from the US exclusively for you [Read More...]

Blackface, yellowface, transface – where do you draw the line?


Victor Fraga - 22-08-2017

As the debate around blackface, yellowface and transface heats up, DMovies' editor Victor Fraga discusses the relation between race/gender identity and representation in cinema and questions the limits of acceptability [Read More...]

Celebrate your inner s**t, with Twin Town!!!


Victor Fraga - 07-08-2017

As the cult classic celebrates its 20th anniversary, you too can learn a thing or two from Welsh on how to reclaim the ugly beauty of your "pretty shitty city" - and you can watch the film now at home [Read More...]

Kosovo is once again sizzling with the best docs!


DMovies' team - 02-08-2017

One of the most vibrant and diverse documentary film festivals in Europe kicks off again this week in the very quaint and charming town of Prizren, Kosovo; check out our lowdown on Dokufest! [Read More...]

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