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Our dirty questions to John Waters


Victor Fraga - 10-02-2017

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we talked to the filthy American filmmaker across the pond about American obsessions, British choppers, the impending rerelease of the classic Multiple Maniacs, and... Donald Trump's taste in porn! [Read More...]

Less salted caramel movies, please!!!


Julia Spatuzzi Felmanas - 03-02-2017

Moviegoer Julia Spatuzzi shares her frustration about the independent and art cinema circuit in London, where frills and treats seem to prevail over film choice, and foreign language movies are still the exception [Read More...]

Ken Loach, Cathy, Crisis and I


Julia Spatuzzi Felmanas - 30-01-2017

Did you know that Ken Loach's 1966 classic Cathy Come Home led to the creation of the national homelessness charity Crisis? Julia Spatuzzi shares her experience volunteering at the organisation and ponders the connection between cinema and reality [Read More...]

Testing Bechdel


Lina Samoili - 23-01-2017

Our writer Lina Samoili looks at the modern relevance and the shortcomings of the Bechdel test, and asks whether still it's an accurate gauge of female representation in cinema three decades after its creation [Read More...]

Friday the 20th is the new Friday the 13th


DMovies team - 18-01-2017

This Friday just sit back but DON'T turn your television on: what you will see is far more unsettling than any horror you've seen in your life, and it could haunt you for the rest of your life [Read More...]

David Lynch’s dirty secret


Petra von Kant - 17-01-2017

In order to celebrate his 70th birthday, we have picked seven extremely unusual and uncredited works by the enygmatic American filmmaker: television commercials! [Read More...]

Neither nun nor hoe


Maysa Monção - 10-01-2017

Maysa Monção chooses her 10 favourite dirty women in the history of cinema, in an eclectic list full of delicious surprises - she transcends the dichotomy between the passive female and feminism [Read More...]

Another year, another coup d’état, another film


Julia Spatuzzi Felmanas - 02-01-2017

DMovies remembers the 1993 doc Beyond Citizen Kane and the 2016 Brazilian coup d'état in an interview with the film producer John Ellis, as we make a very exciting announcement [Read More...]

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